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The digg shakeup

digg was overdue for an overhaul. But something unheard of happened- millions of indexed pages have been erased. We’re not sure how many- one report said 48m. This is an awful lot of content to ditch. We’ve never relied on digg links for SEO but feel sorry

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Shopify Partner

We’re now a Shopify partner. If you’re setting up a Shopify account please use this link. If you are not familiar with Shopify, you have to check it out. It is an ecommerce shopping cart made easy.  

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Free Cloud Accounting Software

We have been using Wave Accounting for a few months now. Think Quickbooks Online, but free. It isn’t right for everyone but for us it was a perfect fit. We can’t praise it enough. We highly recommend Wave. Visit them online at

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Setting up Exchange ActiveSync on your iPhone or iOS device

This is outlined on Apple’s site here: For server details or to have ActiveSync enabled on your account please email us.      

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