Dr Isaac PorterWhenever I visit an eye doctor’s website the first thing I usually notice is that there is a lack of content. When I discovered www.eyeporter.com I was thrilled to see not only a blog, but a YouTube video series! Holy content!

Isaac Porter, MD, is an Ophthalmologist in Raleigh North Carolina who produces a YouTube show called “A State of Sight”. The video content is then transcribed into text on his blog. This is an excellent method of creating web content. I was thrilled when I asked Dr. Porter if he would be willing to do a “content interview” and he said yes. So, below is the interview, and at the bottom of this post are a couple of his videos.

This interview is part of an ongoing blog series: Great Examples of Business Website Content.

Content interview with Ophthalmologist Isaac Porter, MD:

What made you start creating YouTube videos and articles for your website?

I first created my video blog based upon ideas from Gary Vaynerchuk in his book Crush It! In the book, he explains how to start sharing content through blogs, videos, or podcasts. My team and I liked the appeal of video and started our series “A State of Sight”. We aim to film every week or two and then post the videos on our website along with an edited transcript for visitors who prefer to read the content. We try to film in one take to avoid editing, which makes it easier for us to produce and share more information.

Did you know they would help generate exposure for your practice?

Yes, we expected the videos to increase our practice’s exposure online, but we did not anticipate the wide reach and viewership that we have found. Many of these viewers could never practically visit us as a patient, but we have enjoyed interacting with them through comments. It has helped me present myself as an expert in my specialty areas of LASIK, cornea, and cataract surgery.

Have they helped you acquire new patients?

There have been a handful of patients who live in the Raleigh area that have found us directly through a video that they were watching on YouTube. However, I think that the greater benefit from the videos has been in increasing the personal connection between us and current or prospective patients. They have helped new patients get to know me through our website before their first visit, and they have helped patients choose us when they were comparing different doctors online.

What are some things patients have said?

Patients have appreciated the understandable language that I use in the videos and have said that they gained a level of comfort with me before meeting in person. They are happy that we are taking time to share this valuable info, especially for common eye problems that we frequently are asked about.

Has content on your website benefited you in any unexpected ways?

Yes, this Q&A with Len is a great example of the extra benefits we have seen by consistently working to create valuable eye content. We have been noticed online and asked to contribute to articles, magazines, online publications, podcasts, etc. In these cases, I enjoy sharing ideas and learning from internet marketers the best ways to help promote our business. Also, I’ve met and connected with a lot of great people!

YouTube Videos:

Here is one of his “A State of Site” videos:

Dr. Porter also does Guest Speaker videos:

Client testimonial videos:

And much more.

  1. Thanks for doing this interview and keep up the great work! I thought that it was great that clients gained a level of comfort before meeting in person; I may have to start making some videos myself.

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