SEO & Content for real estate brokers is a blast. This is one of those niches where I am limited only by budget.

I’m about a year into a client site and they are really taking off.

Take a look at this completely useless analytics chart:

real estate analyticsTwo points:

  1. The chart shows their traffic which has been increasing steadily.
  2. The chart does NOT show the number of leads they are getting.

I would rather have 1 new web visitor that lands a sale than 4,000 who leave the site.

A Brief Case Study

Here’s a very brief breakdown of how this particular case worked out. The real estate broker has a reasonable budget for his area. It would be a fraction of what they would spend in a large city but they spend more on their Internet presence than all of their local competitors. They are also significantly more successful than all of their local competitors.

Month 1: Get rid of the awful content managing system. Some “Raleigh Real Estate Marketing Firm” supplied them with one of the sh*ttiest web presences I had ever seen. To top it off the SAME content was used on the main, important pages on around 760 other Real Estate agents’ web sites. Ugh. I rewrote all of that.

Month 2: Started writing 10 articles each month.

Month 3: Added video content into the mix along with new social channels, very mild stuff, think Pinterest pages.

Month 4: The site had plenty of links but they were old. I obtained 3 great links for the site by getting out into the community. One was actually from a local .GOV site. More content!

Month 5: The Broker actually starts getting a call here and there and his faith in me is restored.

Month 6 & 7: More content! More leads.

Months 8 – 11: The site generates a solid 10 or more leads per month. People are actually using it to search the MLS and inquiring about homes for sale in the area and listing properties with the Broker. The Broker tells me he has never once has a lead from the Internet in his life and is amazed.

Month 12: Leads have drastically increased. The final seven days in August results in approximately 20 new leads.


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