web designIn today’s world of “right now” and, wouldn’t it be nice to nice to have an A la carte option? Sure, but, I like to think of websites like vehicles, such as a racecar. There is quite a huge difference between the body person and the driver.

The body person (web designer):

The body person makes the car appealing. They may paint the car, apply stickers, pull out dents, and repair damage. They can really make the car pop. It can be a real head turner. This is what they do. They are creative, understand graphics, etc. This person is not necessarily a racecar driver. In fact, they might not even drive at all.

The Driver (SEO / Internet Marketing)

The driver’s job is to make the vehicle perform. His job is to monitor the competition, find ways to scoot past them, maneuver the vehicle without crashing it, find new opportunities to make it towards the front of the pack.

What about the mechanic?

Any good driver or body person both understand the concept of how the vehicle works mechanically. Assuming the designer has properly set the site up, it works on mobile, and there are no major problems, many of the mechanical tweaks can be done by the driver. That, or he’ll spot issues and report them to the designer.

The driver and the body person are two completely different people.

I would challenge you to find me a good racecar driver that is great at painting cars. I’m sure there is one out there; I just have yet to meet them. I also have yet to meet a good web design person that is good at SEO and Internet Marketing.

What we do here:

We put together very basic sites that work, just like the one you’re on. Not pretty enough? We know plenty of people and firms that will be happy to design your website and beautify it, they will just cost several thousand dollars. Some people have that to spend- a client recently came to me with a $47,000 budget for their site. They got it done, and they are happy with it. Good for them. Here, we make sites perform. They can be covered in primer or have a candy apple red paint job. All the wonderful graphics and call to actions in the world are useless if people aren’t getting to your website.

If you need more visitors landing on your web page that are looking for your product or service please feel free to contact us.


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