The New York Comic Con (NYCC) Snapchat story went live on October 10, where people from all over the world came to witness and be a part of the largest pop culture convention on the East Coast.

The Snapchat story opened up featuring a fun geofilter and an opening line that stated, “Get your geek on! From sci-fi to super hero, let’s fly through New York Comic Con together!”. In addition to that one, there were another 3 geofilters available for use during the live event.

Walking through NYCC, attendees witnessed several dressed up characters including Peter Griffin from Family Guy, several zombies from The Walking Dead, Venom and Conan the Barbarian among several others.

Two of the main highlights shown through the NYCC Snapchat story were the segments of the entire cast of Pretty Little Liars as well as the entire cast of The Walking Dead, which had an event dedicated solely for them.

There was also talk of famous celebrities Jared Leto and Mark Ruffalo making a disguised appearance in order to avoid hassle from fans. Leto was dressed as The Joker from Batman and Ruffalo disguised in an odd mask of a man smoking a cigar.

The following pictures are screenshots of the Snapchat story…

IMG_7518IMG_7536 IMG_7535 IMG_7537 IMG_7534 IMG_7533 IMG_7532  IMG_7519 IMG_7520

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