restoration businessIf you own a property damage and restoration company, at some point you are going to wonder what kind of leads you can get off of the Internet. In this line of work, most of the leads are fielded by homeowner’s insurance companies. Let me assure you, if you are not ranking on the front page of Google you are absolutely leaving money on the table. I have a good friend and client that I provide quality content for on an ongoing basis and when the phone rings and the homeowner says “I found you on Google” he knows that I have landed more business for him and that is going to make thousands of dollars.

I’ve been there

I have personally owned a brick and mortar company; a service oriented business. I decided to start putting out great content. After a short period of time the website ranked well and so did all of the content that I was producing. The phone rang. It rang more. It rang until we had 4 dedicated land lines.To make an extremely long story short the biz did well and I sold it in 2012.

You too can achieve this same success. Property damage and restoration services are not necessarily in this high of a demand, but, you get the picture. When someone has had damage to their home and needs fire, smoke, or soot damage repaired they are going to google it. Yes, many will call their insurance company first, but, there are plenty of people who are going to google it. If you show up in search when people are looking for you, you’re going to make money.

Restoration Business SEO

My most recent client in the restoration biz had no problem at all ranking in search. We work with doctors and attorneys on multiple continents and have some tough niches. Restoration is an “easy” niche. Not easy necessarily, but easy for us. You can ask 100 SEO gurus how to rank your site and you will get 100 different answers. Rest assured that my answer is very different: put up a basic WordPress website and start putting out great content.

Our most recent client actually ranked for some terms that we targeted on the front page of Google search in position #1 within 48 hours of his website going live. This had nothing to do with linkbuilding or social media or any other nonsense. No, this is not magic, we have examples of this, can show you the website and the dates the content was published, and the business owner is so happy that he has offered to be used as a reference as well.

The content is the tricky part- it is part science, part art, and part just getting it done consistently. Most people in the restoration business that I have met with have no desire to sit down on their computer and start writing articles in a manner that will please the Google Gods. In fact, many of them tell me they’re much better off with a hammer and a saw and wish they didn’t even have to use a computer in the first place. This is where we come in with content services. There is no “SEO” magic taking place here, simply content, usually in the form of articles for your WordPress website.

Restoration Business Websites

See this website you are on? This is the type of website that we put together. We have a package called the 48 hour WordPress site. After being in the content business for a few years we discovered that most web designers overcomplicate or even screw up the website that you need. We put up a very basic website that works, works on mobile phones, ranks well in search, and we do it practically overnight. If you want to change the curb appeal you can go right ahead and do so on your own time. We build the racecar, you can go through and put stickers all over it if you need to. We do not offer any design, just a functional site. We are not graphic designers. If you would like to know more about omplete details of the 48 hour WordPress website go here.


This is not necessarily a sales pitch. If you have a professional restoration company and can DIY then please for Pete’s sake put up a WordPress website and start blogging. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing, doing this is leaps and bounds above what most of your competition is doing. Snap some pics for the blog, upload some videos to YouTube, etc. If you get overwhelmed seek help.

Of course, if you need our assistance feel free to contact us. We have experience working with professional restoration businesses and care write about fire, water, wind damage, storm damage, and mold remediation all day long.


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