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Yahoo Small Business users are greeted with this upon logging in.

Around November 12 2015 the complaints started pouring in. Small business owners and other various webmasters have been unable to log in to their Yahoo Small Business dashboard, now called the Aabaco Small Business Dashboard.

The Yahoo login screen says that the name has changed but the team is the same. You would think there has been a seamless transaction that has taken place.

Unfortunately, this is where the problems begin.

Yahoo Small Business clients are having all kinds of problems, and Aabaco is not helping. So far I have heard:

  • Aabaco will not answer the phone
  • Aabaco says wait times are 30 minutes but actual wait times exceed 2 hours
  • Aabaco confirmation email will not go through
  • Unable to claim Aabaco Small Business Account
  • Confused that Aabaco login takes users to Luminate’s website
  • Unable to upload files to web hosting site
  • Unable to access web hosting site
  • Luminate will not answer email
  • Aabaco will not answer WordPress emails about problems
  • Terrible upload speeds
  • Repeatedly needing to log back in

Small business owners who also are looking to update their business listing in Yahoo are stuck dealing with this Yext problem.

Aabaco Small Business Hosting Alternatives

In the world of web hosting there are plenty of options. I offer a managed WordPress solution but it is usually overkill for what most people need and starts at $200/mo.

I do however recommend Bluehost (if you are looking for something under $5/month). Just so you know this is indeed an affiliate link, and, it is a great deal.

If you need assistance moving a WordPress website to your new host feel free to contact me.

If you need assistance getting more business from the web feel free to contact me as well.

* UPDATE 12/5/2015: I just put together this article for those who are leaving Aabaco: 4 Alternatives for Yahoo and Aabaco SMB Web Hosting Customers

Do you have a problem with Aabaco Small Business Hosting?

Everyone is telling me that Yahoo Small Business dashboard was just fine and now they are in a world of hurt.

Please let us know below what kind of problem you are experiencing.

  1. Thus far, the experience of Aabaco has been exceptionally frustrating. I have been on the phone 2 times with a tech rep who could only tell me that others were having the same problem (not being able to migrate from Yahoo). The tech assured me the their engineers were working on the problem and it would be cleared up in a few hours. It’s been days.

    As soon as I can I will migrate my site – from them to another host.

    • Aabaca small business also will not answer the SALES phone.

    • I’m having same issue. It’s costing me 1000s and they just keep spinning me telling me engineers are working on it and I’m not the only one. Then most frustrating is the faux sometimes they Wii fix it…24 to 48 hrs has been weeks over and over…anyone with advice please…evanst2@yahoo.com

      • Better change the web host. south emperor host. is best in my experience.

    • Do you have the customer support phone number? I cant find it anywhere on their site. My site isnt publishing

      • Aabaco Customer UnSupport Phone Number: 408-916-2149

        • Will someone call me please I want to start working

        • Keep this number and guard it with your LIFE!!! This is the first time I’ve called and at least gotten an answer.

          very quickly they asked me for my case number which leads me to think that this is an escalated support department.

          Lots of luck for anyone using it!

        • This phone number still works and so far the service rep seems to have a grasp of the problem and some ability to fix it. We’ll see, but it’s a good start compared to the 800 number. (My problem was with email service.)

      • Yahoo Sitebuilder has stopped publishing and I can not access my yahoo email as I receive an unhelpful error message. I can not find a way of contacting them, no phone number and no online help. Yahoo used to be great, now it’s really beginning to suck. If these problems persist then my business will be ruined.

    • When Yahoo switched to Aabaco Small business, their website tool was inferior. We choose to use WIX, which is amazing. We want to continue to keep our business Email with Yahoo/Aabaco. I have tried to send emails, call them to cancel the webhosting plan and switch to just business email with no interruption of service. No response from company.

      • Ditto on all complaints posted. Web hosting, email, refunding, HOURS on hold, refusal to escalate, no call backs within 48 hrs as committed, only INDIA support. Will follow through to BBB as suggested & call credit card company. Will migrate away to another web hosting company like others. This is PURE CRIMINAL and should be treated as such. Will jump on class action with others. Have been through the ringer with this boiler room company. AMERICA at its finest when OUTSOURCING!!!

        • amen

        • How can we start a class action suit. Anyone with info?

          • sign me up I cant upload my files to my Webhosting at http://www.luminate.com or is this Yahoo small business webhosting as it boots to up after you log in,
            with your Webhosting user ID and password
            I have a Premier webhosting account which means you have unlimited uploading and no limit I can not uplpad any new files for the whole month of November 2019, and I am paying 15.99 dollars a month

        • Ditto. Support is only with bad english speaking reps that read a script. Once asked a question off track of their script they repeat stupid recommendations. My site was suspended in February with out any notification to me. They said to scan it but all tools required it to be available. SO they said manually look thru each file for malware !!!!!!! I want to switch but is this a managed word press site or a share word press implementation. I like that I have full control over the wordpress in this plan. Which web hosting sites are comparable in pricing with a managed word press? I have not had email or site access for 4 months and they will not refund me. I heard you do not get refunds if you cancel as well. Thats $120 a year to be renewed this December. Can we file against them? Thanks so much for your help!

    • Ditto to every complaint on this long list! Since I could not log on, I gave up and I asked for a refund. It was promised in December, now it is March 23, and I never received it. They should be sued.

    • Any luck with publishing or error 100

    • Also http://www.navlog.org.

      Same BS. Locked me out of both my business websites. Call and get put on hold until you give up. Sent them certified mail demanding I be given access to my websites. Cannot cancel sites — need the password I don’t have. Filing suit is next. Anyone else interested?

      • Yes, lawsuit! This is really bad.

      • yes!!!!!!!!!!

      • I’m interested. I’ve been locked out of my site for almost a year & ruining my businesses. Yet, Aabaco is taking money.
        Yahoo sitebuilder is blocked as a virus when I attempt to log in. RIDICULOUS!!

      • Im in the same situation. I’ve had the same website for 20 years, but abaco took over for yahoo, and can’t sign in. I’ve requested a password reset, that never gets sent to my email. HELP!

    • I have had this website for over 20 years, I pay 12.95 a month, there are over 500 pages for my class, it is gone, I AM IN TEARS!!!!!! This website is part of my life with all of these children. I cannot access anything and to make matters worse, they have been charging me 12.95 for over a year and it is not even there, it says, “this site may be malicious” and it is only my website for my class and other things like holidays. I am calling the credit card company. I have tried EVERYTHING, passwords, passwords, change password, do not work, no access to billing, no access to file manager. This is the most horrendous thing anyone could do. I want my website back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • see if you can at least find your site at https://archive.org/web/

      • They deleted mine and I also had mine for 20 years. It is all gone and now I’m rebuilding it and they have awful service. their webhosting panel (dashboard) is terrible. their ftp never works and their service is really bad. I’ve been 5 days unable to edit my website.

    • I have contacted Aabaco Small Business for help with a domain name that was not verified because the person left the organization and did not respond to the verification email. I host with Tucows – no problem, but I have been on the phone with the people in India once a week at least with only “your matter needs to be escalated and will be handled within 24-48 hours”. I would gladly take my WordPress website somewhere else, but have no idea where to go and what I have to do. I am frustrated, since we haven’t had this website up for over 6 weeks. This is no way to treat a small business and this company should be avoided at all costs. They have been totally useless.

  2. I tried to login this morning and don’t have access to my business email. They are preventing me from conducting business. WOW – unbelievable. Yahoo was already a big nightmare to deal with. I hope someone starts a class action suit.

  3. Just spent an hour from the UK on the phone with Yahoo to try and complete a domain name hosting transfer away from them. They wanted the last 6 digits of the credit card which was used to renew the hosting before they would do anything. It appears yahoo has no complaints procedures but I can see why

    • Wow, I didn’t realize you could register domains with them. It appears that Aabaco is a registrar as well. I have moved several domains; normally if you can log in you can initiate the transfer. Of course, I have no idea how Yahoo works…

      • We finished up escalating the problem to the registrar MelbourneIT. When Yahoo failed to comply with the procedures for customer-reseller disputes MelbourneIT took the domain back from Yahoo and passed it to our preferred reseller to host it.

        The original owner of the domain we purchased still has the challenge of cancelling his contract with Yahoo for a domain they no longer host

        • You had more success with Melbourne IT than I did. The only response I have been able to get from them was that I needed to contact Aabaco to change my nameservers or to transfer my domain registration.

          As far as Aabaco goes,I spent over 3 hours, total, on hold before I actually got to speak to someone today only to find out my account had been deactivated and I would need to purchase an email or hosting plan to get it reactivated.

      • Do you have ANY idea… how I can retrieve the FILES/FOLDERS of my website listed?
        It hasn’t been ‘viewable’ for a while; our son passed away… & I just didn’t nenew with Yahoo Small Business.
        Was on the phone today… for a little over an hour with Aabaco… nice gentleman…. but no answers…. unless I signed up for service.
        Wanting to ‘transfer’ files to another hosting company that hosts our ministry website.

        (desperate to get his website files) 🙁

  4. Trying to cancel domains I no longer need and they want 34.95 a year to renew. The system will not let me cancel, says I must call them, and has charged my credit card while I absolutely cannot contact them.
    I spent one hour on hold the other night until my battery went dead.
    I have 10 domains and 4 websites being held hostage in this mess

    • When I spoke to them last week my hold time was 88 minutes. If you get through we would love to know how long it took and how you made out..

      • I hope you decide to take these complaints public. What I mean by that is, New York Time and/or Pix11 news or anything similar that can expose them an bring their stock prices down. This company is obviously trying to prevent people from cancelling their already over-priced services.

        Meanwhile MAKE YOUR COMPLAINTS TO THE Better Business Bureau at: https://sanjose.app.bbb.org/complaint/new/202555?bbbID=1216

        ALSO MAKE YOUR COMPLAINT TO THE Office of the Attorney General at

        This way you can at least dispute any charges they make to your credit card.

        Also do not release any information you don’t feel comfortable with releasing. They are asking me for my credit card number and dob to cancel, I refused. Horrible business practices is horrible business.

        • Cynthia,
          Thanks so much for the links. I have sent complaints to both offices. Will call tv stations and newspapers tomorrow. Will do anything to expose these people. I still can not believe how horrible this transition has been and how the are ruining small businesses.

          • Thank you for those links. I have been on the phone for 4 hours to learn that the domain I have registered with yahoo- I can not access through Aabaco unless I sing up for additional business services!

            I can not believe that Yahoo would let this happen. I will be making formal complaints with both the BBB and OAG.

        • Thank you! This is where I’m at at this point. I’m fluffin FURIOUS. No help, what so ever. 40 minutes on hold, when automated says 20. I can’t pay, I can’t access my website!

        • Thank you!!!

        • I will be reporting this business as well, I waited 40 mins to get support, I get very little help, then he puts me on hold for another 5 mins, then comes back and tries to verify my account, by asking FOR ALL 16 DIGITS OF THE CREDIT CARD!!! Like, no, you can’t have that. You can have the last 4, but no I will not give you that info, let alone the fact I don’t have that info because I am not the financial person for my organization.

    • I also canceled and they charged my credit card two more times. They are a joke of a company employing people overseas without a concern for anyone.

    • They are holding mine hostage too….this is sick…

  5. It’s been 5 days since we lost access to our website. Called Aabaco two days ago. Got hold of a rep after waiting for 30 min. on the phone. We spent 30 min. going over setting up an Aabaco account. Then the rep. asked to download site builder an re-publish the website. Publish process failed. He told me to that he could not do anything until the migration is completed and that everyone was having the same problem. He asked me to try republishing in 24-48 hrs. I have tried to republish my website two or three times without success in the last 24 hrs.

    I called support a few minutes ago. The recording said there was a 20 min. wait.

    What a nightmare. Never seen such a mess where a company can disable your business website without giving you any instructions or warnings prior to making changes.

    We have used Yahoo small business for last 3 yrs. It may be time to look for other solution if this is an indication of how the new company is going run their business.

  6. Wash able to establish account. Password worked for one session. Waited much longer than stated wait time and it took tech an inordinate amount of time to remedy problem.guess what went to log in today and password not accepted. Didn’t this much trouble with Yahoo in over 7 years.actually never had a problem with Yahoo come to think of it. We are a JEWISH INSTITUTION AND MY BUSIEST ON LINE WEEK IS THIS WEK BEFORE HANUKKAH. this is terrible worst ever.

  7. Never had a single problem with Yahoo over many years. Been on this crap and password only works for one session. The phone waits are too long , much longer than stated wait times.and techs not that knowledgeable. My busiest week scare these two before Hanukkah. We are a Jewish website. These people are ruining our business.

  8. Does anyone have a physical address we can MAIL account cancellations and requests for information? At least maybe we can get the legal process started. What a nightmare. On hold for 47 minutes so far and unable to access all of my domains. Will not let me drop this account. I will actually have to cancel my credit card to drop the charges from all of my domains and web services if I cannot get through. I would, however, like to contact them in some way that is legally relevant. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Brian, Aabaco and Yahoo are still the same company. They are only marketing under Aabaco, the transition (separation of companies) has not yet happened. For complaints to the company directly would be to the CEO or Board of Directors of Yahoo Small Business. I hope that 1) you decide to cancel your services (eHost) is offering good pricing and services (it took me less than 10 min for me to put a site up through eHost) and 2) that you are successful in cancelling your Yahoo service. I am still trying to cancel my service; they are refusing to cancel my service and don’t offer an online option for it even though they say they do.

      • How do you get a hold of the CEO or Board of Directors of Yahoo Small Business.

        • Merisa Mayer is the ceo. I am looking to send email to her also.

    • Please share any update. I’ll report!

