As the coronavirus continues to dominate international headlines, YouTube is taking proactive steps to ensure authoritative news reaches its users.


In a recent blog post, CEO Susan Wojcicki said YouTube will prioritize coronavirus content that has been put together by reliable, science-backed organizations. In particular, YouTube will highlight the latest data from the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


According to this latest post, YouTube will donate a portion of its advertising revenue to help charities and NGOs that are directly involved in the fight against the coronavirus. The video-sharing platform will also showcase informative content put together by these trusted organizations.


Wojcicki also says her company is now actively filtering out inaccurate and offensive videos dealing with the coronavirus. At the moment, employees are most concerned about the spread of unscientific coronavirus “cures.”


In addition to promoting reliable coronavirus information, technicians are preparing for the increased demand for YouTube’s live streaming services. As more companies, schools, and other organizations close due to the coronavirus, YouTube says it will continue to provide people with seamless online connectivity.


Since the coronavirus is continually evolving, Wojcicki said YouTube will temporarily monetize specific coronavirus videos. Traditionally, YouTube doesn’t allow monetization of what it deems “sensitive topics” (e.g., weather-related catastrophes or new diseases). The company decided it would relax this policy for the coronavirus to encourage trusted creators to continue producing high-quality content.   


For those who would like to read YouTube’s recent blog post in full, please click on this link. You could also visit YouTube’s Coronavirus Updates page for the most up-to-date information on the global pandemic.  

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