On Saturday, December 5, 2015 Snapchat featured a story highlighting seven different cities all participating in one single classic holiday event…ugly sweater Christmas festivities.

Ironically enough, the story was titled, “Ugly Xmas Sweaters” and began with an intro video of several individuals singing Walking in a Winter Wonderland accompanied by a moving geofilter of dancing sweaters. The seven cities that the Snapchat story followed included Los Angeles, Hartford, Vegas, Boston, Columbus, Syracuse and St. Louis where party participators were doing a little more than just admiring each others ugly Christmas sweaters. Swaying along to holiday songs, sipping on plenty of eggnog, a couple city marathons and overall jolly old times seemed to be the main activities across all seven featured cities.

Throughout the story, there were a few other fun geofilters along with one in particular that highlighted what was happening in St. Louis…”partygoers aim to beat the current record for holiday sweater gathering: 1,175 attendees.” And that they did!

Much like last weekend on Snapchat, this story wasn’t the only one with a holiday theme going on and it certainly won’t be the last of them these next few weeks right up until Christmas and New Years. So, whether you were one of those participants who threw on an ugly Christmas sweater this past Saturday at the many events across the country or if you simply had a party of your own, get ready for all things Christmas on both Snapchat and most likely everywhere you head to this season.

And enjoy the following screenshots of the story if you missed it…

IMG_8142 IMG_8141 IMG_8140 IMG_8139 IMG_8138 IMG_8137 IMG_8136 IMG_8135 IMG_8134 IMG_8133

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  1. Any chance you have more screenshots of that story? People are telling me I was the last picture… But I wasn’t at any Christmas party so I want to see what’s going on

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