  9. Heads Up … Aabaco will make you go get a complaint ID before they will move forward … dimply go through picking any resolution path on their help page to the end (usually three clicks, does not matter wich, I chose the top one each time ) then a button on the bottom will read “get ID” with nothing more or no place to enter data … write this down before you call. Closing all your Yahoo IDs and accounts will only complicate things as Aabaco will want to send verification emails to your Yahoo (closing yahoo only deletes your information and closes yahoo … Aabaco still runs wild and free ) … Keep your Yahoo open, credit card handy, and know the details of your account ( I copied everything from the web ) While the gentleman with the West/East Indian Accent and I did not communicate well, to his credit, he attempted to work things out … he must have had to run across the plant several times to get answers as I endured 3 x 5-10 holds while he attempted to get access to my account. In the end I surrendered my CC number and address for verification … fortunately I have insurance and fraud coverage …) BTW … the music is not great, but it wont completely drive you nuts … again to his credit, had it been an American company … they usually resolve hard issues by giving you an attitude and hanging up on you and letting someone else deal with it ( at least this is often my experience quite often )

    I recorded my conversation which was kinda comical, just in case I needed it later. However, the guy did his part regardless of how long it took.

    TIME HACK ( Initial call, hold, to resolution ) 2:16:44 (two hours, 16 minutes, and 44 seconds, with being placed on hold 4 times)

    and they refused all refunds on hosting and domain services. I was simply glad to be done with them.

    I posted this here because some of your responses helped me figure out what I needed to do, and to hang in there to resolve this. Thanks all.

    Shame on Yahoo … I am sure there is blame on both parts ( mine for not bailing out in the beginning sooner ) but I will never go back to Yahoo or a connected company (Aabaco Holdings, Iluminate, Yahoo (Chinese Company apparently), Ablibaba (parent company))

  10. Migration to Aabaco is a joke.
    My business email and webhost are held hostage, and forget reaching customer service, I’m convinced it’s a blackhole. Shame on all parties involved with this.

  11. My email could not open on the 23rd November since my monthly usage expires and i received alert of withdrawal to renew my account but my email account is blocked. i login into Aabaco small business yet i could not access my account. Please correct it for me immediately.
    it is holding my business since fee days now.
    This is my e-mail account: (webunite.nationwee@yahoo.com)

  12. Unable to publish website for over a week.
    No sign of any progress,
    No return e mails
    No problems in last 12 years with Yahoo.

  13. I’m having the same problem you are experiencing but the problem is that I didn’t pay the renewal fee of my account the last day in Yahoo… and now I have nothing. The HDD with the back up from my web site is lost… so my mails, website… everything is lost!!!
    Help!!! United we have to report them and ask for a response.
    If you are interested in doing so, contact me:ç


  14. MAKE YOUR COMPLAINTS TO THE Better Business Bureau at: https://sanjose.app.bbb.org/complaint/new/202555?bbbID=1216

    ALSO MAKE YOUR COMPLAINT TO THE Office of the Attorney General at

    The BBB complaint must be made to Yahoo Small Business because Aabaco is not yet fully established.

    The representative of this company who is Indian located in India is asking for credit card info, date of birth and billing address in order to “Cancel” an account! Stating she needed this info in order to verify me! Unbelievable, that’s the same info anyone can use to access a line of credit on someone or use their credit card or impersonate someone. She also asked questions like where I went on my honeymoon and the best man at my wedding! None of this information used to open my Yahoo Small Business nor Yahoo Email account that were opened over 10 years ago; nor was my billing address ever given to Yahoo. They are now refusing to cancel the services. DO NOT GIVE OUT INFORMATION YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE ABOUT GIVING AND/OR THAT THEY DO NOT ALREADY HAVE.

  15. Nacho, I have the very same problem as you. I really wish I had moved my four websites before this joke of a transfer. I just assumed it would be seamless as their many emails said it would be. Now it’s a nightmare!!

  16. I’m having the same problem that everyone else is having. Can’t access my account or any of my many domains. Maybe under threat of a group lawsuit we can pressure Yahoo into taking its small business back. Obviously this situation is a complete disaster.

  17. Just spent over two hours trying to update my very basic web site. So frustrated, thought “I” was doing something wrong. Well I’m so glad I found this information, it confirms I’m not at fault after all.

    I was able to log on to the Aabaco site, and re log in several times. In frustration I tried to cancel my web site subscription and was sent from Aabaco to the Yahoo site, and during the process was redirected back to Aabaco. Tried this three times with no luck, “THINK THAT’S CALLED “GOING ROUND IN CIRCLES”

    Best thing I’ve come up with for a basic site such as mine is to make sure you have all the photos and text available before renewing your debit/credit card at your bank. You will get a new card with a different number,,, done.

    Then sit down with a coffee one evening, “may be, two or three coffee’s” and redo the whole darn site on another site. One in the USA would be a better choice.

    I feel sorry for some of you guys that have a more complex site that you need to update on a regular basis.

  18. I recently went through the unfortunate process of “claiming my aabaco small business account” Formally yahoo small business. Already the dash board links aren’t working properly on any of the internet clients. I spoke with a technition after having to answer a bunch of questions trying to redirect me to their cookie cutter answers. To my dismay the representitive was in India … look I know these people speak what they think they call English but they don’t understand me half the time and I surely can barley understand them. I tried to get help but after them asking to verify my account three times and me supplying the information over and over and then them asking for 8 digits of my credit card I had to stop talking to them. They don’t need my credit card information and especially not to some overseas call. I called a second time and requested to speak to someone in the united states and they said it would be in 24-48 hours to receive a call back… I have decided to switch to another web hosting service and I will be doing to research to make sure I get a company that can speak to me in the united states and where English is their first language and that can actually help me! Aabaco sucks! I hope they go out of business,

  19. I’ve tried to publish changes to my website (using sitebuilder and even re-downloaded and installed it again as instructed on the site)) but it keeps telling me my session has expired and I will be asked for a new ID and password – but it doesn’t give me anywhere to do so. It’s a nightmare. Reading the above posts puts me in despair. All I can do is try and find another webhost and start my website again – total nightmare. And then try to cancel my credit card details…though that sounds like it’s a nightmare, too.

    • I am having the same problem and Abbaco just lie and cheat me, what solution did you find? Can you please share it with me what you did at the end? I feel like this Abbaco company is a professional cheating company.

  20. I am Not able open my website. please help on immediate basis. my cell no 9969124459.


  21. Class Action Law Suit! Everyone should start documenting how much money they are losing. I loved this web hosting feature but now can’t update and am afraid to even try to go through the process to switch over from Yahoo Small Business web hosting to Aabaco or other business names coming up.

    • Yes, tomorrow I’m going to write the presidents of both YAHOO & Aabaco warning them that they’ve got to fix the small business system now or else they risk a very large class action law suit.

  22. I have a Yahoo store. When the switch-over to Aabaco took place, I was no longer able to view the floating cart while in store editor. The published version of the store does show the floating cart, though.

    I then discovered that I couldn’t preview my promotions in store editor, AND the promotions do not show up in the published version, either. Not even ones that had worked in the past. Great timing. I wanted to have a black Friday / cyber Monday sale but too late for that.

    Forget their email support. I’ve tried 4 times or so and they have never replied. I did log my complaint via phone support (they picked up right away, believe it or not). They said they had to forward the problems to engineering and that it would take a couple of days. It’s been almost a week and still no resolution. I’m getting fed up with this crap.

  23. I can no longer see orders placed using the Aabaco business dashboard. Customers have complained that they try to place orders put I no longer get notifications sent to my email address as before. I’ve already lost sales due to this. I am going to pack up my very modest business and move it elsewhere as soon as practical.

  24. Any solutions out there? Moving my business elsewhere seems to be the best option.

    • Yes, absolutely move your business, which I am trying to do. But, believe me, even this is a hassle.

      I’ve been with Yahoo for three years and really loved it. However, their self-designed template system did limit the look of my website so I had a professional redesign it. As my old site was no longer there, it was time to cancel webhosting but still retain the domain. One would think this simple, right? Not a chance. Last Wednesday I was on the phone with a tech rep for two hours trying to get it done. He forced me into buying a subscription to business mail for $34 a year because he told me the domain was included. No it wasn’t; he lied. He had me on hold for a long time but assured me that everything was taken care of and my website would not go down. Guess what? He lied again. It was down that evening. I had to wait until my designer got back today and once again did rounds with this company. The rep was extremely rude and arrogant with her but we THOUGHT that the domain transfer to Go Daddy was complete — not a chance!! It would not transfer because we discovered that Aabacco had to accept the transfer. So once again my designer called and waited on hold forever. They said they would contact me directly. This was hours ago and no contact. I will have to run the gauntlet again tomorrow to try to get this resolved. If Aabacco is unable to fix the problem, then at least we know that the domain will automatically transfer in 7 days. I hope this is right because I fully expect to be down for yet another week. My designer has been doing this for years and has never worked with such clowns before.

      Yes, go to another company but, unless you want to start over completely fresh, expect problems transfering your domain because these Aabacco representatives have absolutely no idea what they are doing!!

      • Carol,

        I’ve read many of the comments on the site and my site has been relatively un-touched by me for months, however, that is about to change and I was wondering if you ever got your issues resolved because I don’t have the knowledge that most of these posters do and I want to switch providers.

        • Hi Carol.. I was hoping to see some updated advice but only yours so far! My website is gone. I have called customer care 5 different times only to be hung up on each time. I’m so frustrated. I can’t even move my site because I don’t have the authorization code and I was told no one can force them to give it up. Grrrrr… I’m about to write the state attorney’s office and see if they can help! Good luck to you.

  25. My photos are showing up terrible on my site, some areas look posterized. I don’t know enough about webhosting to switch. I get so little traffic now, that I would not want to mess up google search.

  26. I am very concerned because when I followed directions to transfer my Yahoo Small Biz account to Aabaco, it asked for my login name – which I entered – then said they sent instructions for creating a new password to (my login name)@yahoo.com. I am worried because I don’t have a yahoo email address with my login name… that email went to someone else… tried to call and never got to an account rep. Horrible!

  27. Worst service ever. Website has been down since Saturday. Wait at least 30 minutes every time I call. Keep being told problem has been escalated and back end working on problem. They are a small business worst nightmare

  28. It’s ridiculous. It’s like yahoo/aabaco wants its customers to leave. can’t login, and when I do, I don’t know how I did it and am not able to repeat it.

  29. I can’t even find email address or phone number to contact Aabaco. Can someone share the number? Thanks.

  30. Does anyone have Merissa’s email address? I have been on the phone with the support for 1 hour. They told me that they can’t help. A working site until 2 days ago, is suddenly broken. The emails are not going out from the site, it worked for past 7 years. We have changed nothing on the site yet the person refused to support and tell us what do we need to fix it. He refused to give their CEO’s email address also. This is killing our business. I need to escalate the issue.. any help?

  31. Does anyone know how to get emails working from the website. It seems their smtp server has changed or filtering emails out. Result is, no customer is able to contact us, download our product and services. This is causing lot of loss to us. Migrating the site is big under taking, one we have started to work on. Meanwhile, we really need to get this issue fixed in yahoo. any help?

    • Zubair:
      Is email working on your site? I have the same problem. I called Aabaco two times, wasting over one hour each time. I was told to hire a web master to fix MY problem. As you stated, it is something on THEIR server that’s causing the problem. My code has not changed for three years and emailing from the web site had been working fine before the transition nightmare started.

      Now finally Aabaco admits it’s their own problem, as posted on their web site:

      04:58 PM PST: Sending Mail using php forms is failing
      We are receiving reports that customers that are using php forms for send mail are unable to receive emails.

      Our engineering team is aware of this issue and is working to resolve it. We apologize for any inconvenience this is causing.

  32. I can’t update my website. It’s December…it’s the busiest time of the year for my business. I can’t change anything on my website and this could end up putting me out of business.

    PLEASE could anyone tell me if there is a link to a working file manager using this Aabaco system?

    I was on the phone with an agent for an hour and nothing was solved. I just need a working link so I can update a few files. They kept insisting on my full credit card number for verification of my account…and I told them that I was not at all comfortable with that. It’s almost like this is a joke and someone has me on a hidden camera.

    I could barely understand the woman on the phone. It wasn’t her accent. The volume was very low and she spoke very fast.

    Anyway…their customer service survey arrived in my inbox without a problem and the link to that popped up without any issues. I answered that, maybe someone will read it. I’m going to have to figure out a way to move my service to another hosting company if this isn’t resolved today or tomorrow.

  33. Went to my site today and came up with a blank screen. It’s available to update on Word Press, but doesn’t show up online. Can’t find anyone who can tell me what happened to the damned thing or how to restore it.

  34. How do I log a formal complaint from Canada? my site is completely useless. it needs updates and I cant get to the site dashboard. AAbaco website keeps sending me around in circles. I cant get past the sales and marketing pages to manage my site. This is scary

  35. I have been having problems adding/deleting/revising my business emails in the new Aabaco Small Business control panel. I have already called tech support 866-438-1582 for 11 times and they keep telling me 24-24 hours, but it has been over 21 days!! I don’t know what else to do. Can anyone suggest anything??

  36. I’m another disappointed user. I am unable to cancel my hosting package, it redirects me to Yahoo Wallet which redirects me BACK to Aabaco. I am unable to remove my credit card information from Aabaco or Yahoo Wallet because clicking delete or edit literally DOES NOTHING. Essentially Aabaco is holding my credit card ransom to recur charges while also preventing me from canceling. There’s no way to get in touch on the phone and their host managing website is broken.

    I’ve submitted complaints with the B.B.B. and am interested in pursuing further action as it comes.

  37. I am not able to send any mails from our website http://cionsystems.com hosted on your Abaco Server. Today is the 3rd day and I am not getting any resolution or response from Abaco. It has already hit my business in a big way. I have created multiple incident nos but of no use. Customer support is the worst at abacco. No one responses. Yahoo was better.

    • Razi:
      I have the same problem. I called Aabaco two times, wasting over one hour each time. I was told to hire a web master to fix MY problem. In fact, it is something on THEIR server that’s causing the problem. My code has not changed for three years and emailing from the web site had been working fine before the transition nightmare started.
      Now finally Aabaco admits it’s their own problem, as posted on their web site:
      04:58 PM PST: Sending Mail using php forms is failing
      We are receiving reports that customers that are using php forms for send mail are unable to receive emails.
      Our engineering team is aware of this issue and is working to resolve it. We apologize for any inconvenience this is causing.

