optima expressWhen comparing IDX plugins for WordPress one is presented with a handful of options from dsIDXpres to Optima Express.

I have only used one, but from my initial research, Optima Express met my needs the best, or was at least the most SEO friendly.

Unfortunately, getting it to work is a pain.

So far I have tried over 10 WordPress themes; very common, flexible, compatible WordPress themes. None were compatible.

This was a huge waste of my valuable time.

So far I have only found one theme which works with iHomeFinder / Optima Express, which is Striking R.

Themes Compatible with Optima Express

The iHomeFinder website states that themes from WooThemes and Elegant Themes will most likely work. They don’t.

I reached out to iHomeFinder support on several occasions. At one point I said “You work with this every day, can you at least point me to some agent’s websites which use Optima Express so I can see which theme they are using?” They then pointed me to custom themes.

Does Optima Express work with anything?

At this point, Striking R is not what it once was. I have yet to discover ANY themes that the plugin will work with. At this point, after being turned away by iHomeFinder support on multiple occasions,  I am recommending real estate agents use Placester.

Have you found a theme compatible with iHomeFinder?

If so please let me know.

And if you have WordPress experience PLEASE get in touch with me.

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  1. We have used the Bridge Theme on Evanto and it has worked great. We have noticed that you may need to edit a few things in the CSS to make the tool work. We have created custom pages to work with the tool, and that opens it up to being used with just about any theme out there.

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