About Us

The weird name Telapost (tel-A-post) is (hopefully) Latin for “The future of the Web”.

We work with: Law firms, Optometrists, Small & Medium businesses.

We are CEOs, Attorneys, Graphic Designers, and Content creators.

lenLen CEO of Telapost, SEO Copywriter, SEO Consultant

I owned an operated a brick and mortar company in Cary NC for over a decade. It started from scratch and was bought out in 2012. It was an unbelievable experience to start a company from scratch and build it. During that decade I tried every form of advertising available and nothing even came close to delivering a return on investment like having a strong Internet presence. Developing this is what led to my company’s success. With Telapost, I assist other businesses in achieving their goals. Outside of work I am involved with the local schools and Boy Scouts of America. I am a professional BBQ judge, love the beach and mountains, surf fishing, gardening, and many more outdoor activities. To see Len’s articles on Telapost go to his profile page.


SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Media Strategy varies drastically depending on which vertical you are in, where you are located, and more. CONTACT ME 919.475.1883