  38. I cannot see “forward your domain” option on my domain control panel with Aabaco. It doesn’t exist, even though this article shows that it does. https://help.luminate.com/kb/domains/set-domain-forwarding-SLN17950 Any thoughts on how to forward my domain?

  39. The address for both YAHOO and Aabaco Small Business is:

    701 First Avenue
    Sunnyvale, CA 94089

    I’ve sent letters to the “President” of each of the companies. It’s time that we bombard them with letters demanding that Aabaco admit that it’s broken and that it fix itself quickly and that YAHOO has responsibility also in this situation and can also be hit with a class action lawsuit if the situation is not fixed.

  40. Aabaco only admits there have been a few issues with their “seamless” transition. Read what they post:

  41. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Has an Insane Severance Package

  42. Here are 4 alternatives for anyone that does leave. I wrote this up upon request by people who have commented in this thread:

  43. Does anyone have a contact number for Aabaco for outside US, trying to phone and complain from UK

  44. After many years as customers of Yahoo, we decided to move to Google. The move to AAbaco has been the most frustrating experience our company ever had. Sorry, Yahoo!

  45. This new company is a joke! I actually got through and talk with a so called IT expert. As we dance around the usual crap it was very simple. My pay pal check out is giving errors messages which is not a fault of Pay Pal. Also my “contact us” forms don’t work anymore! However here’s where I got suspicious… I go through the verification process this India guy and he ask for all 16 digits of my credit card. With Yahoo they only ask for the last 4 digits as does every other web hosting service. We go back and forth about why he needs all 16 numbers and I told him how highly irregular this was. His response — “WE need for us to get in side da back end of site and see what wrong” BULL! They know this is a major problem that known by their customers. So he wouldn’t budge and wanted those number…I simply told him ” You just lost a customer” I recommend you go to “Bluehost” Web Hosting Service. Come January 1 2016 that were my site well be

  46. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. I’ve had no problems editing my page and uploading anything to it. I feel bad for everyone who is having all these issues I’m reading about. It did take me a while (2 hrs) to figure out how to make changes to my page the first time. Hope everyone does not lose their business! Stay strong!

  48. Been with Yahoo for years no problems. Aabaco takes over now major problems. They will not help if you’re not a customer and they want way too much info to be a customer of theirs. So much for a smooth transition. What a nightmare this is. Can’t get into dashboard. Email doesn’t show up on computer just on phone because of SSL??? I can’t believe Yahoo is letting this nightmare continue.

  49. Yahoo’s services and service have always been bad. The fact that they have not updated their hosting in 15 years (since I’ve been hosting with them) has just made it seem worse and worse.

    Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be another host that does not have all kinds of problems … unless you pay USD150/month.

    I called Yahoo/Aabaco twice in three days: 1.5 hours on hold the first time; 2.5 hours the next time – with a call duration of over an hour. My complaint to a supposed supervisor was dealt with very unprofessionally – it appears, by their admission, that such call waiting times are normal and completely acceptable.

    They have had huge problems with the transfer to Aabaco. “We have millions of customers who are unable to access their accounts … and are having problems with their acccounts.” Account details are not able to be changed, credit card details are not ported to the “new” service, accounts cannot be accessed… the list goes on.

    Yahoo will either file for bankruptcy or be bought by someone with more money than sense very soon. Get out! Run like hell! Take your websites and go elsewhere. That’s what I’m doing after 15 years hosting three sites.


    • That’s not entirely true. Yahoo’s service might not have been the best, but they made upgrades along the way. Enough that I always felt confident that everything worked, and that at least 1 generation later we’d get new tech. (I’m Computer Science major so I never really had problems getting into the deep parts of the service).

      My first website from them was bought back in 2002. And while I’ve never been blown away by their service, servers, or technical proficiency, right now, in hindsight and comparing them to Aabaco/Luminate (whatever the hell is going on in there), the original Yahoo Small Business service was top tier.

  50. I’m having issues getting all of my emails working. It’s a log in disaster. Since November 28 my emails don’t work on my iPhone. I also have a domain hosted that is due for renewal and don’t want to pay until they remedy these issues. This is a crock of BS at customer expense so Yahoo! can avoid taxes that they stupidly stumbled into. So customers are left with less than they had before and losing a huge connection via name recognition of Yahoo!.

    Whoever thought of this complex finance move should be fired. It’s going to cost them way more than their tax avoidance net result. Retards.

  51. Someone mentioned wanting to write a letter to Yahoo, since they could not get a response through any other means.

    This is their corporate HQ address:
    701 First Avenue
    Sunnyvale, CA 94089

    They have not announced a head of small business a year after the previous one left, so perhaps the CIO, Laurie Mann, might be the person to write to. However, given they way they treat their clients, shareholders, employees and partners, it’s unlikely he will care, or bother to deal with it.

    Send a message by closing your SB account, including your email, etc.

  52. After a long successful relationship with the original Yahoo team, this change has ruined what was once (in my experience) a great hosting company. I am now unable to reach anyone on the phone – I gave up after sitting on hold for 45 minutes both times I called. I am now unable to change the content on my front page message banner. Order email notifications are no longer being sent to myself or my customers despite going in and republishing the order settings. I received no response to my email concerning these issues.
    What a ridiculous level of customer service! And for this they want to take money from every order I process plus a monthly fee??

    After we get through Christmas I am going to move the site to a different hosting company, even if it means rebuilding the whole site.

    • This is exactly my experience and reaction. I was pretty happy with Yahoo. I have 5 websites hosted there. This spin off/not-spin-off has been the worst IT/technology situation I’ve EVER experienced.

      That is not hyperbole, this is actually the worst. If you met me in real life and we were talking about horror stories I’d tell you all about a 13 year old customer being shafted by bad support/transition.

  53. This news may be of interest to some of you:
    Yahoo scraps spinoff plan for Alibaba

  54. Is anyone else having problems transferring your domain to another host? Aabaco told me it would take 2-3 days but it’s already past that time frame. If anyone else would like to join me in a class action suit against them please let me know how to reach you.

    • I already mentioned class action lawsuit in my own comment lower down. I’m broke, but I’m in. My Contact form on my website probably works, but here’s my general email: maiinganikan@yahoo.com. Regardless of what email address you pick, the spammers always find you after 6 months.

  55. I was able to migrate from yahoo/aabaco to a new hosting site. The steps are automatic. You do not have to speak to tech support. You click on different things and it gives you codes. Here are the steps:
    1- You need to set up a new login for aabaco which is no longer connected to your yahoo email. Just set up a new password. Going forward you have one password for aabaco small business and another for your yahoo email.
    2- The login to the Aabaco small business to your account and click on the domain you want to transfer. Under the name of the site you want to transfer click DOMAIN.
    3- It takes you to a page called Domain Control Panel.
    4- Click Edit Domain Locking (about 1/2 way down the page).
    5- When that page comes up click that you want to unlock the domain.
    It will come back with a warning cautioning you not to do it. They are trying to hold on to your business. Click the unlock again. Keep the page open. If you close it by mistake go back and open in again.
    I believe there was a SUBMIT. Do it. Caution do not change your email or smail mail address. If you change any of your info they hold you hostage for 60 days. Change nothing. Also to change to a new hosting service you have to have been with them 60 days. If it is a new site you must wait. This is a hosting domain rule for all companies.
    6- Now if you go to the new hosting site it and submit that you want to transfer it will say it is unlocked. They will send you an email checking that you want to transfer the domain. Click the email link and say yes.
    7- Now the new company will ask for an EPP number or auth code. You must get it from Aabaco. You get it from that Domain Control Panel page.
    8- Scroll down to Transfer Your Domain and click. They will walk you through 6 steps. One of them has a pop up with a epp code/auth code. It is long. Cut and paste it into a notepad and keep it for a few weeks. Then go back to your new host and paste the code into the box where they request it. The new host will send you an email instantly asking if you want to be transferred. Click the link and say submit. Then you have to wait about 5 days and it will be done. Good Luck. It worked for me.

    • We do a lot of creative work and have lost tons of time attempting to get to my sites to update; plus having to stay up until 2 am in order to get a live voice, who also, sends you in circles. Yahoo has compounded its inefficiency. It is failing miserably in its public relations. It the same team has inherited itself, then the pity line started back whenever. New search for a new host; Aabaco needs to go back to the drawing board or at least try to get a better response system for its customers before they, too, jump ship.

  56. I am rebuiling my site with wordpress. The Lynda company has great videos that teach step by step slowly and make it understandable. I have 3 sites to rebuild. I have only ever used Yahoo sitebuilder. I have to rebuild 250 pages. What a nightmare.

    • Let us know when you are done with your WordPress site- I will be happy to check it out. If you’d like we can put an article together about how it was to move from a website builder to a WordPress website.

  57. Step 6 with Aabaco is that you must go back after your site is moved to the new host and cancel or they will charge you again next year. Save that page for your cc company in case they try to charge.

  58. I’m trying to register my business but get error that my business name is invalid. How do I get past this to get my business registered with Yahoo?

  59. Don’t register with Yahoo. They are not good anymore. Go to anyone else. I am trying bluehost.com.

  60. I have had my website hosted by Yahoo SiteBuilder for some years, which has been fine for my needs. I got to the point where I have an Aabaco ID and Password. The next step was supposed to be to download the latest version of SiteBuilder so I could sign in with these new identifiers. I wasn’t able to find where to get that download; didn’t get any email reply from aabacosmallbusiness@yahoo-inc.com; couldn’t use the Aabaco webform for email; can’t afford the long wait times for a phone call. I mailed my complaint/appeal to Aabaco w/USPS#s and they got it on 12/2/2015. Still no reply. I just opened up my website with SiteBuilder and did some non-editing just to test the sign-in new IDs. The Aabaco IDs didn’t work; my old Yahoo IDs did. My website looks like before, and I still – for how long? – can edit it. It’s version 2.8.8. It’s very important to keep my informative website up normally. I am destitute from involuntary long-term unemployment caused by job discrimination and can barely pay for this web hosting as it is. If I had $$, I’d sue Aabaco for “specific performance.” It seems there are enough of us to warrant a class-action lawsuit – but I have no resources to pursue it. I also don’t have any recent formal education in computing. I think I’d be better off with a different host for my website, but I sure would like guidance because I can’t afford to pay any more than I am now, and can’t afford to get this messed up. I’m in Chicago and hope someone can help me with this. I’m going to save & print some other comments I see have already been posted. I know I already had some problems with Aabaco with 2 guys whose first language wasn’t English, and couldn’t understand what I was saying on the phone because their grammar was lacking.

  61. Been out for one WEEK!!! Cannot access servers and phone support called everyday hold times 44 minutes with no resolve! Do not use these people WHo do YOU COMPLAIN TO! I am so frustrated I cant see straight!

  62. http://webhosting.luminate.com/ps/sb/index.php
    The link above is where you download the new sitebuilder. First remove the old one from your site. Go to programs and take it out. Then download the new one. It says luminate because the morons did not change it. TO Jean SmilingCoyote you can build a free blog on google blogger. It scrolls down like a blog not like a website but it is free. I have 42 of them and they are good.

  63. Now it says aabaco. instead of luminate.

  64. HORRIBLE!!! STAY AWAY!!! They will lie their a**es off. Spend 3 hours with them on the phone just now. They deactivated my site by mistake and all they had to say was “oops!”. Now I can’t even get the site back up because their system is undergoing maintenance for 3 DAYS!! Yahoo dropped the ball big time!!! Newsflash, I don’t need to deal with Yahoo. Melbourne owns the domain. I contacted them and had my domain name redirected back to them and voila! Problem solved. Goodbye Yahoo/Aabaco!!

  65. I had an account with Yahoo, now Aabaco, for domain hosting for the last 10 years. Due to several factors, I decided to move to another provider. My current billing period ends Dec 26, 2015.

    On Dec 8th, I made an online request through my new provider, GoDaddy, to transfer the domain. GoDaddy indicated it would take 7 days.

    I received confirmation via email on Dec 13th that the transfer was completed away from Aabaco/Yahoo. However, I noticed that Yahoo had submitted a charge for renewal on Dec 12th – four days after my transfer request and two weeks before the end of the renewal period.

    I called an Aabaco customer service person today, and asked for them to reverse the charge. After putting me on hold several times (either to do research or ask how to handle this), he came back after 30 minutes and said the company refused to refund the money. He did however cancel my current plan.

    I told the customer service rep that I was prepared to escalate this by all means. He just laughed at me and said, “do what you have to do”.

    I would have thought that Yahoo would operate with more integrity, and am hugely disappointed in them and their customer service.

    Count me in on a class action lawsuit.

  66. I use aabaco small business merchant starter. I had this through Yahoo for the past 7 years with not problem. Now I am having problems!

    It is taking me 20-30 seconds to navigate through each page on the store dashboard. This has been going on for a couple days.

    My business partner is having the same issue and she is in a different state, has a different ISP and different browser.

    I have called twice. 1st time they told me to clear my cache and cookies – didn’t work.

    Called again today they insisted they had no problems loading it but on my side it says “waiting for edit.store.luminate.com during the 20-30 seconds it takes to load. I think there is something wrong with their servers.

    I need a provider that I can migrate my existing store to that I have spent 7 years building. I would prefer they have a built in shopping cart through paypal. Any ideas?

    • Hi Ronda, you could definitely benefit by moving to a wordpress websites. To have a cart, the best option is WooCommerce. There is a bit of a learning curve though. You may be more interested in an eCommerce platform that is already built such as shoppify.

  67. Transferred from Yahoo. My site has been down for a week. The Domain Control Panel doesn’t work anymore, so I can’t administer anything. Have a ticket in, no longer getting responses.

    Class action suit – yes, count me in!

  68. Hi Everyone,
    If you follow my instructions from a few days ago you can automatically transfer to a new host. Mine is to bluehost.com and it took 4 days. It is critical after you transfer to go back to aabaco and cancel your plan or they will bill you anyway even if you do not have a site there. You cancel after the transfer goes through. You have to do each step for every site you have with them.
    Any site you built through yahoo will not migrate and you have to build your new site from scratch. I am using the lynda videos to learn wordpress.org.
    Thank you Len for providing a forum for the lost and miserable.

