Hot to index your content in Google in seconds. The fastest way to get index crawled and indexed in Google Search is via Google Webmaster Tool’s Fetch / Render / Submit feature.

I am commonly asked how to quickly get pages indexed, crawled, and ranked in Google Search. There are a lot of myths surrounding this, but Fetch & Render has been around for a year now. I began using it back in 2014. Still, most people don’t know it exists. Some people are still sitting around with their thumb in their.. nose.. waiting for their pages to get indexed, or submitting their articles to social media sites and crossing their fingers.

Advantages to getting pages crawled and indexed

Of course, there are a ton of advantages to getting content crawled and indexed.

  • If you have a fairly stagnant site and update a page with loads of new information, it may take Google MONTHS to discover your changes and reflect them in search.
  • Another benefit of quickly getting a page in Google’s index is current events. If you are covering something happening NOW the last thing you want is your content to display in search next week when nobody is looking for it, as you will get no traffic to it and no links to it.

How to get your page crawled and indexed in seconds

Well, here it is, log in to Webmaster Tools & follow these steps:

  1. Go to Crawl | Fetch as Google
  2. Enter your URL
  3. Click “fetch and render”
  4. Click “Submit to index”
  5. Go check your rankings. If they your page isn’t there right away, give it 20 minutes.

Here’s a pic for steps 1-4:

How to fetch, render, submitAnd here’s a pic for step 5:

Google rankings in 36 SecondsI make it a habit to rank something on page 1 of Google every day. Occasionally I’ll use this site (Telapost). This was nothing super competitive, I just like to monitor the traffic and user behavior and what not. But either way, it is always cool to see a site rank in a matter of seconds.

The article that I had indexed in 36 seconds is getting hit with traffic and people will be linking to it. It was about an ECU student that made a threat on Yik Yak. The article leads people to a more important page, my Yik Yak arrest timeline. People love this page. I don’t even use Facebook and 33% of my current traffic is from FB. Here are the stats on this one page alone just minutes after going live:

Live results

This is creative content & white hat SEO at work my friends. If I had monitored this a couple of hours earlier, the traffic would have been greater.

EDIT 4/30/2015: As a quick follow up to the above. After this page was indexed people discovered it and shared it various places. This resulted in thousands of visitors to my Yik Yak post. There is no doubt that this will generate a handful of new, natural links. Yesterday, from Facebook alone, I received 1,115 views. I do not use Facebook and I’m not sure how to discover who is sharing the post, although from my experience I am guessing it is a local news organization; their Facebook shares usually result in 1,000 – 2,000 hits.

Follow up facebook traffic

Other ways to get content indexed quickly

If you produce unique content consistently, search engines will regularly check your site for updates. Also, WordPress “posts” ping using update services. Posts usually display in search within a week or two, or if you operate a valuable web presence, posts usually display in search in anywhere from 20minutes – 24hrs. There are many, many other variables as to why your content may or may not get indexed quickly.

Crawled + Indexed doesn’t = rankings

Fortunately, most of the sites I work with are very valuable, authority sites. As long as they are posting on their usually topic, nearly all of their content ranks, it is not if but when. So, if you’re a pizza shop don’t expect your Yik Yak article to rank on page 1 because it isn’t going to happen. Ranking sites is a whole new ballgame and best accomplished with contextual, topically relevant links and content.

If you need assistance getting exposure in search via creative SEO & content feel free to email me; I work with a variety of niches around the planet.

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