On Saturday October 31, 2015 Snapchat featured a story in honor of the spooky, freaky and oh-so-creepy haunted houses being frequented by hundreds of visitors across the United States.

The story was ironically titled, “Haunted Houses” and opened with a Snapchat geofilter that stated, “Are you brave enough to follow us through the darkest and creepiest haunted houses? You’ll never know what lurks around the corner.” There were multiple geofilters that Snapchat onlookers could make use of throughout the night including city filters from places such as Glen Mills, Philadelphia and Fort Worth, Texas.

Behind the scenes looks into haunted house actors preparing for a freaky night full of screams and scares, bloody zombie faces, chainsaws and unidentified creatures were just some of the many fantastic things featured throughout the story. From tiny teeny boppers to fully grown adults, haunted house goers were shown running through barely lit gory scenes straight out of a movie, rooms filled with freaky tooth fairies and so much more that made for the perfect Halloween outing.

That same weekend, Snapchat featured several stories dedicated to the Halloween season, though none quite captured the spirit quite like that of the “Haunted Houses” story. With the holiday now in wraps, it will only be a matter of time when Snapchat features stories filled with turkey, stuffing and all things Thanksgiving.

The following pictures are screenshots of the Snapchat story…

IMG_7832 IMG_7833 IMG_7834 IMG_7835 IMG_7836 IMG_7837 IMG_7838 IMG_7839 IMG_7843

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