business saleIn 2012 I sold an IT firm in Raleigh North Carolina. The business was thriving. All of the customers were word of mouth who had initially found us online. I had approximately 1,400 pages of content on our website.

Since then I have become a content creator. One of my clients specializes in the sale of businesses. Business owners looking to sell their company often brush the place up as nice as they can to make it look good for the new owner. One thing business owners who are selling a company want to make sure they have going for them are strong sales, especially in the last 12- 36 months of business.

Meet Kevin

Well, not really, but an acquaintance of mine, Kevin, is looking to grow his business as big as possible, as fast as possible, before he sells it. Kevin does home restoration. Kevin insisted that all of his leads came from insurance companies who dispatched him. He was correct, they did. But why? Why leave all of these eggs in one basket? Is an inbound lead impossible? Sure, nobody wants to think about their house burning down, but, when something does go wrong, surely people Google it! It isn’t like everyone just calls their insurance agent.

Within 48 hours of hiring me to create content, Kevin was getting leads from his website! It was an amazing success. Some niches are tough and take months to get results.

Since creating content for his site, Kevin has hired new employees and put another truck on the road. He is now 1 step closer to achieving his dream.

Why wait until you’re selling the company?

Content is typically the most important, cheapest investment you can do for your business. For 20 years now it has put food on my family’s table and I do not see that changing anytime soon.


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