If you need assistance marketing your air conditioning repair business online in Wilmington or any other city feel free to contact me. I have some amazing ideas for a local HVAC company with a budget and desire to expand. On to the story..

In 2015, HVAC experts and repair men/women are having their busiest year in many years. Summer of 2015 is hot! A few years ago the heat in central North Carolina reached 105 for several days. It has not been nearly that hot this year; however the heat has been very steady. In fact, it has now been 40+ days since we’ve had a day under 90 degrees and many AC units have been running around the clock for 2 months now.

Do HVAC companies need online marketing?

I have friends in the industry and at the moment, they are all fat and happy.

Having owned a service oriented business in the past myself, I know that today is the time to prepare for what lies ahead tomorrow.

One opportunity would be to rank in Google search and also create content that people are looking for. That would get even more business in. If you’re too busy, hire! Or, start now on getting exposure in Google search for “heater repair”.

Work smarter, not harder.

I usually do not try and reinvent the wheel but I do have a random idea for any HVAC company in Wilmington or beyond to take and run with if they’d like to implement it: emergency air conditioning repair services.

I personally was going to a place at the beach that costs thousands of dollars each week to stay at and the AC unit died just before I arrived, so, Ihad to stay elsewhere. I know for a fact that the owner would be willing to shell out an extra $1000 for expedited service to save the thousands in lost revenue. I mean, it is a no brainer. Heck, if it were my beach house I’d happily pay an extra $2000 just to save face with my tenants.

I spent well over a decade of my life trying to compete on price, and, you don’t have to. Learn from my mistake. If you’re offering a premium service or something nobody else does you can charge whatever you’d like for it and people will happily pay it.

Use the good times to prepare for the bad times

Who knows what summer of 2016 will bring. Ranking in Google search makes the phone ring. Right now, people will call 10 – 15 HVAC companies just trying to find an opening. When it isn’t this hot though, they’re going to call whoever they find first.

If you show up in Google search you can sell your premium services as well. Or, if the AC repair season is slow and you show up, you will get many more calls than the other people sitting on page 3 of search.

How is this done? A year ago I broke down how AC repair companies in Cary NC were doing it.

The competition isn’t too tough in the HVAC world. Reviews would be helpful. Email me if you want to rank in this market as I have a ton of ideas for it.

A quick look at Wilmington NC’s HVAC companies

As of August 2015 these are the companies ranking in local search (which is greatly correlated with organic rankings at the moment).

hvac results wilmington

Local search results in August 2015 for Air Conditioning Repair Wilington NC

ARS/Rescue Rooter & Wilmington Air are the people to watch out for here. I could drastically help either one of them perform even better. Also, seeing them first in search though tells me that I could very easily, ethically, and holistically disrupt this niche. No offense to anyone. #TrueStory


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