snapchat logoLess than 24 hours after our post mentioning Snapchat competing with television, news was released that Snapchat will be getting music videos.

This is Snapchat’s next step into entertainment.

When I was younger we had a TV channel that played music videos. Hmm, what was the name of it?

Josh Legg (aka Goldroom) is supposed to be the first musician to release a music video on Snapchat.

It immediately transforms the conversation into something that’s much more intimate and appealing for both sides … Anything they say, they don’t have to worry about it going out to the public — and neither do I.
-Josh Legg, credit: New York Times interview

We’ve been watching Snapchat @Goldroom waiting for the first music video. Until it comes out, here’s one of Goldroom’s YouTube videos:


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