yik yak arrestsOn November 10, 2015 death threats were made on Yik Yak and an alert was issued on Mizzou’s emergency information center.

This is nothing new and we maintain a long list of Yik Yak arrests here.

Typically, college students make these threats, thinking they are anonymous. But, nothing on the Internet is completely anonymous, and Yik Yak is certainly not anonymous. One of the students is a computer science major, which is mind-boggling. I mean, I know 11 year olds that understand that for information to be sent to a cell phone or social media app, it has a unique address.

Historic threats include shootings, bombings, and other terroristic threats. This is the first post (resulting in arrest) that I am aware of that is straight up racist.

The arrest

As usual, the arrests took place a matter of hours after the threats were made. CBS St. Louis has full details.

Students tweeted screenshots of the threats:

The University of Missouri-Columbia Police Department in cooperation with the Missouri University of Science and Technology Police Department arrested the suspects, both 19 years old. According to Missouri S&T, the students did not have weapons.


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