snapchat logoAs we predicted in September 2015, Snapchat has officially confirmed to the Financial Times that they are getting 6 Billion video views daily.

With more and more smart devices at people’s fingertips and access to high speed Internet increasing, video content will continue to become more popular.

It will be interesting to see the shift of advertising dollars move from television to social media.

Still, no social media platform compares to user intent which is where content comes in.

Explosive growth

The 6 Billion mark is important for several reasons.

For one, it shows the explosive growth of video content. Just this spring, Snapchat was getting 2b views. In just half a year traffic has tripled.

At the moment, Snapchat shows no signs of slowing down. Popular among teens, the older generation is actually starting to snap a little or share stories.

The growth shows that declining the previous $3 Billion offer from Facebook was not just a bold decision, but a correct one.



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