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This is what small business owners are greeted with when they go to log in to their Yahoo Small Business Hosting Dashboard.

A few weeks ago I put up an article about the end of Yahoo supporting small business listings which show up in their own search engine and the outcry began of people who used to have Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting and now have Aabaco Small Business Web Hosting.

See my initial article about the Aabaco problems here along with the huge comment thread of users complaining.

Business owners who had Yahoo Web Hosting are finding their websites down and access to their email lost.

They are pissed.

Dozens of people have called and emailed me to inform me that they are leaving. I have told many of them that I would put together an article for them with solutions and alternatives for them to host their site elsewhere.

This is it.

I wish no harm on Yahoo, they have just been dropping the ball lately. And, most people were very happy with Yahoo hosting.

4 alternative web hosting platforms

For a living I create content for people’s businesses and help them with true, white hat SEO. I help people get found in search just as you found me in search. I generate millions of dollars for some people. I am telling you this because my tool of choice for the last decade is WordPress. This is a WordPress website that you are on now. WordPress does require some maintenance. This is information you need for this list:

  • Squarespace.com – If you just need a web site and occasionally want to blog to it Squarespace may be for you. It runs about $8/mo and you can slap together a website with not a ton of experience. This is a good option for the DIY crowd and if you could handle the Yahoo web builder you will probably like this option.
  • WIX.com – If you need a very basic website check out Wix. It’s free.
  • Bluehost – If you can handle changing your registrar over to Namecheap or GoDaddy (or Bluehost) and changing your nameserver and playing in a control panel a little, you can install WordPress with 1 click here at Bluehost. This is $3.95/mo. FYI that is an affiliate link.
  • Custom WordPress site – I sell custom WordPress websites. They start at $1,000. This is a prerequisite to our hosting or SEO or Content packages. My goal here is not to push this on anyone but of course I’d be silly to at least not make people aware of this.

Obtaining your Domain Name

I don’t want to speculate but transferring your domain name away from Aabaco may be a hassle.

Recovering your old data

If your website is down or inaccessible you may be able to see a previous version of it at the Wayback machine. The Wayback machine is the Internet’s archive. Very cool.

Have you found other alternatives?

If you found something else that you are pleased or solved your problems with Aabaco please let us know below.

  1. Thank you, this is good to know. I am giving the WordPress / Blue option a while as you mentioned above. So far, so good.

  2. I wanted to cancel their Local Listing (that I paid for on 12/08/2015 $89.97), but I pushed on my computer a wrong button last night, and accidentally canceled my web hosting plan (which was on Yahoo for the last 10 years).
    For that web hosting I already paid 2 month ago in advance for 2016.

    I asked them: “How to get it back and restore the web hosting plan that I paid for ?”

    or how to get the refund and my money back for the service that I expected Yahoo (Luminate from AaBaco Small Business) would provide in the future?

    But they refused to refund the money
    they refused to restore the web hosting plan< that I paid for the next year.
    they wanted me to pay again the same amount of the money to have the same business again.

    It looks like, they just stole my money and use my mistake to stole it again.
    I want my money back or restoration of the web hosting for 2016 that I paid for

    • contact BBB. they should help. I pray as well as for yours truly.

  3. trying to update website and they’re frcing me to setup a aabco account . hhhhhm. seems shady. thanks!

  4. I’m so used to waking up in the morning and clicking on my website as motivation to keep it going because it was my little baby…

    ..and I don’t recall reading any emails about the transition to this Aabaco – so when I click this morning, my website was dead!

    So I go to the yahoo business panel and find out that I have to re-completely-friggin’register and set-up a new account with Aabaco – NOT HAPPY!

    So to make a long story short, THANKS FOR THIS ARTICLE!

    What do yo think about http://www.weebly.com/ – it was not mentioned in your article.



  5. On top of that no longer having a website…

    …i think that I got a virus on my laptop when i initially started filling out the Aabaco registration form.



  6. Their site keeps telling me I need to upgrade my IExplorer to a newer version. I did. I’m at 11 now and it’s giving me same stupid message! Then some Aabaco idiot emailed me to put my computer in “safe mode” and it will work. It worked great before! Why would it need to be in safe mode to work now? I’m not sure that I’m tech savy enough to move everything. What’s the first step?

  7. Debbie, I had the same problem. I ended trying Firefox and presto, I was in. I like IE better, so I switch back to Firefox when I make changes to my website.

  8. I have been trying to switch my domain from abbaco to ehost and for some reason in ehost i dont get as if the website is linked and i have done what the instructions told me to do. WHat can I do to switch it?

    • I too was switching my domain from abbaco to ehost but the Support Tech’s at eHost exhibited a complete lack of support knowledge . I did as I was instructed but got nowhere. After 4 “Chat” contacts and several emails I requested a refund and I’m now looking elsewhere for a web host.

  9. Our password are not working anymore and it is not resetting

  10. For the past two weeks my webpage is gone! I’ve had that webpage since 2005! I write to them, and they say there is nothing wrong with my website, that they still see it (but neither me nor my clients do!!!). I just want out, and want to keep my domain name! How can I keep or take my domain name from them? I don’t want to loose that!

  11. I’ve had my domain through Yahoo Small Business for years. This is such a disappointment. Can’t believe Yahoo is sitting back as all these bad reviews come to light. Has anyone had any luck moving their domain to GoDaddy from Aabaco?

  12. I get several emails every day from people who are upset with Yahoo. Many have changed registrars to BlueHost, GoDaddy, or NameCheap, etc. Once the domain name is moved they often go with another hosting plan elsewhere and set up WordPress.

  13. I have been hosting my website and business email with Yahoo Small Business for years. Now this Aabaco thing is like a rip off. My email is gone and they are asking me to pay for a new subscription to set up a new email account with no explanations about what happened to my business email on Yahoo.
    It is just unbelievable in this day and age!

    I am actively looking for options even though I already for debited for 2016/2017 .

  14. After my Yahoo small business email account went down and I got it back up and running, 7 years of archived emails disappeared. They said they “must have been removed” from their server and therefor are no longer accessible. They said, “sorry”. 7 years of archived emails. I have no words.

  15. Hi, I want to renew my account and domain and please help me in doing so. Please call me at +91 9000946265. I have attempted to renew but no luck. Please help me out as i have got some important data in cloud.

    My gmail id is… pardhu4upps@gmail.com
    I am not able to access FTP etc.


  16. Yahoo Sucks!!!! Hocked my small biz domain. Talked to India on phone, but now they have taken there cs number off web and refer me to email contact. All happened 2 days after the Verizon acquisition. And just to think, I used to use Verizon before TMobile….hmmm. Bye-bye Verizon!…. again!

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