I’ve found multiple exterminators taking advantage of Google Plus recently. The first businesses to join were marketing companies.. Then along came the photographers (thanks in part to Google+’s awesome photo sharing abilities).. Then as Google Places pages became Google Plus Local Pages the attorneys piled in and now in 2014 more and more small businesses are finally utilizing Google Plus.

Keep in mind there is almost no limit to a Google Plus Local Page. But just like any other local business the page should display the correct name, address, phone #, and website. It should also be claimed and the website should also be verified. Code goes onto your website to tell Google that your page legitimately belongs to the local business. If you do not think this will affect future search results think again. At the very minimum, the exterminator should also upload a profile picture and a cover photo for the business.

Having a Google Plus Local Page is a prerequisite to using social media extensions in your PPC campaign. The new Plus Post Ads platform uses Google Plus Page content only, so you can’t use that without having a Plus Page. Having an established page also affects search ranking and knowledge graph results.

Going further, an active page can make new friends in the community, interact with customers, and gain a following of people. Gaining a following on Google Plus is an art form! It is a unique network and the users found there are different than the average user on Facebook or Twitter. You’ll either need plenty of time to grow this following and communicate with them, or you’ll need to hire someone to do it for you. Not every business needs to take it to this level, although I’ve worked with multiple companies who have and have made some very interesting connections. There are a lot of business people on Google Plus… When I manage a page I seek out professionals in related fields.

Today I was looking and 2 separate exterminators on Google Plus. One page just had random posts which read “We service xx city. Our phone # is 555-555-5555.” (They’re doing it wrong.) The other exterminator’s Google Plus page had more engagement. They were just talking about local events, service calls they had been on, put up some interesting infographics, and even some jokes (as seen below). They were off to a much better start.

If you need assistance for your extermination business (or any other business) please see our page on Google Plus Local Page Brand Management, and if you want to take a crack at it yourself check out our Google Plus Local Tips page (coming soon).



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