luminateManaging a local business on Yahoo has long been a disaster.

First business owner’s reviews disappeared, then business owners who attempt to manage their free listing are deceptively presented with a $29/mo Yext subscription with the free listing login area hidden and frequently changing locations.

As of October 30, 2015 I am getting reports that business owners are completely unable to access their small business dashboards.

On November 8, 2015, things are completely changing again.

November 9 2015, small business owners who use a Yahoo ID to log in to their account and manage their business should verify their Yahoo ID ownership and establish their new Luminate credentials (According to this Yahoo KB article updated 10/30/2015).

** Update 11/19/2015: See this follow up article: Yahoo Small Business Listing Problems – YEXT or Aabaco or Luminate?

What is Luminate?

This announcement on Yahoo states

“After months of planning we’re excited to announce our new name, Luminate, and our new company, Aabaco Small Business, LLC. Aabaco Small Business, LLC is currently owned by Yahoo! Inc. but will become owned by Aabaco Holdings, Inc. (“Aabaco”) when Aabaco is spun off from Yahoo to its shareholders. Following the spin-off, Aabaco will be a separate company that will operate independently of Yahoo.”

Currently, there is no other information on the Luminate website.

How will small business owners manage their free business listing?

I have questions out to and am waiting for a response.

** Update 11/19/2015: Luminate never replied to me. See this follow up article: Yahoo Small Business Listing Problems – YEXT or Aabaco or Luminate?

  1. The Yahoo suggested Luminate support email “” is NOT working. Currently, emails I am sending them for questions are bouncing back.

  2. The change is now complete. I am experimenting with “Aabaco”. So far I am unable to log in using good working Yahoo accounts… More news to come soon..

  3. Hi Len,

    I am also unabale to access my Yahoo/Aabaco website. I tried calling tech support several times today, and the wait time to talk to someone is always 30 minutes or longer. Very frustrating. With no word on when I’ll be able to upload to my site, I feel like I’m being forced to switch to another web hosting service. I’ve been with Yahoo Small Business Webhosting for about 20 years. Sad. They’ve been good up until now.

  4. Still not able to access my Yahoo/Aabaco website since yesterday. I’ve been on hold with Aabaco tech support for 40 minutes so far and still waiting to talk to someone. They said the wait time was 20 minutes, but clearly that’s not accurate. Anyone else having any luck with Aabaco?

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