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As a professional content creator I always sit up and pay close attention to great content when I see it. It is of no surprise to me that over the years some of the best content that I have seen comes directly from the business owner themselves; they are, after all, usually very passionate about their business and understand it better than anyone else.

Their content marketing strategy is not always intentional; sometimes they just start creating great content based around questions that their customers, patients, or potential clients may be asking. This topic specific coverage often leads to loads of content that ranks well in search and search engines discovering that the site is very relevant to a specific topic.

I always tell people to create content for people first, not for search engines, and this is because search engines #1 priority is to deliver content for people.

Real Examples of Great Website Content

Below is a continuously updated list of businesses, authors, case studies, and entrepreneurs that I have interviewed or simply discovered online. I will be adding to this post often. Keep checking back for more examples of great content from restaurant owners, real estate agents, attorneys, and more.

Geralin ThomasGreat Website Content by Professional Organizer Geralin Thomas.

You may recognize Geralin Thomas from the TV show “Hoarders”. She creates excellent content on her website. This has led to her showing up for a wide variety of search terms and also very important key terms in local search in Raleigh, NC. This is a great article. I personally hope to one day be 1/10th as organized as she is.

ed smithGreat Website Content by Personal Injury Attorney Ed Smith.

In this interview the founder of and one of California’s top personal injury attorneys discusses how content has helped his top rated law firm. This guy is a genius and genuinely concerned with his client’s well being.

Greg LewisGreat Content by Restaurant Owner Greg Lewis.

In this interview the owner of the iconic Pittsboro Roadhouse discusses how important current, relevant, content is to the business. I am also a customer of his establishment which is a venue, not just a place to get food, and, it is a staple of the community.

Dr Isaac PorterGreat Web Content by Ophthalmologist Dr. Isaac Porter.

Dr. Porter of Lowry Porter Ophthalmology produces a YouTube show, videos, and excellent content on his website. Find out in this interview how it helps his practice and his patients.

James FellHow Author James Fell uses Web Content.

James Fell is an internationally syndicated fitness columnist whose work is read by millions each month. You may recognize him from Chicago Tribune, LA Times,, TIME Magazine, or NPR. In this interview he explains how his web content is read by over 100,000 people each month and how this helps him.

Blair CallahanReal Estate Magazine Web Content by Blair Callahan.

Blair Callahan writes excellent articles for New Homes & Ideas Magazine’s website, bringing in lots of eyeballs from people who are looking to purchase a new home in Raleigh, NC. She also offers up tips for real estate agents and new home builders as well. If you are in the real estate industry this one is for you!

DUI Attorney Andy GreenDUI Attorney Website Content Interview with Andy Green.

Andy Green is a DUI lawyer that has a great deal of experience in the courtroom. Prior to opening his law practice he worked at the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office. Do you think that content on his website helps build his practice? Find out in this content interview now!

Henri Deschamps(Publishing soon) Great Content by Hotel Owner Henri Deschamps.

The Mast Farm Inn maintains the largest social media presence of any Bed & Breakfast worldwide, but, is there website’s content even more valuable? Find out in this interview with the owner of this top rated Valle Crucis Inn which is on the United States National Register of Historic Places.

bbq rub

Epic BBQ Web Content by

Maybe he just wanted to show the world how to BBQ correctly after much trial and error and cooking competition Q with his partner at Killer Hogs BBQ. Maybe it was his content marketing strategy to sell his rubs and sauces. I’m not sure what his intentions were, but there is not doubt in my mind that he is getting crushed with niche traffic, and for good reason: he serves up the best guides on the Internet on how to BBQ right.

Why does this list exist?

This list exists for several reasons.

  • This list is great content. It is unique. It adds value.
  • This list will establish as a fact that content helps businesses.
  • Any business owner that wants to create their own content can reference this list to get ideas.
  • I can reference this list to get inspiration.
  • Great content speaks for itself; in the list above I hope to paint this picture.

What to do if you need website content

Examples of business website contentI meet all types of people who need content for their blog or other Internet presences. Some people have been badly burned by “SEO companies”. Other people have taken the time to learn the best way to acquire new business is in search and that this is done with unique content. Other people are just getting started and already know the value of content. If you need website content you typically have 2 options:

  1. Create it yourself
  2. Hire a professional.

A Great content writer comes up with awesome ideas, understands SEO, and can write. If you need someone like this feel free to contact me; if I can’t help you I will gladly send you to someone who can. If you want to read more content about content feel free to visit my page on content creation.

  1. I am a plumber evangelist, this is about content, not SEO or hype. All my personal/professional content is aimed at achieving the actual task at hand, not selling something. Free is the price and truth and facts are the message. Efficacy is my goal and giving everyone a “take home” is what I do. Hundreds of people have called me on the ph. and sent me pix and I have replied and solved their need. The tip jar gets some money, Google pays 5 figures every yr. for ad clicks. My real thrill is that I can claim to have helped save millions of gallons of water!. I would be glad to share my success/failures/experiences with you.

  2. Greg,

    Your Internet presence is outstanding! It’s all about the content and you have nailed it. I recently used it myself when looking up a plumbing issue. I will be in touch with you to do an Interview shortly. I can’t wait!

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