On Saturday December 12, 2015 Snapchat featured a story following one of many presidential forums that have taken place throughout the course of this last season at a town hall meeting inside University of South Carolina Aiken’s Convocation Center.

Lasting an hour-long, the Snapchat story was titled “Campaign Spotlight” and began with an opening snap of a red starry geofilter that stated, “FOREIGN POLICY: The attacks in Paris and San Bernardino have pushed terrorism and national security issues into the 2016 campaign.” The story then continued to show the enormous record breaking crowd of 4,000 spectators who came to see mainly what Republican candidate Donald Trump had to say about the issues at hand.

There was one certain geofilter that kept popping up throughout the story that featured a cartoon-like geofilter of Donald Trump in the upper right hand corner along with a statement that said, “Trump has called for a ‘total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States’.” Although most of the people in the crowds seemed to be in favor of his thoughts on the issue, soon enough multiple protesters were shown being escorted out by police one by one in handcuffs.

Continuing on through the very short yet very dense event, there was another geofilter that stated, “NATIONAL SECURITY: Republicans are critical of President Obama’s strategy against ISIS, but they differ on putting U.S. troops on the ground in Iraq and Syria.” Several major issues were discussed and questions were asked throughout the town hall meeting in Aiken, SC that shed some more light on the candidate’s goals as hopeful future president.

Though there is still quite a lot of time to go until votes are being sent in and counted, these debates will continue to go on and before you know it, Obama will be taken down from his throne and a new President of the United States will take his place. Only time will tell just who that will be and there will of course surely be plenty more politically themed Snapchat stories along the way.

If you missed it, the following pictures are screenshots of the story…

IMG_8194 IMG_8195 IMG_8196 IMG_8197 IMG_8198 IMG_8199 IMG_8200 IMG_8201 IMG_8202 IMG_8203

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