6 Vital Facts About Sports Content

When you are writing about sports, or you have a sports site, there are a few absolute principles you have to keep in mind. Here are the six most important things you’ll ever need to know:

#1. Say interesting things or let other people say interesting things.

If you can’t sing, you’re not going on stage, right? If you can’t write in an engaging fashion, find people who can. Otherwise just stop now.

#2. You have to refresh your site as often as possible.

This is really, really critical. People need to see new stuff when they come back.

#3. As often as you can, respond directly to people.

They’ll really, really appreciate it – even if they disagree with you. You’ll get the occasional whack job and those you should just ignore.

#4. Require civility.

This is unbelievably important because otherwise your site or blog will descend into a never ending cess pool of name calling, cruelty and potentially illegal behavior. Just nip it. Nip. It. In. The. Bud.

#5. Whenever you can, publish something from a reader.

It can be an e-mail, or a suggestion or what have you. People love to be highlighted and complimented.

#6. Own your mistakes.

I don’t mean typos or bad predictions, although it’s good to have a sense of humor about those things. I mean when you really do something stupid. It’s incredibly important to admit to it, to let people give you hell for a while, and then to move on.


Follow these six principals and you’ll do well.


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