  69. We sold our business, how do we transfer the Website, Domain name and email accounts to a new buyer?

  70. Robert Rowberry on bluehost.com is a great sales agent who explains how to get the least expensive site going. Very helpful guy. 888-401-4678 ext 41216. Wait until 1/10. He is going on vacation. He saved me a lot of money.

  71. Welp… Add me to the list of Aabaco victims. Early this month, Aabaco charged me an annual registration fee (for a domain name)and again just few days ago for the same domain. In a rage, I called customer service and made sure to take my chill pill, hoping to resolve the matter peacefully and immediately.
    First, help is anything but immediate…I was waiting for a rep for at least 15 minutes. Finally, I reach a support tech who I was barely able to understand. These people are SHADY. After telling him my situation, he resorted in having me allow him to check my account and told me that he found no trace of a second charge on my account. I gave him the transaction ID from my Paypal which I use as my means of paying these fees and he still wasn’t able to pinpoint the problem. CC info in and still nothing. Put me on hold at least 3 times before he came to tell me “lots of people are experiencing this issue. It is a reoccurring problem that we are looking into.” Something about the migration not going through smoothly.
    Long story short, he asked me to wait 24 hours to see if they could find the issue and if not, to call back.
    I’m calling tomorrow. It’s an additional 34.00 dollars they took from my Paypal which is stupid expensive.
    I hate this company and will be canceling my service soon. I do have one problem… My business email, which I’ve had going for almost 10 years now, is under their service. Once I cancel, I’m assuming this goes bye bye as well and I’d have to send out emails prior to notify people I wont be using it anymore? Ugh God…what a mess…
    Is it possible to archive saved emails?

    • Paypal should help you resolve the double charge issue – unless they’ve been messed up since separating from ebay.

  72. This service is insane. I write to them about me not able to access my website or control panel. I receive a mail – I cannot access that either!
    I am on a 5 year contract plan – but i regret it now! Even to move to another service provider, i should be able to access them!!! which i am unable to !
    Prayer is the only option!!

  73. I’ve had trouble with my dashboard/site statistics loading from the very beginning. Now, this time of year is prime-time for my business but unfortunately my website is not loading properly. I am getting “Server Hangup” and “Server Connection Closed” error messages when I visit my website. This is very frustrating. I’ve attempted to release a domain name that I owned to another service in the past, and it was unsuccessful so I have no idea how I’m going to deal with this.

  74. OMG … This is insane. I have not received any email for weeks … The business email just quit. I know a four year-old who understands responsibility better than Yahoo. No warning … No consideration. So very wrong. Yahoo needs to be accountable. Reading the posts actually made me smile. I thought I had missed something. It was sadly comforting to know that I was not alone. 😊 Good luck to everyone!!!

  75. Quick update. They actually refunded the money they deducted from my Paypal account. I received no notification of this but when I logged onto my Paypal, I saw the refund. Glimmer of hope?

  76. Had my domain w/Yahoo for years. Called Aabaco 12/24/15 to make sure everything was in order. Took their rep 25 minutes or so to ‘verify’ me. He then told me I had to sign up for business accounts for $70 to maintain my domain. Told him I’d think about it. Later found out Aabaco changed my domain to point at Yahoo instead of Comcast which totally disabled our business email. Called them again 12/26/15 for another 20 minutes of account verification only to be told rep needed 10 digits of my credit card. I hung up. Emailed them complaint and all I got was BS. I then worked w/Melbourne who weren’t great except by comparison to Aabaco. Got our business email up and running 12/28/15. They can’t go out of business soon enough!

  77. I’m a writer and domained my book name with  Yahoo domain and Web hosting since 2009. I pay $9.99 per month for something I never really use. When I went to log in my Yahoo mail and I get invalid password. When I tried recovery password the email that came up was not my recovery email.

    Believing I was hacked and my SB site information was also compromised, I tried to sign in but the site asked me for Yahoo email account sign in.

    I’ve emailed them my prior recovery information along with the other information they told me they needed like my dob and ph#, but their email they replied said they can’t find my information.

    How is this possible when they pulled money for my monthly hosting two days prior?

  78. I have spent almost a month attempting to 1) contact a person who will speak a language I understand, 2) explain what I need done so that I can leave this joke of a web host and 3) get any cooperation without escalating my complaints to Melbourne IT so that they can begin sanctions agains Yahoo/Aabaco. I should have left when Yahoo from US based support to India, where the “techs” were getting on the job training. What that means is when I could call with an issue, they would put me on a 15 to 20 minute hold while they researched the answer in some manual somewhere. It got to a point where I would rather struggle and figure out the answer myself, rather than put up with their ridiculous “brand” of service. I am SO over this company. The CEO and Board of Directors have a fatal case of cranio-rectal inversion.

  79. Since the transition I have attempted to log in 5 times. Twice the service was completely down and the other two times everything was painfully slow. It kicked me out twice when it was working the last time and the other time when it worked a bit I had to input my ID and password numerous times. Customer service is a joke – they don’t speak English, don’t understand English, and all they can say is to wait 24 hours and it will resolve itself. They asked for 10 digits of the credit card used on the account to “check” the account – after telling me there was nothing they could do. I believe that Yahoo has committed fraud by selecting this company to take over their small business operation and this should be investigated by the FTC and the Attorney General.

    • Someone contacted me this morning to tell me they are filing a complaint against Aabaco with their local state attorney general. Many have online forms these days and the process is fairly easy. In the end, if you’re not happy, you’ll end up leaving for a new web hosting provider either way..

  80. I spoke to 3 tech today. They were very rude and over top manners. To top it all off this so called company doesn’t support importing SPF record from the control panel. I guess their tech have to do it. I would never recommend this company to my worst enemy. The fact that Yahoo partnered up with low class company like Aabaco is beyond understanding. I will be speaking to BBB and my states attorney about bring up class action law suit against your company. You do not deserve to do business in the US or the world!!!!!!!!

  81. They spend a lot of time getting customer and CC information but very little time has been spent on resolving any of these issues. When I asked how long have they known about the Password issue, their remark was over 60 days ago.

  82. If i want to change aabaco hosting to another hosting company, would it be all my emails gone? do new hosting company recover my old emails?

  83. I transferred my business domains from Yahoo to Gandi.net back in Feb. 2015. After prepping for taxes yesterday, I discovered that Yahoo charged me for the domains in July of 2015 for a service that they were not providing to me.

    I called their “888-India-luminate” number and talked to the rep for about two hours. He asked for the first 6 digits and last 4 digits of my credit card. He also wanted the password to my Yahoo email address so that he could look for records of the charges. I declined to give him the password. I did submit bank statements that showed the charges, but in the end he told me that I could only dispute charges within 30 days. He said that it was my fault for not calling to cancel the domains after transferring, but I was on the phone with Yahoo personnel back in Feb. 2015 getting the codes to complete the transfer and no one told me that I had to call back to cancel.

    Since Yahoo (now Aabaco) charged me for a service that they did not provide, should I do a charge back with my bank?

    They will not give me a refund and they are making it difficult to cancel over the phone. I think that I may have to get a new credit card number to avoid recurring charges.

  84. I am having problems with the change over of Yahoo Small Business to Aabaco Small Business. I can only retrieve one of my two emails .
    I call and got a outsource india speaking guy could not unsdertsand what he was saying.I kept saying what what to very thing he was saying. really frustrating

  85. Constant Server Hangups and Server Connection Closed problems …

  86. Cannot publish no matter what I do…
    Called support they give me the out of memory fix, who is not the case, I cannot connect to the server.
    I try with 2 different computers and using only template no go

  87. Aabaco’s level of technical and customer support is shameful. They are destroying what is left of the Yahoo brand.

    I recommend switching to a new provider…like me!


  88. My web site is being blocked by Abaaco’s server. It is a total write off. I had my site on Yahoo from very early days, no problems, great admin support when I needed it to resolve a hacking issue. Now it’s become a bad joke. I suspect the server must be in China, I had a similar problem with Symantec/Norton about a year ago. Every time I called English technical support the phone was answered in Mandarin. They screwed up my billing and couldn’t sort it out. I cancelled 3 accounts as a result. If Abaaco is registered in the US legal action can be taken for failure to provide service.

    • Interesting… I “thought” someone told me the Yahoo web servers are located in Santa Clara, CA. But, I could be wrong. A trace-route shows the (Yahoo) server your site is hosted on out there, too. Excellent photography, BTW.


    —Error Report Generated Tue Jan 19 14:48:35 EST 2016—
    Version: SiteBuilder/2.9.0/1.8.0_66
    OS Name: Windows 8.1
    OS Arch: x86
    OS Version: 6.3
    Java Home: C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_66
    Max Memory: 259522560 bytes
    Heap Size: 71397376 bytes
    Used Memory: 52858752 bytes
    Site Open: true
    Open Pages: 5
    Look And Feel: 1040
    Snap to Grid: false
    Auto Spell Check: true
    Autosave: true

    com.yahoo.sitebuilder.io.FilestoreException: 52 – java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out
    at com.yahoo.sitebuilder.io.AbstractRemoteFilestore.doGet(AbstractRemoteFilestore.java:258)
    at com.yahoo.sitebuilder.io.RemoteFilestore.init(RemoteFilestore.java:26)
    at com.yahoo.sitebuilder.io.ServerFile.init(ServerFile.java:904)
    at com.yahoo.sitebuilder.User.init(User.java:345)
    at com.yahoo.sitebuilder.actions.SignInAction.doSignIn(SignInAction.java:294)
    at com.yahoo.sitebuilder.actions.SignInAction$DoSignInDialog$1.run(SignInAction.java:233)
    —End Error Report—

  90. “Yahoo! will abandon plans to spin off its $31 billion stake in Alibaba, a Chinese e-commerce company.”

    “Mayer had planned to spin off Yahoo!’s 15 per cent stake in Alibaba, bundled with a small-business services unit, into a new company called Aabaco.”

    Yahoo small business was spun off into Aabaco before the deal was done. As of last Tuesday my main business email (that I have had for sixteen years) disappeared. Just disappeared. I made the physical switch to Aabaco thinking that it was the problem. even worse 11 more emails disappeared (clients emails get sent back to them as undeliverable). I called their helpline. Spent three days in India, going over the same information, over and over The answer: “I will put this to a higher office, it should be resolved in 24-48 hours.”

    It seems that customers of YahooSB or Aabaco or Luminate, (or whatever the hell you want to call it) have (just like me) had emails and entire business websites disappear.

    They were ahead of the game I guess, and when they abandoned the deal for Alibaba, it seems as though they just pushed in their chairs and left the building of Aabaco as well.

    see this:
    from July 2015:

    From December9, 2015

    see this:

    • check out all the complaints on their FACEBOOK PAGE:
      and in my comment below yours: can’t add payment method online, which they blamed on the cellphone I am using now, which also brought up their FB page, well-
      ROBERTO TRIGO and JAMEYLYNNBROOKE also had problems, on Dec 21 and Jan 1st. In a reply to LEESHA on Jan 22 ArABACO said THEY WERE STILL DOING MAINTENANCE ON THEIR BILLING.
      OH, RIGHT. But the problem is MY CELL PHONE.
      BwaaHaHa what a load of B.S.!!!

  91. I was charged EARLIER than they said I’d be charged for my domain. As a result I was overdrawn and had overdraft fees. I got the charge taken off and overdraft reversed by cancelling pay pal subscription. Now domain is overdue. ArABACO won’t let me add a new paymeny method- a credit card- on my PASSWORD PROTECTED dashboard and, being a recent victim of info theft off a VETERANS ADMINISTRATION GOVERNMENT SITE (and thereby receiving free identity protection for a year JUST BECAUSE I TRIED TO GET A V.A. JOB!!)- do you REALLY think I’m going to verbally tell ArABACO my credit card info?? NOT that they’d understand it since they can’t speak ENGLISH…
    Oh, HELL no!
    They told me it was a problem with MY CELL PHONE (that I’m using right now!).
    I tried adding a payment method on phone’s native browser, Opera mini browser, and Dolphin browser. NO DICE.
    Their policy states if domains are not paid THEY BECOME PROPERTY OF ArABACO.
    Again- HELL NO!
    7 years I had the domain with Yahoo.
    I told ArABACO my REGISTER.COM domain works on my cell and THEY would have to PAY ME the $66 difference in price after I transfer the domain.
    They were not up for that.
    It has been 5 hours since I FIRST started trying to add the credit card. I had 4 conversations with the ARABS AT AABACO (or whatever their non-English-speaking asses are!!). One for 18:48 duration, one for 51:20 duration, the 3rd where the guy did NOT want to give me ArABACO’S ADDRESS for my complaint to the NY STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL and it took me 15:48 to make him.tell me, and the 4th SHORT conversation in which I informed them that this “problem cell phone” which allows me access to Register.com, ConEd.com, Bravenet, Jiggsy, Chase Bank, VA websites, Capital One credit card payment site, etc, was used TO FILE A COMPLAINT WITH MY NEW YORK STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL. And it is allowing me to post this!!
    point blank: they want to force me to verbally.tell them my credit card info.
    Again– say it with me, I know you can!–HELL NO!!!

  92. sorry- this is their facebook link:


    and BOY is it full.of complaints!!!

  93. http://www.bbb.org/losangelessiliconvalley/business-reviews/internet-services/yahoo-in-sunnyvale-ca-202555/complaints


    okay- you have to read the comments to ArABACO’S cheery b.s. posts on their Facebook page to see the real deal- here are comments to one post just for sh*tz’n’grins:

    [Facebook link broken]

    check this:


    Just google Aabaco small business complaints if you have ALL DAY handy to wade through the thousand pounds of piled-up crap the public has dumped on this lousy company! They stink to high heaven-just REEK! EVERYONE agrees!
    People only LIKED their FB page to draw attention to the negative customer comments and so they’d get updates whenever more negative comments get posted!

    Thank you, LEN, and everyone else who has outed this nasty company!”

  94. Hi, I transferred my domain from Aabaco to Jimdo on Jan 13, 2016. I was having many of the same problems that have been expressed here and when I could no longer publish my website, that was it. I built my website on Jimdo, bought a year’s subscription for $90 and within a few hours, they had my site up under my domain name with a company e-mail. Then I started the transfer proceedings by following carefully, both Aabaco and Jimdo’s instructions. The transfer took about 10 days and then I cancelled (online) my Aabaco plan. Done.

