vsA common debate amongst content creators is probably content quality vs content quality. There are definitely advantages to both. In some niches you need quality content, in other niches you need quantities of unique content.

Quality vs Quantity

Quantity vs quality depends completely on your goals.

If you are doing content marketing and you are reaching an audience via social media, of course you want quality content; something that is going to benefit your audience is mandatory. If they take their time to read your content it had better be good.

If you are trying to rank your content in search there are a million variables. I saw an epic piece of content the other day explaining the difference between 223 and 556 ammunition while I was doing some research for a client on firearms content & SEO. This is the type of content that gets natural links, and a lot of them. See? I just linked to it. This is a massive study and breakdown between 2 types of ammunition that are nearly identical in appearance but have a plethora of variations; it must have taken the author 2 months to write. This is epic quality content. Their site now ranks for “cheap 9mm ammo” and is obviously an authority in search, outranking major retailers such as Cabellas for many terms. This is just one of the millions of ways quality content can help a website.

As for quantity content, there is nothing wrong with it, either, as long as it is unique content. Unique content ranks in search. Let’s say you are a real estate agent. It would make sense to blast the Internet with as much content as possible- homes with acreage, homes with a basement, homes with a well, homes near a school, selling an old house, how to sell a house, where to sell a house, how to stage a house to sell, who can sell my house the quickest, buying a home with a pool, buying a home in X subdivision, selling a home in X neighborhood, etc- the possibilities are endless. People ask Google all sorts of things, not just “real estate agent city name”. Having a LOT of content gives you the opportunity to show up in search not once or twice but thousands of times.


There is not right or wrong answer to this. If you need an expert to help you create content or handle your SEO feel free to give me a shout.If you are going to DIY then come up with a content strategy and start developing content that your audience will love.


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