seo-failI see so many SEO FAILs I once almost created a website for them. However, the last thing I need is yet another site to collect dust. So, here we are folks, the SEO FAIL “page”.

As I come across SEO FAILs I will add them to this page.

Please feel free to add your SEO FAILs in the comments as well. Please do not call anyone out, but funny quotes, myths, and plain old BS is welcome!


“Pages should be a maximum of 650 words.”
-Unnamed Legal Marketing Service

Just when you think you’ve heard all the terrible advice out there, some idiot says this in a high competition niche. I was helping a client build out a 85,000 word resource when I was informed that the page should be 650 words  or less. Wow. This is enough to make Bill Nye stop believing in evolution.


“You shouldn’t submit pages to Google, let Google find them naturally.”
-Unnamed Legal Marketing Service

A client had been waiting 60+ days for a page to be re-crawled. Why? An SEO guru told him he should wait for his page to be crawled naturally. I showed him how to do it in under 5 minutes.


“Your blog should be on a subdomain”
-Raleigh Real Estate Marketing Company

No. The platform they use forces them to put WordPress on a subdomain. Blogs can be on a subdomain but if you already have an established site you’d be a fool to put them on a subdomain.


“Google doesn’t care about your stupid backlinks”

google doesn't use backlinks FAILI’m speechless here. I do content for a living and while I wish this were true it is simply a bizarre and absurd statement. As for not tricking Google, well, I know guys that make $250k+/yr by tricking Google; it has  been that was since day 1 and I do not see it changing in my lifetime. In fact, I do things the right way for the challenge and longevity of a site; tricking search engines is very, very, very easy- if you don’t know this you’re a total noob. source.


“Google ranks pages, and not websites.” – added 1/15/2016

An SEO site about Weebly says that Google ranks pages and not websites.



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