wordpressOne of the hurdles I have to jump when taking on a new content client is getting their website built. Typically they have a website that is just a static site with no blog that is not mobile friendly. As a prerequisite I almost always require this to be changed. A simple WordPress site cures this problem. I am not out to sell people websites. I have no desire to build people a website. I do not enjoy building websites. I refer this out all of the time. But, I am always shocked at how long some of the sites take to get. Then, when they do arrive, they are often built on a custom theme that has problems. Jquery conflicts, pagination errors, plugin incompatibility, oh my. Talk about going around your head to get to your rear. If you need a WordPress website built go here.

How long should it take?

Well, it depends. WordPress has what is called a “famous 5 minute install”. Does it really take 5 minutes? No, if you have installed it as many times as I have it takes 3. Of course, that is just the base package. A very beautiful website may take more like 1 – 3 months to complete, especially if your designer of choice has a large backlog.

Horror Stories

My most recent client, we’ll call him John… John wanted to rank in search. I said hey John, we need to start putting out some sweet content on your website, but, right now your site has no blog, so, we can’t. He agreed and wanted to proceed with a WordPress website. This was in February. In November his site was finally ready, and it was actually worse looking that what I would have produced in 3 hours. 🙁 This was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me; the final nail in the coffin. I have had it with WordPress website “designers” that take 4, 6, or 9 months to build a site. This one single website designer cost Kevin tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue. So, I was basically forced into introducing “the 48 hour WordPress site”.

The 48 Hour WordPress Website

The 48 hour WordPress website is a site that we sell for $1,000. We can build out a site that is functional, usable, not broken, will not produce errors, configure a SSL cert if needed, work correctly on a phone, have tap to call phone #s and a clickable map. An easy to use site is all that users want. In fact, most people are only going to read the first sentence or two when they hit your site. How long does this take us to build this? Maybe 8 hours or so of our time. Once the site is built, people are free to have the designer of their choice go in and add images and tweak CSS to their heart’s delight. A recent client dropped $47,000 on a site and waited 6mos for their site to be made pretty. If this is what you want, great. Alternatively, there are people out there that will build your site cheap or free. WordPress.org, after all, is a free software.


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