On November 1, 2015 Snapchat featured a story that followed the entire event of what was one of the biggest marathon and running events throughout the entire world.

Titled “TCS NYC Marathon”, the Snapchat story began with an opening statement that said, “Lace up for the world’s biggest marathon. Get started on Staten Island, cross the Queensboro Bridge, and celebrate in Central Park” accompanied by a geofilter where running tennis shoes and a small statue of liberty could be seen. There were also several other geofilters that were used by Snapchatters that day including many with fun factoids such as, “Running Water: Last year, volunteers handed out roughly 2.3 million refreshment cups during the race” and “Go Figure: The marathon attracts more than 10,000 volunteers, 50,000 runners, and 1 million spectators”. That’s a whole lot of runners to keep from going parched.

Throughout the story, there was a fantastic mix of all sorts of participators including the serious type hoping to make it across that finish line first, people dressed in costumes like the Eiffel Tower and also a guy juggling three footballs. However, the most talked about runners were in fact famous celebrities Ethan Hawke, James Blake and Alicia Keys who participated and completed their very first go at the marathon.

The female and male winners of the night were able to walk away with a grand prize of $100,000 along with a nice gold medal. However, they weren’t the only ones who were celebrating; Central Park was filled with the thousands of contestants that were seen laughing, greeting onlookers and simply enjoying having completed such a great fete.

The following pictures are screenshots of the Snapchat story…

IMG_7869 IMG_7871 IMG_7873 IMG_7874 IMG_7876 IMG_7877 IMG_7879 IMG_7880

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