snapchat logoI’d put cash on it, folks. The most explosive social network of 2015 is, hands down, Snapchat.

I am saying this, of course, to people who don’t use Snapchat or have no SC friends. If you’re a Snapchat user, you already know this.

May 2015, Snapchat was getting 2 Billion daily views and I wrote that Snapchat would be extremely successful.

September 2015, Snapchat hit 4 Billion views per day, and IS massively successful.

My guess is that by year’s end Snapchat will hit 6 Billion views per day.

The Snapchat IPO

A Fortune article, also written in May 2015, says that a Snapchat IPO is not news. In fact it says

…Snapchat confirmed that they plan to eventually go public. Yawn…

What do you think? Are 6 billion video views per day worthless? That is over 2 trillion videos played each year.

My gosh, if I had those kinds of views to one of my web properties I’d have enough money to buy every piece of real estate in Texas and each state that borders it.

Just sayin’…


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