    Aabaco, if it worked, would have been a good deal for the money (sub domains, meta tags, multiple business e-mails). Jimdo has different plans available, all with ecommerce, even the free plan. I pay $7.50/month, for what I need. The more expensive plan $20/month, provides the ability to put meta tags, have multiple e-mails, etc. I put Google analytics on my site to get better stats which is free. Hope this helps someone.

  95. integrated my Yahoo Small Bus. Account 2 Jan 8, 2016. But when I went back a week later to make changes, it would not accept my pw. I have done the reset pw process about 50 times since, but I never get the reset link in an email. NO EMAIL FROM THEM AT ALL–EXCEPT A Cus. Ser. SURVEY!?!??

    I have spent hours on the phone with people I can barely understand. They seem to have a script of excuses to get you to end the call/complaint…”I am sad you have a problem, the system is down now, try again later (2 hours, 24 hours, a month!), we will check on this & get back to you.”

    I am ready to bring a law suit against YAHOO for selling my site, personal info & bank account info to such an incompetent company.

  96. I’m really sorry for all of you, but I’m sooo happy I’ve come across this page! I’ve had a website hosted by Yahoo Small Business in the past, without any problem. As I’m about to launch a new website and due to my good experience wanted to get YSM to host this one as well, I’ve discovered Aabaco has taken over this service (well, not really, according to the comments above). However, there’s no way to contact them if you’re not a client yet – no form, no e-mail address to be found on their site: you have to log in in order to communicate with them (which of course you cannot if you’re not a client). This lack of transparency worried me already, but when I googled Acabar + contact + e-mail address I ended up at this page. Like I said, I’m really sorry for you all, but you’ve saved at least one person from contracting them and thus contracting hell. Thanks – and I hope you can soon easily migrate from this hell: for saving me from entering it, you all deserve hosting heaven, in my opinion!

    Maybe you’d like to know that acabar in Spanish means to end, to finish, to run out.

  97. Can’t publish.
    “Your session has expired. Please try again. You will be prompted to enter a new user name and password.”
    Trying to reach customer service apparently is not an option.

    If I had hair I would be pulling it out.

    • All I want to do is edit my existing web page to remove the Christmas & New Years greetings. Aabaco will not allow this because they do not support Internet Explorer versions earlier than v6. I run v11. After hours of run around, I finally was permitted to submit an email support request. Their solution: Don’t use Internet Explorer. Their site design software is incompatible with the browser used by everybody on earth and their solution is “Ignore it like we do”!!!
      This is just one of the many snafus that have come about since Aabaco arrived on the scene. Aabaco = fail

  98. Same problems everyone is having. Losing revenue, losing customers, wasting my advertising $ and marketing efforts.
    Save your email to your own computer, I used Thunderbird and grabbed all my email from yahoo/aabaco.
    Any emails I send to their support bounce back, interestingly they show ‘sandbox.salesforce.com’ in the headers. What does salesforce.com have to do with this? ‘Sandbox’ is typically a test environment.
    These people are completely useless.

  99. Send them tweets on Twitter @AabacoSB @asbcares @Yahoo @YSmallBizStatus , maybe that’ll help you.

  100. So, I am wondering if now all my emails and website are sitting on a website server inside China? Would the ‘Chinese Firewall’ cause these 502 Gateway errors and connection timeouts?

    Furthermore, this becomes more complicated now if my emails are on a webserver inside China because of the IP contained in my emails.

    I am moving my websites to a US-based company but I fear that the damage has been done by Yahoo and I will be holding them responsible.

  101. Frustrating. They take forever to link up to the server, forever to publish with numerous retrys needed, just unacceptable. Yahoo sold out its customers and obviously we were transferred to some servers with lesser capacity. Aabaco just has a status page for errors http://www.ysmallbizstatus.com/ – which is not reflective of the true situation. They don’t seem to care if their customers pack up and go elsewhere. Why else would there be so many complaints on this page and still no action…

  102. Ahh, I’m so glad it’s not just me! I called tech support and it took them 45 minutes to finally answer my call. The problem I am having is that I have forwarded my business email to gmail, however I cannot send email out from my business email account. This happened the day after I switched from Yahoo to Aabaco. So I’m thinking… okay, maybe I have to change the POP or STMP settings… customer service rep told me to wait for 5 minutes and said she fixed the problem. Hurray, I’m thinking… too soon to get excited… because it was fixed on her end, but not mine. She said she was able to send emails out and clearly, yes… because I received the test emails that was sent from my business email by her. So I tried on my end, and I still get an email back with “failed delivery”. Ahhh… The rep said it is fixed on my end, so it’s fixed… but it’s not if I can’t send email out from my own email account. She told me it was a web browser issue and that I had to clean out my cache and cookies… I did that, but still no luck! By the way, is clearing out the cookies and cache related to failure email delivery?!

  103. Never been into Aabaco before but my heart goes out to my client. No control panel, no working ftp, no “manage” section solution to installing WordPress on the root (and just doing it all again manually), and the site crashes with missing folders when I attempt to load a theme.

    The 20 minute wait times are a lie and email support even says they get back to you a day later(?) No chat?! I highly doubt anyone’s left to be hogging the phone lines.

    Sounds like a company that wants to go out of business.

  104. I am trying to update my payment and on any browser I use it says that I need to select a payment method and I have one already in my account that is still a few years from being expired and it won’t let me pay for my website. This is crazy.

  105. Aabaco has made a balls up on the address details, changed the expiry date on my credit card from 2016 to 2015, which means they can’t process payments for the website.

    What is worse is that the Aabaco web servers won’t accept the credit card detail changes and the page times out. What utter rubbish service.

  106. I have had the same problem as Matt and Taraq. Expiry date on cc is now incorrect so they are unable to process payment for my website. It seems to be impossible to update the credit card details or add a new credit card. This is absolutely crazy!

  107. Yes, I’m a webmistress for my church and have had unacceptable problems since the shift to Aabaco. Immediately when the shift took place I was unable to access the site. That just went away after a few days, but it’s back again today. And by the way, today is Ash Wednesday, and I can’t update my church web site for Lent. Yay.

    When I tried the customer support the other time, I would have been on the phone forever so gave up. The e-mail support took days to get back to me and blandly informed me that the problem was taken care of. Yes, I already knew that. The problem mysteriously went away after a few days. So in essence you can suddenly lose access to your web hosting dashboard without notice. Annoying as all get-out.

  108. Yahoo Sitebuilder updates published just fine for our small business for ten years. Now the updates won’t even publish! We get an errors on every PC with no explanation. Just terrible.

  109. The changes are an IT manager’s nightmare. After 9 years of creating emails for our staff, a change has been made where we now must create a new Yahoo account for each staff member. The steps are painful and filled with wasted time. Now Yahoo! can claim they have 220 new Yahoo! users in which none of these accounts will ever be used. I’m sure the numbers will look great to stockholders. Looking for new options.

  110. I moved my domain hosting in Nov 2015. it took yahoo over a week to release it. all the cancel my account was not active within yahoo and I could not set up a new record with the A one because I here in Australia we don’t have ZIP codes – so it was a reject session with the A one. yahoo wallet would not action the cancel option.
    guess what today yahoo have billed me for jan and feb 2016.
    what a mess. yes I have cancelled my credit card.

  111. Is Aabaco only serving for seller based in the US?

    I’m in Asia and have registered to the Basic Plan. But, I could not change the shipping country, there’s only US. It’s really terrible if they only serve for merchants who reside in the US. They should have mentioned in their website.

  112. I purchased a 5 year plan through Yahoo Small Business and created a website using the Yahoo tools. Since they turned the business over to Aabaco, I have not been able to update my site, nor have I been able to get any assistance from Aabaco. They are very difficult to contact. I finally got someone whose English is very marginal. They have transferred me and put me on endless hold for what should be a simple explanation — i.e., “how can I update my website that I paid for.”

  113. Hi Len,

    I would LOVE your help on this. I have an old existing website I build on yahoo suite builder years ago. The program is obsolute but my website comes up on page one of most searches when brides look for me. So I am afraid to change the hosting to get wordpress but can’t do galleries on this old yahoo site builder. What should I do? I was told I can leave the registration with yahoo and host with bluehost and put a 301 redirect into the root? So I don’t lose any rankings? What is your advice with the best way to transition from this old program to wordpress and not lose any rankings or have bad links out there? Thank you!

    • Been there. My previous company ranked extremely well and I was terrified of changing from my basic HTML site to WordPress, but, it is absolutely fine WHEN done correctly. People DO make mistakes and goof this up all the time. I’ll shoot you an email in a moment. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  114. This is unbelievable. They have hijacked our emails and will not let us change tha password of the email unless we create an Yahoo account and tie our email to that Yahoo account. I cant believe these A##holes. And then they give the BS Line “we are working on it but do not know when it will happen..”

  115. Please be aware the Terms of Service allows Aabaco to use anything you put on your website:
    “By displaying Content on or submitting Content to the Company for inclusion on the Services, You grant the Company, its affiliates, Third Party Vendors, contractors and each of their successors and assignees, a worldwide, royalty-free, paid-up, transferable, perpetual, irrevocable and nonexclusive right and license to use, distribute, display, reproduce, publish, perform, syndicate, sublicense, and create derivative works from such Content in connection with Your use of the Services and in any and all media and display in any manner, including for promoting and redistributing all or part of the Company’s websites and Services.”

  116. My email in business mail of Abaco Service don’t work and tenchincal team said any time the problen are resolved between 24-28 hours but there are many days and my email don’t work…more than 20 calls to Abaco but at the moment tey have not the solution… I’m in Yahoo account from 1998.. Yahoo Mail Plus from 2002… My personal addres from 2008 and this is the reward: my email is not still working… for several days and the technical support is like a ghost 🙁

  117. I am really surprised by professional approach of Aabaco customer care. I am requesting them to unlock my domain so that i can transfer to other registrar, on the same from last 15 days, different different agents are making nonsense excuses and harassing the customer.
    I feel they get paid to harass the customer not for letting service, for simple work they are making so complicated. Domain is business domain and from last 15 days not able to get all the mails and its affecting business. As per new policy, we must have yahoo account to operate existing our own Business email (specially when we bought those business email by paying amount), they must be dreaming that they are in MONOPOLY…… A#######

  118. Aabaco customer care no one reply any email and service related issue mail created issue and mail create after mail link issue and new mail id yahoo.com not create

  119. Aabaco customer care no one reply any email and service related issue mail created issue and mail create after mail link issue and new mail id yahoo.com not cre

  120. I just got off the phone with Aabaco, after 2 HOURS AND 41 MINUTES, an hour of which was me shouting, which I never, ever do. They had charged a credit card without my authorization, a credit card I had used to purchase new domain names with about a month ago. They said that automatically added this credit card as a form of payment for my entire account, not the just domain names that I’d just purchased, and so when the credit card for my previous domains expired, they just went ahead and charged the other card without telling me. I was livid. There were so many other issues that arose as I dug further into it, that I don’t have the time it would take to write them all down. Bottom line is that when Yahoo shoved me over into this new company without bothering to see if I was OK with it, they shoved me into a company that runs call centers in India with absolutely ruthless “customer care” personnel. I’m disgusted at the way I was treated, and after fighting for this insane amount of time they FINALLY ADMITTED THERE WAS A GLITCH ON THEIR END and they would “look into” processing my refund. Unbelievable. They also threatened to hang up on me because I was so exasperated I used profanity. The call ended with profuse apologies from the “customer care” personnel and reassurances that the problem would be “rectified.” We’ll see…

    I’m never buying a domain through Aabaco again. Ever. I don’t recommend anyone else do it either. I was with Yahoo for 13 years before they moved everything over to Aabaco…not one problem ever with Yahoo. If my cc expired, they simply sent emails until I updated the card, they NEVER took the liberty to charge another card not linked with full permission to get payment.

  121. I have been trying for 3 months to get a refund on a Merchant Standard account that I cancelled in Dec. 2015. I paid more than $1,000 for an annual plan that I used for only 4 weeks. Aabaco customer reps told me they would send my request to the “escalation” dept., from which I should get a reply in 24-48 hours. The reps also told me to call my account manager, which I have several times. However, I keep getting a voice mail recording, and my messages are never returned.

    The way I see it, Aabaco owes me about $1000. The fact that they are ignoring me sends a clear signal that the company is in deep financial trouble, and they apparently have decided to steal money from customers. Very sad.

    • I was eventually contacted by my Merchant Solutions account manager, and he was able to put the wheels in motion to submit a refund to me. So I’m very happy about that.
      I suppose it’s difficult for everyone when a company changes hands, but something definitely fell apart when Aabaco took over, and it looks like customers had to suffer the burden. If and when Aabaco recovers from all this, they still have a lot of work ahead to make their product competitive with all the new e-commerce platforms that have sprouted in the last couple years. My advice to Aabaco is take a very close look at their competition before doing anything. What they’ll find are many similar services that offer a superior product for less money.

  122. Very Frustrated ,Will Move out from this server Today
    I can not change any user , do any Admin to my Email addresses
    I think they leave it to FALL!
    Good Luck Guys

  123. November 19, 2015 I moved my 2 websites from Yahoo/Aabaco to GoDaddy. A great move! November 28, 2015, my credit card on record with Yahoo/Aabaco was billed $95.88 for each domain for a total of $191.76. I contacted Aabaco on January 1, 2016 to report the error and ask for a refund. A woman with an Indian accent told me the money would be credited to my credit card. That was more than 3 months ago, 7 phone calls with about 469 minutes (7.8 hours) to get where I am with this issue today . . . nowhere. I still do have the return of my money. Aabaco told me they would call me today between 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM my time. There was no call.

  124. I haven’t used my domain for a website in a while, but was using it for email. I never received notification of the move (I later realized that I only received two emails that I disregarded as spam only after searching for aabaco). I only noticed in March that I wansn’t receiving emails; I’ve been on yearly auto pay for over ten years. Upon trying to restore my account, they informed me that I’ve lost everything in my account and that it was unable to be retrieved – less than two months after my account was automatically cancelled.

