Content marketing is the creation of content and getting the content in front of people who may choose to or already spend money with you. If you need content that converts and/or a way to get this content in front of people, we may be a perfect match.

Content Creation Services

If you need content that is going to rank in search and make the telephone ring then we need to talk. We work with everyone from small businesses to major law firms and medical professionals. Feel free to visit our page dedicated to content creation or contact us.

Content Marketing Strategy & Consulting

If you would like assistance developing a content marketing strategy, discovering how your content can work with your other marketing efforts, or need direction for in house content creators, feel free to contact us with your specific needs or to schedule a consultation.


Types of content marketing

There are several ways content is delivered to people. These are just a few.

Big, free, resources.

Our best content marketing strategies accidentally took place in 1993 (comprehensive example coming shortly). Big, free, online resources are one of our favorite forms of content marketing. The content in these is discovered automatically by people in search. We have developed resources which have been viewed over 1 million times, used in classrooms, referenced by Wikipedia, and more. We initially began doing this as a form of organic and ethical white hat SEO. We have developed content like this for international brands, major law firms, healthcare professionals, companies that work with animals, and more. We can come up with great ideas for resources for practically any niche.

Content that ranks in search.

There is usually nothing quite as valuable as owning content on your website that shows up in search when someone is looking for the product or service that you offer. The people who find you this way are extremely valuable. We thoroughly understand this; our CEO, Len, built his first 2 successful companies using content. He now helps others create content like this and many of his clients get a tenfold return on investment. We create content that ranks in search, and it is not done with spammy SEO techniques. Our content strategies and content architecture however can and do drastically increase overall ranking in search and better rankings for sought after, specific key pharases.

Social Media Strategies.

If you have an audience or are looking to create one we can offer thoughts and strategies on content that your existing customers may love. If you are just getting started online, the very first thing you need is content. Social media without content is useless 99.99% of the time. Not all businesses need social media, and even businesses that do great on social media may never experience what comes along with having content that ranks in search. That said, some businesses can indeed benefit from social. Feel free to visit our social media page or contact us.