When it comes to reaching potential customers online, aside from Google there’s no better site to use than YouTube. Recent estimates suggest at least one-third of all people on the Internet are official YouTube users.
To help smaller businesses create engaging ads tailored to YouTube, Google (YouTube’s parent company) recently announced the creation of the YouTube Director program. Businesses who take part in this program get to work with a professional film director on a short ad designed to take advantage of YouTube’s platform.
In a recent post on Google’s official blog, YouTube’s Group Product Manager Nicky Rettke said anyone who spends a minimum of $350 on YouTube advertisements via Google AdWords can take part in the YouTube Director program. As a part of this program, participating businesses will have the opportunity to work with a professional film director on a 30-second YouTube advertisement.
Before shooting the video, Google will set up a phone interview so the assigned director better understands his/her client’s business, goals, and customer base. Next, you’ll meet with your YouTube Director to record your ad no more than one week after your call.
Once the filming is completed, it should take no longer than 10 business days for the film crew to polish the ad. After business leaders approve of the content, YouTube will publish the ad on its site.
To help small businesses compete on YouTube even further, Google announced that clients who use this program will only be charged when YouTube users interact with the customer’s video. Plus, with YouTube’s new TrueView feature, clients can create their own unique call-to-actions. Rettke says this feature can help businesses “drive the outcome that’s most important for [them].”
Just a few popular companies that have had great success with YouTube Director in the past include Konverse, Island Creek Oysters, and Warmoth Custom Guitar & Base Parts. In the case of Warmoth, YouTube says the Washington-based guitar company has seen a staggering 130 percent rise in revenue after launching its ad on YouTube.
As of today, YouTube Director has filmmakers in about 170 major American cities. To find a filmmaker near you or to learn more about the YouTube Director program, feel free to check out the webpage https://director.youtube.com/onsite/#/.

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