content marketing ideasSometimes I run out of content marketing ideas. When I do I will sometimes Google around and try to come up with one. I promptly become sidetracked, wind up going down the rabbit hole called the Internet and before you know it there is a GIF of a cat riding a skateboard on my screen.

While cats riding skateboards are indeed impressive, every minute I watch the kitty I am not getting work done or producing valuable web content. So, what do you do when you have run out of content marketing ideas? Some people meditate, some people grab a coffee, some go for a walk, some grab a beer, some go to the library. Me, I write more content!

My best content ideas come to me when I am writing content. For example, just now, while I was typing, I just thought of a new article which will be called “Content marketing: Quantity vs Quality”; that will be the next post on this site where I explain some of the advantages and disadvantages to both. My brain produces ideas faster than I can type so this is simply what works best for me.

The moral of this story is to find out what works for you and do it. The content isn’t going to produce itself. If you are making video content, typing up articles, or producing audio clips, a key to discovering your strengths and weaknesses comes from practice. If you end up running out of ideas don’t hesitate to hire someone to either produce your content or brainstorm for you. No two people produce content the same way and people do not search for content the same way either, so there is simply no right or wrong way to come up with new ideas.


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