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Snapchat Candy Bar Meanings – A Complete List

Just after fruit went viral on Snapchat, people began posting animals, colors, and candy bars to signal their relationship status.

Here is a complete list of the candy bars people are posting on Snapchat and what they mean.

  • Twix = in a relationship
  • Kit Kat = It’s complicated
  • Skittles = Just broke up
  • M&Ms = I like someone / crushing
  • Hershey’s = Can’t find the one
  • Nerds = Engaged
  • Milky Way = Married

After putting up the fruit article covering cherries, blueberries, bananas and rasberries, etc, the questions began pouring in about the different types of candy and candy bars.

snapchat candy bar meanings

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  1. There’s a new one now with the fruits again

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