  125. We are trying to transfer our domain to GoDaddy and today the “tech support line” that is published has a recording that states you have to go to Yahoo Help, the line no longer is active, then it hangs up. When you go to the help on your login page, you are directed to a knowledge base. No where is there any place to contact a live person to get a new authrization code. This should be reported to Better Biz Bureau. Terrible experience!!!

    • I’m also trying to transfer the Domain name to GoDaddy and get the activation codes. I however was told via their live chat i would have to call them to get the codes.

      I’m in the UK, the number they gave is a US one, which after a little pressure reviled just re-directs to India, and the entire company is more or less an Indian company.

      They said they would call me today, although seeing all the comments seems that may be unlikely.

      They seemed to notably change there tune when i said about going via Icann it would seem that may be the way to go.


      • I can confirm that at least in my case when i said i’d be contacting Icann i received a phone call from them within half an hour with my transfer codes. But maybe i was just lucky.

  126. Our experience with Aabaco is downright terrible.

    We called Aabaco up regarding an issue with our business emails going straight to trash folder.
    They said they will fix the issue and it is a server issue at their end and told us not to touch the trash folder… instead they deleted all the emails that went to trash from our inbox.

    They provided us no solutions for a good 3 weeks. We called for the 7th time and we are finally told that our deleted emails (which they deleted) cannot be recovered…

    We lost a lot of business emails, and there is no getting them back.

    They deleted our emails from their servers, and now claim its not their fault.

    We do not recommend using this hosting company (Aabaco) at any cost. Please let me emphasize “at any cost”.

    We have had our business website with Yahoo for over 3 years; never a problem..after this crazy AABCO..I can’t even begin to tell you!! First, our BUSINESS EMAIL was hacked!! our clients started receiving spam from us on our freaking business website!! NOW, I’m locked out of my yahoo and business email and my website due to a hacker; I can’t access my website to do a damn thing or get access to my client emails!!! This is a nightmare!! I never had to worry about hacking before!!! This is insane..will be filing complaints and cancelling my account..will never recommend anything that has to do with yahoo again.

    • We got hacked several times, both our Yahoo email and our website. Any business we should be getting is getting siphoned off by some scheister. They open domains with a similar name to yours. That might be how they “mistakenly” (or so they say) send your business leads to front companies who then send it to businesses that do the same thing you do, thus stealing your business while you do all the work.

  128. My yahoo small business was moved to Aabaco. I got an invoice. Tried to pay with mastercard. No luck. Tried to pay with Paypal. No go. It says:

    Pay now failed
    Error: Invoice payNow processing failed! – com.yahoo.ysb.platform.bill.exception.BillException: Error charging payment status=(Error)

    There’s no mail to contact, no phone number. Looks pretty incompetent to me. Anyone got a good alternative mail with domain?

  129. Help!
    I can’t login to the new Aabaco site, after transferring over from Yahoo Small Business. The login won’t work with the password I selected a couple months ago, and the “password reset” option isn’t sending anything to my registered emails. I tried calling them and after giving them my domain names, they say they can not find anything in their system!!! What else can I do? I can’t just stop paying or cancel the account, I need my domain names!!!

  130. I took down my website in Dec, canceled my account – now am being billed for overdue (credit card on file expired, thank goodness) the months since, abaco won’t answer phone and I cannot find an email to send them a note that explains such. Any suggestions?
    They are threatening to take down the site (which has been down for months). Anything else they can do if I end up ignoring them?

  131. It’s outrageous. Yahoo is the worst. Turn everything over to this group of criminals and the consequences be damned. I can’t close the account, can’t pay to reinstate it, can’t get my e-mails. You name it. It’s been a nightmare.

  132. Had similar issues to the above (couldn’t access an expiring domain name to renew) but thanks to someone above who posted a phone number, I was able to finally get through to a person … who couldn’t help me. But that person gave me this number for tech support: 1-888-814-2524 which finally connected me with someone who was able to unlock the domain which gave me control of it with the registry service (melbourne it) that was used, that in the end, allowed me to transfer it. So I thought I’d share the number with you to pay you back – thanks!

    • Now just recently, Melbourne got sold and we will be transferred over to someone else. Can you believe it?

  133. I’ll keep it short and sweet. Mediocre features and terrible support. Do not not use if at all possible. Support operators spent more time verifying the account than actually helping with the issues. Either they are untrained or just out and out lie about what they can do.

  134. I AM FRUSTRATED AND DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS SO-CALLED AABACO SMALL BUSINESS.JUST TWO DAYS AGO, THIS AABACO SMALL BUSINESS WITHDRAWED $107.95 FROM MY ACCOUNT FOR THE HOSTING OF MY WEBSIT, (www.calvaryrevivalmissions.org) that was previously being hosted by YAHOO SMALL BUSINESS, which I have just learned is now under a new name called (“Aabaco small business). I can not have access to my website, neither can I post anything on my website. I request a refund of my money and hereby canceled any or all business this Scam Aabaco. There’s noway one can even reach an operator.

  135. I see I’m not alone as I can’t log into my Yahoo Small Business account under Aabaco. I’ll be another person who willing be transferring my business. Very disappointing.

  136. Yup. Tried everything. Got that tshirt. AABACO

  137. AABACO sitting back raping up cash from the working class while they sit and to nothing. I doubt if there are any engineers at all. Sounds to me like a one man project stealing as much money as he or her can then close down the whole project. I don’t see this being rectified at all. Its pushing towards a year now with the same old “our engineers are frantically out for lunch crap”. The only thing to do is block them from taking money off my credit card and start fresh with WIX or Blue host….

    • Good idea. With every email they send me, they end it with, “Be sure your payment information is correct so your services will not be interrupted.”

      You may be right about their intentions. They can renew thousands of accounts, take the payment, then just go under, and you’d be stuck.

  138. Yahoo Aabaco Small Business is a scam they have been able to hack into my paypal account and make an unauthorized purchase. These guys are crooks.

    • Our account got hacked, both email and the website, and the most likely suspect is someone at Aabaco.

  139. There is no way, and I’ve tried many ways, many times to open, change passwords, get into my site to make changes. I am out of business thanks to Yahoo selling us out!!! My site is helpful to people with throat cancer, so it is important to a needy group, that uses this site, and has for over 10 years, for their personal neck wear.
    I even phoned, a few months ago, and the conversation was so confusing and not understandable, I gained nothing and lost at least an hour.

    I hope someone can figure out what can be done…the impossible!!!

  140. I found this article after a very frustrating experience with Aabaco. I’ve been with Yahoo Small Business for a very long time but moved my domain registration to GoDaddy in February. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that Aabaco charged my CC after I had transferred it. When I finally reached them on the phone, they said it was “impossble” to issue a refund and blamed me for not contacting them to cancel and for not checking my CC charges within 72! hours!

    I will dispute this charge and I have an email service with them which I will soon be transferring.

    I highly advise to NOT do business with Aabaco. There are much better solutions out there.

    • After criticizing them on various social media platforms, they have agreed to issue a credit. They have that going for them but it’s a shame that I had to shame them for them to do the right thing.

      • Thanks for the follow up, Brett. I hear this a lot.. People email me their Aabaco horror stories daily since putting this article up! heh..

      • Hi Brett,
        Can you tell me what you did because I am too trying to get refunded for a domain that I am not using.

  141. Fortunately I host with another company, but they have my domain name, and are holding it hostage. Aabaco let me set up an account, but whenever I try to sign in, it tells me there is no account. They just renewed my domain name for 4x what I originally paid for it without telling me it was going up. I really want to move it, but honestly don’t have any idea what to do at this point. I’m really so very tired of dealing with dishonest, disreputable companies. Any suggestions on how I can get my domain name away from them?

  142. I had never called before, but this afternoon I called Aabaco (408-916-2149) to add a Word Press blog to my existing website. I had forgotten that I had partially enabled a blog seven years ago when I created the site, and the previously existing site file structure threw both me and Aabaco’s support associate off for awhile.

    Despite this initial confusion (which was my fault), Aabaco’s associate patiently worked with me and we were successful in establishing the blog.

    I am sorry to hear that so many others have had less success than myself. – D.

    • Hello,

      I happened to see your informative “Darryl” message on the site:


      Can I ask you something?

      I have or should have a WordPress.org associated blog as part of my Aabaco webhosting service, a blog I had for years with Yahoo/Luminate.

      The transition to Aaabaco has killed my blog and I keep getting a message about database issues.

      Any ideas or thoughts? I have tried to enlist Aabaco tech support/customer support by email but am getting runaround and
      techno-babble I can’t use.

      How to resolve this and get my blog restored?

      Many thanks.


  143. Yahoo will be out of business soon from lack of support from the business communities. Simply trying to edit an address on the Yahoo business directory is very impossible although the timing of Googles new SEO local guidelines and Yahoo abandoning their business communities makes it hard with out trying one of the rip-off fraudulent ms-leading 3rd party companies seems to be a waste of time. I guess waiting for Yahoo to go out of business is the best solution.

  144. Leave this company, it took them 25 minutes just to look up my account. The following problems were days wasted.

  145. Two days wasted no productivity. And with out any warning. Don’t fix what’s not broken.

  146. I had used Yahoo services from more than 5 years with no issues at all. I had paid for 5 years of domain, web hosting, business email services to Yahoo Small Business just before they sold it off to Aabaco.

    It was a good amount of money and since last 5 – 6 months, I have not been able to login to the web hosting control panel. I have been with the Aabaco support team on chat and phone several times with several promises. Last week I was with them for almost 8 hours but to no help.

    They are not even ready to return my money. My website is still there,,,, but i need to update it and I am not able to. They have no solution, just some lame illogical excuses.

    Aabaco is a pure unprofessional and unethical organization. I have paid for 5 years, and I cant even transfer to some other service provider as my domain is locked and I cant get into it to unlock or get the authorization code for transfer

    Now when I looked for their reviews, I know its not just me, its ALL the AABACO Customers who are facing this.

    This is what I always get:
    Sorry! You don’t have permission to view this page.

    Please check the address of the page you were trying to reach and try again. If you believe you’re seeing
    this message in error, please contact your account administrator.

    Return to the Business Control Panel

    • They took the money out of my account for webhosting and I never got it back. They are crooks! STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS! They will NOT refund your money. THEY DO NOT CARE! I WANT A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST THESE PEOPLE. ANYONE OUT THERE WANT TO DO PRO-BONO JUMP ON BOARD. SHUT THESE CROOKS DOWN!

  147. It began at Yahoo. We began seeing our email accounts hacked repeatedly and suspicious activity regarding our website.

    It only got worse under Aabaco. It seems they were able to steal our passwords yet again and access our email accounts.

    It also seems someone at Aabaco (whether known or unknown to the company we cannot say) is re-routing all or prospective clients who respond over our website to somewhere else, thus, in effect, stealing all our business.

    These concerns were communicated to Aabaco many times, yet the stock answer was something like, “We understand your concern, etc.” and NOTHING was done to rectify the problem.

    Such things are very hard to trace from our end here in the USA as all that is happening from India, but if criminal activity is going on, and it seems it is, the US government should get involved and quick.

    Does anyone know if it is possible to move the entire website, AS IS, with all its graphics and text and functions, totally over to another web hoster?

  148. Locked out because I will not provide my personal cell phone number. My business is my business, my personal life is my personal life. They do not need my cell number.

  149. My 12-year-old account from the days of Yahoo webhosting got suspended all of a sudden with an email asking me to call Aabaco for support.

    I got through the support line and was told that my account had been suspended because of malware/virus infection. I haven’t uploaded anything except for jpg files and a few WordPress blog posts. I asked for a solution and the only advice they could give me was to download my whole site (12 years worth of posts/jpgs!) via FTP (which would take hours if not days!) so that I can scan the files offline for viruses/malware, identify the problem myself and then re-upload the files again. Surely, there has be a log somewhere to tell me which files were infected rather than to ask me to troubleshoot the whole site by myself. Answer was “no”, and when I asked to escalate my queries to a supervisor, I was told to wait for 4 hours for a return call which obviously didn’t come. I can’t even log in to ask to terminate my subscription.

    As it is now, I am being held ransom paying for something that is not working, and that I cannot cancel, and with my domain name locked up with them!

    • I am facing a similar issue. I am unable to login to the control panel and neither is my website working. My domain is hosted out of India and there is no india support line. I call up their US support line where these guys are spinning me around trying to tell me that they cannot access my account. And i have to wait another 9 hours before i can contact a customer service representative from India. Unfortunately, the india site does not have any number listed. My domain seems really locked with them and i am unable to login, or have my website working or otherwise. I am frustrated.

    • They did the same thing to me. I similarly have a personal site with them with mostly nothing but plain old HTML. I know it doesn’t have malware, but I wasted a bunch of time, downloaded it anyway per their instructions, and scanned it. Nothing. Most likely, the dufus who set up the malware scanner didn’t know what he was doing and it’s racking up false positives. I’ve worked in IT a long, long time, and a lot of noobs don’t understand that those things get false positives all the time. The rep I wasted my time talking to on the phone claimed I could FTP my files off, but I had to email somebody else (and wait a day) to get it unlocked enough to actually do the FTP. Obviously, now that I’ve downloaded my entire website to scan it though, my motivation to stay with this sad, sad circus is somewhere around zero.

