I am often asked, what is the lifespan of a blog post? There is a lot of terrible information out there. I have heard everything from a week, 3 weeks, or that the average lifespan of a blog post is two months. This is incorrect, and just plain wrong.

Blog posts are forever.

The average lifespan of a blog post can be forever. When I create content for a business I am working with, each article serves a purpose, is designed to rank, and is designed to get people to act or at least understand what the company offers. I have owned multiple businesses whose success was completely attributed to the articles on their website. Unique content can last forever. If it is the best content on a particular subject, not only could it last forever, it should last forever, and when search engines are doing their job, it will. Many of my popular posts have been sitting on the front page of Google search since 2002, and we’re at the end of 2014 now. I have articles out there that get hit once a day, and others that get hit over 2,000 times daily.

Update your articles.

If an article is out of date, it should be updated. Do not a set it and forget it. The price of gas, the number of people with diabetes, the current mortgage rates are all examples of things that change over time. If you have posts like this they need to be updated. This is actually outlined in Google’s Quality Rating Guideline v.5. The guide for manual reviewers specifically states that they expect individual pages to be updated as information changes. This is common sense to some of us, but not others.update your content #telapost

A high quality site will always have lots of unique, quality content that is relevant, up to date, and there is no reason at all that blog posts shouldn’t last forever. If your posts are only lasting you two months, the search engines have deemed your content useless.

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