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Telapost is Latin for “The future of the web”. Len founded this company in 2011. Playing with search since Gopher, he toyed with search and ethically dominated many niches since the 1990s. At the request of clients, he opened this business upon the sale of his last company.

Content Creator

In this role you will be working along side of the owner. You can work virtually from home or if you need to get away you are welcome to come to the Telapost home office. We have our own small building in Pittsboro. You will learn how to write content that users and search engines love. You must have excellent writing, punctuation, and spelling skills. You must be creative and witty. No SEO experience is preferred; we would rather show you what you need to know as time goes on but it is really about the writing. Google-fu is mandatory as well; you must be able to quickly research things and write authoritatively on a variety of subjects repeatedly while creating completely unique articles each time. Our current clients include personal injury law firms, real estate, distributors of industrial products, optometrists, information technology, and more. If you would enjoy writing about roofing shingles in California one minute and then slip and fall injuries in New York the next, coming up with content ideas such as video, flying drones, or interviewing goat farmers, then we would be a great match. Develop a resource that Wikipedia references and win a prize. You can be a teenager, an English professor, or anything in between for this position (we’ve used both before). This position is part time and available immediately.

Spanish Translator

This is a contract position. You must be fluent in Spanish. Spanish as a first language preferred. You will be translating English content to Spanish. The text will be medical or legal related.

WordPress Developer

This is a contract position. In this role you will need to be able to crank out WordPress websites. We will install WordPress on our server and need them prettified. We have 2 themes that we like to stick with which are very flexible, licensed, and supported. Mandatory knowledge: WooCommerce, CSS3, HTML5, PHP, ability to troubleshoot conflicts with jQuery plugins. IDX plugin experience helpful but not required. These projects come and go. We might have 3 one week and then none for a month. If this interests you please connect with us. USA only.

To Apply

Find the contact form on our website and send us an email. Include your phone number and a link to your LinkedIn profile or website.

SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Media Strategy varies drastically depending on which vertical you are in, where you are located, and more. CONTACT ME 919.475.1883