I work with a variety of high profile clients around the globe, some of which are attorneys. I have done consulting of some sort for personal injury, criminal defense, DUI and bankruptcy attorneys at one point or another. A common question / problem / misconception out there is how long it takes to set the website up.

How long does it take to set up a website?

25 minutes.

WordPress is famous for its “5 minute install”. As the slogan implies, a site takes a total of 5 minutes to configure.

Designers can take much longer. 60 days seems to be the norm. If you find a designer you really like and they need 30, 60 or 90 days, that is fine and perfectly acceptable if you and your designer are on the same page. Some reputable firms want something beautiful, and yes, it does take time.

However to get a functional site up that performs well and can produce leads though takes much less time. Today as an experiment I helped a friend set up a new bankruptcy site. It is very basic and looks just like this site that you are on now. But, that is all some people need and the looks can be changed at any time.

The total time invested into the site was approximately 25 minutes from start to finish.

How long does it take to rank unique content?

75 seconds.

I quickly searched online for Lancaster bankruptcy scams and no page existed. This is an opportunity for unique content. We whipped up an article about bankruptcy scams in Lancaster CA and slapped it onto the blog. While this is not a highly searched term it is unique content and good for a brief test. We submitted the content to Google using fetch and render and in around 75 seconds the content was page 1 hit 1.


Screenshot of an attorney website ranking in under 2 minutes after launch.

Screenshot of an attorney website ranking in under 2 minutes after launch.

This was not a powerful domain- in fact it was just registered a couple of days ago and has zero links to it.

How long does it take for everything?

30 minutes or so.

From the time a domain name is registered, moved to a hosting platform, installed, designed, has content on it and is actually showing up in Google search results can be accomplished in under 30 minutes.

An a content producer and SEO specialist I go absolutely nuts when things take months on end. The great thing about WordPress is you can put a site up and then go back and change the “skin” of it at any time. If you have an urgent matter you can always stick your site up and worry about the cosmetics later.

And, about 65% of most law firms get their traffic via a cell phone these days, and in many cases the Plane Jane U-Design install ends up looking a lot better than a designed site anyways. Just take a look at my site on a phone. I have done the same thing for retail sites which have brought in well over $10 million in sales, so, I am not just talking out of my butt here, I’ve done the A/B testing.

Need help?

I can’t drop what I’m doing this very second but if you are trying to get a site built, content developed, pages ranked, or whatever let’s talk. I can either help or point you in the right direction to get it done NOW. I do not design myself personally but I have designers on standby I send people to every day. Or if you like this site and need it NOW check out my 48hr solution. I’ve been managing and building companies for over 20yrs and completely understand how and why people who sit around snoozing get steamrolled by those who take action.


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