    • We have one 9 years old website with yahoo, it is for a cancer patient care NGO from Indian and we used wordpress for it. Suddenly few days back, we started getting 503 – Service Unavailable error. We thought it may be some server error, and waited for 1 day then we tried to contact Aabaco customer support system (so called). They have only chat and email support (that too they don’t provide email address in their site) and luckily somehow I got a chance to chat to one of their chat support guy. That guy told me that our website was suspended due to presence of malware. That was a shock for me, as we regularly scan our website with wordfence security tool of wordpress and our webiste was not listed in any of the website black lists. Also they did not give us any intimation/alert about the presence of malware before suspending our website. The only solution I got from support was to download all the files clean it and upload it again. There is no support phone number for Indian customers and they gave me one US number to call and get support. It took me more than 1 day to download around 500MB of files (it was too slow), after that I removed all the files from the server. Then I deployed a new version of wordpress application, added all the plugins and uploaded all the required files. Uploading was also too slow. The chat support guys were also very dumb and I felt like they were replying like robots with script. Finally I gave request to start our website and remove the suspension and it took half day to get our site up and running. Now our website is running since last 7 days and surprisingly again yesterday I got a mail that some malware has been detected 🙁 . I mailed them to provide us the list of files that were detected and waiting for their reply.
      We are really frustrated with Aabaco small business, and we have to shift to some other service provider. I think yahoo is planning to close their web hosting business, they are just frustrating their customers so that their customers drive away from them. This was really unexpected from a reputed and respected web pioneer company like Yahoo.

  150. 503 error and locked out of Yahoo File Manager and FTP access. Eventually access opened and was told to download all files on each site, virus-scan them on the local PC, delete all files on the Yahoo server folder, then upload the OK scanned files. Problem was wp\wp-content\themes\Alize\header.php file in WordPress with malicious code at the beginning of the file: eval(base64_decode(‘ ….. SSBoYXZlIGJlZW4gIGRlY29kZWQh= ………….’)); The string of seemingly random characters will be fairly long.

    Ref: https://aw-snap.info/articles/spam-hack-wordpress.php

    Sites inaccessible 6/1 1900Z, Accessible 6/4 0900Z.

    • I’ve down loaded then scanned 3 times nothing is there that’s bad and still no help from them

  151. Aabaco suspended many of my files and said that I had uploaded malicious files. The files suspended aren’t even in a WordPress subdomain in my account. Plus I don’t upload! I use Frontpage and just paste that html code into my files. I’m fuming!

    • Wow, your site is completely gone. Many hosts would roll you back to a previous version.. Sorry to hear that..

  152. Has anyone tried to delate the whole web page and start again I’ll do that if it get me up and online again any comments welcomee

    • YES!! I’ve had to delete my files, download, scan, upload, stand on one foot and whistle The Star Spangled Banger and these yo-yo’s still tell me that my files have malware. I have not had a problem in the last ten years and now in the last two weeks they are trying to tell me that my files are bad… really. I’ve been waiting for two days to hear back from a supervisor. They refuse to give me a direct number to talk to some one with a brain. They have totally went down the tubes. I’m thinking about transferring my domain but I’m scared that will be another nightmare that is worst than this and those idiots will really screw me…

  153. Like Joan I have had my site 503’d and am losing money. There were malware files on their server I stress that this is their server which they should be protecting. I did not upload these files. Also no response to emails other than vague automated emails, and chat is not actually available (there is a button but it does not actually connect you to an agent). I am in UK so calling and waiting on hold is NOT viable (would cost $100s)

  154. Should have said since 2004 same website with Yahoo NEVER taken down in over 10 years….!!!!

  155. YES!! I’ve had to delete my files, download, scan, upload, stand on one foot and whistle The Star Spangled Banger and these yo-yo’s still tell me that my files have malware. I have not had a problem in the last ten years and now in the last two weeks they are trying to tell me that my files are bad… really. I’ve been waiting for two days to hear back from a supervisor. They refuse to give me a direct number to talk to some one with a brain. They have totally went down the tubes. I’m thinking about transferring my domain but I’m scared that will be another nightmare that is worst than this and those idiots will really screw me…

  156. Aabaco sucks. I’ve had Yahoo Site builder for 10 years , and never a problem until now.

  157. Hi. For the second time Abaco Small Business charge me a service that I have not hired. I DO NOT WANT THE DOMAIN and so I DO NOT renove this service. I Have not an authomatic renewal. They without my permission charge to me this service.I can not unsubscribe to something I have not hired.
    It is very difficult to see how to communicate with them. If you have a email or contac to explain to them this problem, please let me know. Thanks……………………………………………………

  158. Lost my wordpress.org blog, hosted by Yahoo before the switchover to Aabaco.

    Instead of the Blog, I get error message about database.

    Is there a way to get Aabaco tech support to activate my Blog?

    I’ve gone into my Aabaco account hoping there might be a database repair
    button to click on, but there;s no such Yahoo/Luminate to Aaabaco rejigger on offer.

    Many thanks.


  159. They gave me the same song and dance about how they detected malware but they couldn’t tell me what it was or it was in. That’s the first clue that they’re BSing people. When I pinned them down about that, they told me they couldn’t identify the file because they, and I quote, “don’t have access to the hard drive.” There’s no malware. What’s probably going on is that they’re having massive problems with their hosting that they can’t resolve, so when someone’s site goes offline, instead of fixing it they send you an email notifying you that they had to suspend your account for a malware detection. That’s my theory, but since I changed to another hosting service, I don’t have to care anymore what Larry, Moe, and Curly are doing with it.

  160. Chrome says SSL certificate is expired on my https form on Aabaco server. Aabaco told me to just set Chrome to ignore the expired SSL certificate warning…? I asked them when is Aabaco going to renew the certificate?’ and no reply for 2 weeks. Any suggestion? If I switch from Aabaco to other company like Bluehost, am I able to keep my site address? Should I just find free/cheap SSL form provider? thx.

  161. I have moved the website for a client to Squarespace – but domain still owned by Yahoo/Aabaco.. Do I have to move the domain as well? They charged my client for another year of setup – and are threatening to shut her down as well?

    I am so confused. So I have ported the site already and the domain is on Squarespace – do I just need to cancel the Yahoo account now? Client is freaked out. The transition to Squarespace was effortless. Now there seems to be confusion.

    Can someone help me out??

  162. Our website is not a wordpress site… But, we do maintain a wordpress section on the site. Aabaco does not understand that… The website was built with HTML and PHP coding. It also has some Java. Aabaco calls that a third party… I am not sure were to start I am so irritated with this Host. We have been using Yahoo sense 2009. I cannot say anything special about Yahoo. But, at least things were left alone. When Aabaco took over they changed the accepted Permalinks for wordpress… So anyone who had been maintaining a blog for several years such as us and had chose to use the descriptive text permalink we now left with links that went nowhere. Thats right, every blog written was now dead and all organic traffic to those blogs was now dead… When you call Aabaco their customer service reps are trained not to help you with your issue but to instead say that “your site is a third party site and we cannot help with coding”. This response is fine if I was looking for help with coding… But, I would never ask for help from these idiots for that. I simply wanted to point out this huge mistake and have them correct it so that our blog pages would appear once again. Sadly this has not been corrected. The only solution was to change the permalinks to another type ie date… So now our old links are dead and our new links get zero traffic and have no SEO built into the link description…

    Three months latter… The website forms stop working… Call to Aabaco, they cannot help with third party sites… I try to explain these forms have been working sense they were turned on in 2011. They try to tell me something is wrong with the script… I try to explain the script has not changed… This goes on for a while and finally I give up with their useless brand of help and start to test for issues on my side. I rebuild the forms, I change how the forms are sent, I change out and reduce the emails they go to, I build empty one field form test pages and still nothing is working… I reset back to my original form and call Aabaco again. I seem to have found the needle in the haystack as the guy who answered was quick to tell me that they are having some issues with their SSL and that is preventing emails to be sent… They are working on the issue and keep checking the page… The next morning forms are coming over again… YAY they fixed it. But, how? Well if you use Aabaco you have access to a shared SSL page. When you make use of one of these pages and you access that link on your website your domain is appended with a prefix accessing a SSL server. So instead of website.com/content you have p2.secure.hostingprod.com/@website.com/content (I know, kind of sucks). But, we knew this is what we had and needed some content to be secure so we made use of it. When they “fixed” the SSL issue they did not fix anything they simply moved the SSL to a new server and abandoned the old one. What does that mean? well, instead of p2 now it is p11. Thats right after killing all of our blog links they have now killed all of our secure section links. All content pointing to p2 is now a broken mess setting on a different server. But, hey at least the forms are working again.. Really, that was all we actually care about. We are paying to have people find those forms and fill them out. So we roll forward..

    Three months later.. Forms have stopped working again… Now I am familiar with this.. I know what has to be done… How happy the Aabaco person I get will be when they are greeted with a customer who not only knows what has happened but also how to fix it… Right?… Well, lets just say that Aabaco does not support third part websites. Almost an hour going back and forth with the first idiot about how this is not a website issue. He eventually agrees to let me speak to his supervisor who is currently on another call but will call me back in an hour. 16 hours latter I stop holding my breath and call them again… This time I sit on the phone awaiting a supervisor… When I get this guy he is missing his ears.. Dont get me wrong I have allot of respect for anyone who is missing something from their body and still making it through life, and feel that they are very capable people and can do allot of greatness in any industry. But, I am not sure if a person who is not capable of listening is the best selection for a customer service supervisor position. I rely explain everything to this guy very clearly and he does not get it. I then ask that they just change the SSL server again. He tells me that that is just not possible. I said you guys have done it before… He says no they have not.. I say get your manager on the phone right now. I am now 1 hour and 45 minuets into this call with Aabaco. On average you will spend a minimum of at least 30 minuets with them so you can see this one has gotten out of hand… The “manager” is still only familiar with the same canned responses that the original customer service had… They do not support third party websites… He again tells me that changing the SSL server is not possible. I had him go to the site and click on a link that goes to a SSL page. He did and could see the page is broken, it is just an outline missing all images and styling. I had him change p11 to p2 and click enter then bypass the security warning. He did. I asked him how the page looks now. He agreed the page is now styled with color and images. He agreed this is proof that the server had indeed changed. Then I asked that he have it changed again. He went on about how there is nothing he can do and he knows no other department that is above him… Apparently I hit the top level of Aabaco. This guy them muted his phone and just sat there… I guess he is not allowed to hangup on irate customers… but he can stop speaking to them.. I told him what a piece of trash he is and hung up the phone. 2 hour phone call and the “manager” stopped speaking to me after 15 minuets… I guess his time is more important than the 7 years we put into a website that they have destroyed……

    If you were a Yahoo to Aabaco customer, Im sorry… I feel your pain… I am now going to another host. I did not want to in the past because I was worried about how it would effect wordpress and SSL links… But, it looks like Aabaco already took care of that concern.

    I am not sure if obscenities are appropriate for this website so I have left them out but if you would like to know how this review should have looked fill in every space with one of your choosing… If this story prevents even one person from going to the even, useless monster that is Aabaco it is worth it.


  163. The worse I have ever experienced in my life! Their support is laughable if it were not so frustrating.
    They managed to wipe out days and days I had spent building my web site, then put me off telling me someone was going to call me. But never did and they never intended to because they knew they had caused major problems with my site and didn’t have a fix.
    Their command and understanding of the English language is BAD, BAD, BAD!

    • Imagine, how we felt when their DNS service screwed with our website and for two weeks it was inaccessible, nevermind that our sales are 99.9% online (like amazon), oh and the 0.1 % is via email -SUPPORTED BY THEM…
      After 3 phone call on the manner ~ 1.5 -2 hours each of them telling us its something on our end, one of Their employee went in the settings and saw the wrong settings on the A record (I think) and in a manner of 2 min we were up and running.

  164. I am the IT of a company and for the last 6 months I have called AAbaco around 20 times (no exaggeration). I went twice to level II,and to their supervisors and each time just between “verifying” accounts credentials and wait times ~1 hour and arguing with them (before discussing the problem). Then when its time for the problem … well you are not receiving the emails .. well did you check spam ..YES …HM .. click REfresh .. I did it 10 -20 times so far .. ok, but do it one more please…- and nothing … oh well we do not see any issues with our system. Can you you check your firewall.. – but I was getting my emails yestarday … well,yes but still .. ok .. then comes to restarting your computer (nevermind if 5-6 of them(total 50+pcs) are not receiving emails … )

    BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY THAT>>> RIGHT NOW I HAVE A PRETTY GOOD BUDGET TO MOVE MY EMAILS .. WE are that frustrated with them so far … I Have had one phone call that was shorter than 1 hour and that was because the lady got frustrated, because I WOULD NOT CALL THE OWNER OF THE COMPANY because one of the accounts was on his name (nevermind he was in his homecoutry on vacation, i I had full autorithy on the account also all of the info she needed – including credit cards, statements, usernames, passwords, phones listed,.. EVERYTHING SHE MAY THINK YET SHE NEEDED TO TALK TO Him..)

    BTW, I am on hold with them for the last 45 min (as I am writing this review),

    I was really hoping that once when the “transition” is over the service will improve .. BUt DAAAMN, for 6 months and they have not improved.
    People say that business can close down with a bad week or even with a bad day, sometimes even minutes can be crucial on a deal. SO, to make my users fight and hope they do not experience any issues with their email (we count heavily on emails.

    I really hope I help somebody and before they decide to shoot themselves in the leg to choose a different option.

  165. We just just hanged up with the agent from aabaco and its been 2h 10min on the phone, to let me know that they have an issue with they server and they are working on it.. and as far as time frame goes .. ” WELL WITHIN 24- 48 hours we will have an update ….” (what ?!!? 48 hours for an update not for the final fix ??!!?!?!?! )

    oh, and what is the issue: my users are sending emails, but nobody is receiving them..- they show in the sent folder (no errors shown), but the receiver will never receive them … AMAZING!

    The explanation of the Tech on the phone:
    “the server is running fine , but we have a small issue and you cannot sent email,” – That to me is a pretty BIG ISSUE .. that’s like – we have a car, but its totaled and you cannot drive it .. then that car (email) is USELESS!
    So, in other words it take 48 hours for an update on the small issues… what about the bigger ones… ? ??

  166. We just just hanged up with the agent from aabaco and its been 2h 10min on the phone, to let me know that they have an issue with they server and they are working on it.. and as far as time frame goes .. ” WELL WITHIN 24- 48 hours we will have an update ….” (what ?!!? 48 hours for an update not for the final fix ??!!?!?!?! )

    oh, and what is the issue: my users are sending emails, but nobody is receiving them..- they show in the sent folder (no errors shown), but the receiver will never receive them … AMAZING!

