Welcome to content 101. My name is Len, and I’ll be your instructor today.

Repeat after me: “I will not cut and paste other people’s content.”

Ok, good job.

Content must provide value

As bizarre as it sounds, I’ve had clients cut and paste content. I’ve even heard of content writers who cut and paste content. They didn’t mean any harm; they just simply do not know any better.

You can’t do this.

Content must provide value.

Would you go see Jerry Seinfeld performing stand up comedy if he were just going to recite some old George Carlin jokes?


Would you watch the news on Tuesday if they were going to play Monday’s news?

Would you go to Fox News if they were going to give you MSNBC’s coverage?

If you answered “No” to all of the above questions, you are correct.

Why content must be unique

Still not getting it?

First of all, if you’re creating web content, it should be to improve your search ranking or make money, or both.

Reused content won’t rank.

do not reuse

Google is practically an artificial intelligence company. Don’t think of search engine companies as a robot or a computer that you’re trying to trick; think of them as a potential client. In fact, write for people, not search engines.

Search engines want to provide REAL value to real people.

Write for people, not for Google. Forget Google exists, and Google will usually reward you.

If the search engines know you are consistently putting out great content, they will place a higher value on your site. If you’re just dishing out someone else’s content, they would much rather show that site instead of yours.

And, search engines will remove your content from search if it is stolen.

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