pokestopAs someone who owned a brick and mortar location for 13 years I understand why an entrepreneur my want more people coming in the door (or not coming in).

If you’ve been under a rock for the last … few days … then you’ve missed out on the Pokémon Go game. Basically, if you are a Pokéstop you will have teenagers and people of all ages flocking to your location.

What is a Pokéstop?

A Pokéstop is a location, in the real world, where a Pokémon Go user can visit and on the game they get free items to help them play the Pokémon Go game on their phone.

Some businesses who are Pokéstops hate the traffic that they are getting. Others want the traffic. This all depends on the type of business you are trying to run and if you can accommodate the foot traffic or not.

Can I add my business as a Pokéstop?

At the moment, you can not add your business as a Pokéstop.

I would not be surprised at all if this is not added as a paid feature in the near future though.

I will update this article if and when this changes, so feel free to bookmark it and check back.

Get updated when this feature is available:

Update July 20, 2016: Add your email to my mailing list and you will be the first to find out when your business can become a Pokestop:

I have been contacted by hundreds of business owners looking to have Pokemon at their golf courses, vape shops, hair salons, computer repair stores and more. I will update you as soon as I know something.

Where did all the Pokéstops and Gyms come from?

Ingress is an augmented reality (AR) game where people have been adding locations for years. Ingress stopped accepting new locations a year or two ago. Here is a full list of the criteria, but locations basically had to be:

  • Church
  • Library
  • Locations with cool stories or history
  • Art, statues, unique architecture
  • Hidden gems and hyper local spots

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  1. I read your informative article and I understand that at this time it is not an option to add my business as a pokestop. But since you are the one who is on top of things, I would really appreciate an email once that becomes an option cause I would love to take advantage of it.
    Thank you

    • Sweet Ronald, thank you for the compliments. I spoke to you today and your biz in Temecula California would absolutely benefit from this. I’ll keep in touch. 🙂

      • Same! I work at a place that is interested in this as well. We have multiple locations! Let me know please if you find out before I do so I can tell my CEO

  2. Can my business be a Pokemon

  3. very interesting, i thought the game took the images from google maps imagery, but after reading this i realize i’m wrong


  4. Let me know when location adds are up… We’ve got the hottest Music / Record Store in Southern California, located here in Hollywood.

    Cheers, Chris

  5. We are a Charter High school that works with at risk kids this would help with retention get them to come to school to earn pokemon can you let me know when it will be available please

  6. Hey, if you could please email me when this regulation is down so I could either add a pokestop or even a poke gym to my place of business.

    Thanks, Tyler

  7. Can you please email me if there is an update on your article about the pokestop. I have a small business and would love to have one near me. Thanks.

  8. Would love to have a Pokes stop in our shops. All of our employees play and the customers always comment that it would be a fantastic place. Let me know when the opportunity is available.

  9. Hello, one of my clients today is saying there are openings for a PokeStops today. Have you heard this?

  10. I would very much like to be on there and I have no idea why I’m not already! I own an art school where I mainly teach children and teens who are ALL playing. Instead of me, they chose the book store across of from my studio… only old people go there.

  11. Hi, Len, please let me know when I can list my business as a poke place. Thank you

  12. My shop would greatly appreciate the traffic !

  13. Please let me know when I can list my boutique as a poke place

  14. Please let me know when we can add Pokemon

  15. Would love to know when gyms/poke stops can be added and sign up. Please contact at your earliest convenience. Thank you!

  16. Valley storage in Harrisonburg Virginia wants to know if we could be a poke stop for a week during the summer break for our students at JMU & Bridgewater.

  17. ** UPDATE July 20 2016** I am receiving calls all day every day about becoming a Pokestop. If you would like to be updated on this please drop your email address into the box above on this page and you will be the first to know about this highly desirable update.

  18. Hi! Can my Office/shop, become a pokes stop or something else!? Pls tel me! Im italian! Thanks

    • The answer to this is above and right in the article!

      What does being Italian have to with being a Pokéstop?!

      BTW I’m German! haha

  19. Great idea, all signed up. Thank you in advance for providing me with the news!

  20. Please let me know when new pokestops or gyms become available for business

  21. Please help our business become a Pokestop!

    We really appreciate this phenomenon of Pokémon and we want to be a business to support that. We are children’s indoor playground and I would like to be a Pokestop! Let us know when we are able to pay the money and become part of this incredible game.

  22. I would like to add the pokemon stop and gym in or next to my store to bring more customer to my mini market.

  23. Does anyone how to gt pokemon go in my shop

  24. Hey I have just opened a Second hand store and Trying to find out more about Having My business as a pokestop/ Pokémon Gym! If you could let me know on any updates would be much appreciated

  25. I think we would be a great addition. I have a local gourmet karmel korn (caramel corn) shop in our city’s historic district….also carrying locally made ice cream, snow cones …and gourmet caramel apples. Can’t wait for an update!
    Thank you

  26. Please add my business. 122 n main street, nashville, arkansas

  27. We have poke stop on the other end of our shopping center that used to be an Italian restaurant, it is now closed(out of business) how could we get the stop just a few doors down at our very popular pizza place?

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