    The explanation of the Tech on the phone:
    “the server is running fine , but we have a small issue and you cannot sent email,” – That to me is a pretty BIG ISSUE .. that’s like – we have a car, but its totaled and you cannot drive it .. then that car (email) is USELESS!
    So, in other words it take 48 hours for an update on the small issues… what about the bigger ones… ? ??

  167. Hi Sir,

    We are very much frustrated and totally disappointed with the support process of Yahoo India Small Business @ Aabacco India Small business. . We are unable to chat (chat unavailable always) and there is no phone number to speak with anybody. Our business is totally affected because our emails are not working. Who will pay for the business loss.? Request you to immediately look into this problem and get my emails up.

    Aabaco does not answer the phone
    Aabaco says wait times are 30 minutes but actual wait times exceed 2 hours
    Aabaco confirmation email which does not go through
    Unable to claim Aabaco Small Business Account
    Confused that Aabaco login takes users to Luminate’s website.

    Pathetic, horrible, disgusting service.

  168. HI

    I can’t upload .htaccess file on server by filezilla

    and also .php file giving me 500 internal server error

    index.html working fine for me but not index.php

    please help me

    thanks in advanced…

    • Did you ever get the 500 internal server error solved? I am having the same problem

  169. Just so everyone knows, if you miss a domain registration they won’t let you just renew the domain like literally every other domain registrar out there. Instead, they’ll insist that the only way to get your domain back, is to sign up for one of their services (extortion much?). When you tell them you have no interest in their garbage service they’ll recommend the cheapest option. A single “Customized” email account for $10/month. I don’t know how well this service works because I didn’t need it.

    Also their technical support is a laugh, even in the world of terrible software/hosting providers. We’re moving all of our domains away from their system, I would suggest everyone else do.

  170. I am going through this right now.3 weeks.

  171. I have had this issue since December 2015 and have been in touch with them all the way through till March 2016 but they have not resolved the issue of allowing me to log in on my website and they also wanted me to give (over the phone) all my credits cards details and also the security code. When I refused because I told them to just send me the link so that I can input this information, they stopped taking and returning my calls. I am still wondering how to get my website resurrected since they accepted the payment for hosting but no one has been able to access my website at all since December. Please kindly advise. Thank you.

  172. Our domain e-mail, hosted by Yahoo/Aabaco is being spoofed like crazy. I haven’t been able to stop it with any tools available on the Yahoo/Aabaco website and am loathe to spend hours on the help line. Thoughts?

  173. I just have a domain name, so Aabaco was too expensive to keep. The service period ended July 16, and I transferred my domain name away on July 9. Then I get my CC statement saying they charged the $35 on July 3, two weeks before the end of the service period! I called and asked for a refund, and they said sorry, but we’re keeping the money.

  174. Take care with yahoo.. They charged me for a domain that has been transferred from them since 2014..no phone answer no nothing. I belive that they’re simply thiefs

  175. it started not long after the switch. I began receiving emails (outlook) from my email address; this was not spoofing as I understand from all the stuff out there, because there was no ‘hidden’ unrecognizable email address, but my own and contained all my personal information, telephone # company address, etc. then, I started receiving emails from ‘names’, copiers and scanners using my company’s domain.com email addresses (not in my company). So, a couple of months ago, i changed my password, which I felt was pretty strong already, and it seemed to abate for a couple weeks, then it started again, I changed my pw again, a couple of more weeks went by. now it has started up again with a vengence, as I’m getting numerous emails from ‘my company’ every day, all day long. Has Aabaco been hacked, specifically my domain?

  176. They said I MUST download Site builder 2.9.0 but it does not even exist. I went onto control panel and downloaded it from there but guess what popped up….2.8.9. So please AABACO stop stealing money from people and give us a service. Up to date sitting with all the above mentioned issues mentioned above with no answers. All the AABACO team is good at doing is to sit back and watch their bank account like hawks.

  177. * PLEASE HELP!!! *
    Do you have ANY idea… how I can retrieve the FILES/FOLDERS of my website listed?
    It hasn’t been ‘viewable’ for a while; our son passed away… & I just didn’t renew with Yahoo Small Business.
    Was on the phone yesterday… for a little over an hour with Aabaco… nice gentleman…. but no answers…. unless I signed up for service.
    Wanting to ‘transfer’ files to another hosting company that hosts our ministry website.
    (desperate to get his website files) 🙁

  178. Went through the initial hassle with AABACO last yer when it was time to renew my website and I discovered it had been changed to AABACO instead of Yahoo. I told them to shut everything down and I even blanked out all the pages etc this time last year. Also cut ties with domain registrations outside of AABACO because I didn’t trust that they were legitimate.

    Now they are sending me threats to shut down the domain I already told them to shut down and are mentioning interruption of email which I already deactivated earlier.

    As a former IT professional, I suspect this company is not only inept, but have suspicions that they are engaged in more malicious activities and am worried about my families Yahoo accounts.

  179. I am using yahoo web hosting for years and I recently have paid for 2 sites for 5 years but now I can not edit and publish my site. I was using their site builder and now I can not sign in site builder to publish it on windows 8.1. I checked Aabaco webiste they say that I need to download and install sitebuilder 2.9.0 but what thet have on their site and in control panel is 2.8.9.. I tried 3 different computers and the site builder I downloaded is 2.8.9. When I chat with their support team, some Indians actually chatting and they say downlaod 2.9.0 from control panel but they lie because site builder offered in control panel and on their website is 2.8.9. No where there is 2.9.0. So they are cheating shamefully. I have no idea what I can do.

  180. We are not able to create new Email user. When we send invitation to other yahoo account, Its showing “unable to send invitation. Please refresh page and try again.” It is showing every time since last 5 days. Aabaco team are taking time to reply on Email is more then 24 hours. In India there is no support phone number available. After 3 days they ask me to delete and recreate the business Email-id. But we have already tried that option many times but not getting success. Now I am waiting since yesterday morning for next reply from there side.. 🙁

  181. I have a POP email address with my company. I was told to upgrade or lose connection with Yahoo small business services. My CEO has updated his control panel. No issues. Before I could update my email service my company email stopped working. 2 calls into Aabaca with a supposed wait time of 15 mins went over 90 mins before someone answered with a rouge Eastern India accent. Very hard to communicate to. Both times failure to resolve why I can’t get emails. Since then I was able to update the service. Nothing. I get all my emails correctly on my iPhone but nothing on my computer. Doesn’t Aabaca have live chat anymore?

  182. Yahoo was selling “webspace and domain” etc in India from long time. Somewhere in Jan 2016 they have sold their business to a company called Aabaco or luminate. They don’t have any address or telephone number even email in India, but they are providing services on behalf of yahoo. Now if a customer have any problem he can see the limited available solutions on Aabaco’s website or maximum he can ask a question which is to be answered by Yahoo but god knows when. Now people like me who purchased webspace from yahoo and now from last few days I am not able to send mails properly, I have none to contact in yahoo. I want my money back but clueless who to approach. I want to report this to Police or govt of India. Thanks

  183. Aabaco Small Business (owned by Yahoo!) and I had a dispute over whether I had given them sufficient notice of closing my account. The trouble was that after I moved my business elsewhere they continued to bill me the exact same amount, which I didn’t notice on my credit card statements.
    I eventually reviewed the file and became aware of the problem because their accounting system generated an email to me when my credit card number changed and their next charge was rejected.
    Up to that point I didn’t notice their withdrawals because they stopped sending me their customary notices of upcoming charges.
    They refused to communicate about the issue by email, which sucks. Dealing with them by phone was frustrating. Each call started with approximately a quarter hour of waiting on hold while they ‘verified’ my identity. They insisted they could record the conversation but that I was not allowed to tape record it.
    Aabaco Small Business (aka Yahoo Small Business, soon to be acquired by Verizon) was still not accredited by the Better Business Bureau as of 2017/1/13, nevertheless you can get their BBB rating at http://www.bbb.org. My complaint entered at the BBB in December 2016 resulted in no refund.
    In my experience, Yahoo! provides fairly good services, with some minor glitches. Unfortunately those glitches can remain unfixed for years. Maybe Verizon will be able to improve the technical and service culture of Aabaco Small Business / Yahoo. -Maxwell Anderson

  184. Aabaco charged my bank two weeks early, which caused me to suffer a bank fine for not expecting and checking the balance. Not only that, but Aabaco charged FOUR TIMES the amount that Yahoo Domains did last year. This was purely for the domain name. They no longer post a phone, no longer man the live chat, and have not responded to my open case. This company is not trustworthy. Do not give them your business. Yahoo was excellent for the many years we used them, but now in less than one year – Aabaco has destroyed the trust Yahoo’s clients placed in them.

    • AABACO will hold your domain hostage, refusing to release it, charge you money without authorization and without telling you beforehand via invoices emailed or snailmailed, and CONTINUE CHARGING YOU AFTER YOU CANCEL YOUR DOMAIN because they refuse to allow you to remove billing info off your account. I tricked them by going to PAYPAL and cancelling payments there and then removing my debit card off of payments, leaving only the PAYPAL that I had cancelled their payments from.
      I had $43.95 stolen off my debit card, and they tried to bill paypal 36 hours AFTER they sent me a CANCELLATION CONFIRMATION email. Had I NOT removed my debit card, they would have stolen another $45!!

  185. I’m currently chatting with tech support for the second time today. I purchased web hosting and a domain from Yahoo in 2003. Everything was fine until Aabaco. I can’t access my server. I don’t want to use “File Manager” in Yahoo Small Business to transfer files. Tech Support is utterly useless.

    In January (before I remembered that I can’t actually access my server) I tried to purchase a new domain for 95 cents. The purchase went through four times and failed every time. The person I talked to on the phone didn’t understand why I was angry I had four charges for $46 but no domain. Obviously, the purchase hadn’t gone through, so I should just relax. I need to transfer everything to a different provider…

  186. My current conversation with Tech Support on chat is ending with the operator saying, “It’s been nice chatting with you” but I’m done and it’s time to move on. Basically. I’m still trying to figure out why they had to create a new login ID and password in order for me to connect over FTP. When I asked how long will this test ID work and why isn’t my information working, they said “Sometime there are issues.”

    That’s it?

  187. Ive had the Local Works program with them for about 2 years… I decided to cancel… they now want you to call to cancel services instead of doing this online.
    So as I am logged into the account.. giving them all the information to access my account.. they tell me that I dont have the necessary credentials to make changes to my account.. there are plenty of other places like this for the same type of service..

    I realize this is for Yahoo hosting.. however.. if you are thinking about the citation linking program.. DONT.. go somewhere else

  188. One of the worst support experiences ever! First call took 38 minutes and I was transferred 6 times, nobody at yahoo ever heard of Yahoo Aabaco Luminate. Second set of calls was just under an hour and I was hung-up/disconnected twice and spoke with a dozen people with the same experience. It was not until I found this site that I got the correct phone number, 408-916-2149 where they answered all of my questions. The man knew all the answers and did not want to shut-up after giving me an good answer, he just kept going and going and going! This call lasted 7 minutes so I don’t care. LOL

  189. I have had all the same problems, session expired, incompetent help. My question was “can I reactivate my site”? They can’t even give me an answer. There solution is for me to first reactivate my account, which they will charge for – and then we can see if they can spin up my backup or archived site – even if they maintain a backup of it.

    So in other words, they want me to spend money first, before they can tell me if bringing the site back up can be done. I have 20K minimum into some consulting work on the site as well as all my own. I am definitely for signing up for a class action suite against them.

    India is becoming a total rip off country who feels we are a bunch of “easy marks”. Shame on Yahoo again – for passing the small business off to them.

  190. I am having the same issues. My domain expired and they are unable to reactivate. They have told me it will be 24-48 hours I have spent at least 24 hours talking to them in INDIA. I wish there was a number of someone to resolve these issues

  191. 4/26/17 Have the supervisor for customer support contact me. I have had it with the run around. No one answers the customer support # given 1-866-800-8092. My team spoke with 3 different people yesterday and were given contradictory directions, etc.
    Need to have a phone number that you can talk to live body. I’m beginning my search today for a replacement WebHost company.

    My phone # is 704-688-2568.

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  193. Aabaco sucks. Cant even update to wordpress 4.8.1 without killing website.

  194. I have had this site for years and since Aabaco took over it has been terrible. I finally found the number for Yahoo Small Biz Tech Support; 408.916.2149. After numerous attempts and lots of wrong numbers I was able to get help accessing my Business email and reactivating the account. It would have been great to receive an actual EMAIL letting me know the CC on my Paypal auto pay was expired. Terrible way to run a business. I had to reactivate it in order to transfer everything over to a new service. Still waiting for it to load my old site as they said it could take a few hours. Then I plan on reviewing competitors to find a US based business with the best CS as well. Someone should file a lawsuit for sure.

  195. I lost my user data and password of the administrator account in Yahoo Web Hosting which is now Aabaco small business. What do I do to access

  196. My domain has been put in an “on-hold” status, which basically means my domain is down. I am now fantasizing about a law-suit. This is costing me customers and business. Does anyone know how to go about transferring a domain to a different carrier? I am so furious at their ineptitude and feel helpless to get this sorted out. I feel like legal action is next. I’ve tried filing a complaint with the BBB, but this company does not come up somehow, so I’m at a stopping point with that avenue as well….Very infuriating…

  197. I have been uploading video files to the server by using FileZilla more than 7 years without any issue but all of a sudden, speed has been dropped down in Feb, 2018. When the uploading is started, the speed is very fast and then, within 1 minute, speed goes down to less than 10 KiB/s. I don’t know what the problem is but I’m feeling that the bandwidth is very narrow. I have tried in various location but the speed in every place is very slow. Please help me get the speed recovered.

  198. I also could not get into SiteBuilder. Calling the customer service number above (thank you!), they answered on the 2nd ring and told me that the website login (Yahoo Small Business) is different than the email login. I went to smallbusiness.yahoo.com, changed the password using Forgot Password, and logged right in with SiteBuilder.

  199. Yahoo web hosting now has another problem, either updates on java or windows 10 has made site builder crash on sign in or publishing or even downloading templates. Every time another person goes to make a change on their site, poof another one bites the dust. I must admit they are easy to contact, however I have been waiting a week to get this problem fixed.

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