Just after fruit went viral on Snapchat, people began posting animals, colors, and candy bars to signal their relationship status.

Here is a complete list of the animals people are posting on Snapchat and what they mean, according to the image below and various forums online:

  • Horse = Single
  • Cheetah = in a relationship
  • Whale = It’s complicated
  • Monkey = It’s complicated
  • Octopus = I don’t know any more
  • Lion = I like someone
  • Rabbit = Can’t find the one
  • Pig = No one is cute at my school
  • Dog = I don’t want to commit
  • Bird = I want to get married
  • Frog = Married
  • Mouse = The better half

After putting up the fruit article covering cherries, blueberries, bananas and rasberries, etc, the questions began pouring in about the animals. I was able to dig this up online, thanks to imgur:

snapchat animal meanings

Sometimes the animals are posted on Snapchat as either text or as an emoji. Here are the emojis in case you needed them. Please note that they look different on different devices:

  • Horse 🐎
  • Cheetah
  • Whale πŸ‹
  • Monkey πŸ’
  • Octopus πŸ™
  • Lion 🦁
  • Rabbit πŸ‡Β  🐰
  • PigΒ πŸ–
  • Dog 🐢
  • Bird 🐦
  • Frog 🐸
  • Mouse 🐁 🐭
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