Hot off the Google+ Developers Blog comes the news that you can now embed Google+ posts into your website.


Above we have an image of the new option that appears in the dropdown menu beside posts on Google+

embed code

And here we have the box that appears when you select “Embed Post”.

Simply take the javascript code and insert it into your website.

This is the final result of a post embeded into our blog:

This is great because now readers can hover over the “Follow” button and easily add you to their circles.

embed example

Not only can people easily follow and circle, all of the links in the embedded post work as well! This is awesome.

The news just came out a few minutes ago. See the full story for all the news on embedded posts and author attribution here.

Edit: It appears that at the moment not all posts can be embedded. We are still tinkering with this new and wonderful feature..