SBLUpdate 2/19/2014: The SBL has moved here:

On Google+ there is something called a Suggested User List. Facebook is good for communicating with people you already know, Google+ is great for communicating with people you don’t know yet that share the same interests as you (Google+ is actually great for everything). Anyways, when you first log in to Google+ and make an account, they give you a list of popular and active Google+ people and pages to follow (circle), that way, there is something in your home stream when you log on and see what’s happening. If you have a Google+ account, or would like to create one now, you can see Google+’s SUL here.

While the initial Google SUL does contain some business pages, many users have made their own Suggested User List (aka SUL) of people that they have enjoyed following or communicating with. Sometimes they share these with a unique hashtag, or share the people in circles. None have made a SBL yet, but I hope that in time, they do.

Since I am in the business of promoting businesses with great content (and often helping them create this content) and getting them active on Google+, I thought it would be neat to create a Suggested Business List (or SBL).

My personal SBL is usually related to businesses that are active on Google+. They might be huge corporations, like Toyota (who is using Google+ excellent) or small mom and pop businesses. As a former (and current) small business owner, I love small businesses and believe that they are the heartbeat of America. I love following these businesses and seeing what it is they do online, and learning from them. You can learn so much more from following other businesses than you can from listening to someone who calls themselves an expert. Creating content on Google+ can be someone uploading links from their blog into their Google+ Local Business Page with a description of the post, it can be images, GIFs, YouTube videos, Hangouts on Air, etc. Businesses using Google+ will be rewarded in 2014, mark my words. I see this coming and may elaborate on it at a later point in time. When I do, I will put a link in this article. As one example- the new game changing Google +Post Ads platform will allow you to advertise on Google, but what you advertise will be Google+ content. If you missed my previous article, read it now: Using Google+ as a Business is Critical.

Everyone knows that search is dominated by Google. Google+ and Google are merging into one massive, powerful search engine. If you want a presence on Google you absolutely need to start using Google+ NOW.

I am in the business of helping businesses get active online and on Google+. If you need my assistance getting your business established on Google+ see my Google+ Marketing Services page here or just contact me here.

If you would like to take a crack at managing your own business online and have plenty of time to spend creating content, establishing your presence online, then by all means, do it. I’ve seen some excellent pages managed by business owners and I actively promote these businesses on my SBL. If you are doing this, please give me a shout and maybe I’ll feature our on my SBL!

To see my SBL please follow me on Google+, or join the suggested business list community, or visit Google+ with the hashtag #LensSBL.



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