Since I discovered the new “top stories” section on Google news last month I have been playing with the news feature quite a bit. Lately, I have noticed some spam in the search results quite often, from a website called Car Chat (

Screenshot of the spam in Google News, aka Google “Top Stories”.

No, I have no interest in visiting the site but I wanted to see what the spam was all about, so I clicked it, and off into the rabbit hole I went. The spam takes you to

Is Spamming Google News?

I have never heard of Fling,com but they claim they have lots and lots of ladies just begging guys to show up onto the website to hook up with.

That is pretty funny.

Anyways, Fling is not the culprit. The person spamming Google News uses a bunch of redirects to get people to the Fling site using a tracking code in the final URL.

If you sign up for Fling, the spammer gets a commission.

It is basically affiliate marketing gone wrong.

Can you buy expired domains that were approved in Google News?

The advantage of having a domain that is listed in Google News is that you can slap some content up and rank very highly for it for a couple of days.

Over the years I have noticed lots of people spamming Google News using this method.

I do not participate in this or recommend that you do it either, but the answer is yes, as of December 2016, you can buy a domain for $9 that was previously in the Google News Database and set it up and begin cranking out content into Google News.

Finding previous news sites

I am not going to get into the details of how one would go about finding sites which were indexed in Google News, but they are out there. Some people simply lose interest in them and let them fall to the side. But if you suspect that a domain name you are looking at may have been in Google News recently, you could take a look at the backlink portfolio. These spying tools are not perfect but you can try ahrefs, Semrush, or OSE.

Then again, there are always legitimate ways to get into Google News..

  1. How can Finding previous news sites in google news

    plz sent me in emaile

  2. yeah Len, am agree with you people use to spam internet by buying google news approved expired domain’s you will find many sellers on various Facebook group’s

  3. Any Way how I find Expired domain which is aproved in
    if Have please tell me in email.waiting your reply.thanks

  4. There is a no way to find google approval site.

    Only you can buy the old one.

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