earth dayOk bloggers, get blogging!

Conceived over 40 years ago and globally recognized for over 20 years, Earth Day is here. It’s Earth Day’s birth day.

I expect each and every one of you to post unique, original, inspiring, shareable content on your websites and social media accounts today. The creative block has been lifted today. Today you can blog about Earth Day and how your profession relates to mother nature. Do it. Now! 🙂

Do you repair Air Conditioners? I want to know about the best ways I can conserve energy. Is it keeping my filters changed? Running a ceiling fan? Getting an Energy Star thermostat?

Do you recycle computers? What are some of the best practices for keeping landfills empty? What should I do with my old cell phones and that broken tablet?

Do you change oil? Replace mufflers? Own a shipping service? Sell refrigerators? Well, let’s hear it!

And don’t forget to share your content on G+ with hashtag #EarthDay.

Happy Earth Day!