Since writing about Yahoo Small Business and Aabaco hosting problems back in 2015, I have been contacted THOUSANDS of times by very angry Aabaco users. One of the top complaints which began in 2015 and continued all of 2016 was the unbelievable problems with telephone “support”.

Below are problems and possible solutions.

Aabaco, Yahoo Small Business Hosting Phone Support Problems

The most popular Aabaco refund complaints I have heard about are here:

  • Unable to understand operator on phone
  • Support agent unable to solve problems
  • Support says they will call back in 24-48 hours and does not return call
  • Hold times exceeding 2 hours per phone call
  • Problems not resolved after repeated phone calls
  • Call center is in India
  • Calls escalated to manager or supervisor and still unresolved
  • Unable to find phone tech support numbers
  • Aabaco will not answer the phone
  • Phone support asks for 6 digits or full credit card number for account verification on telephone support calls

Possible Solutions

Many web hosts have an online chat option where support is done from the United States and technicians are available for assistance and have response times of under 60 seconds. If you are sick of Aabaco Small Business hosting and looking to change web hosts, here are two providers which I have personally used:

  • $2.95 / MO Hosting via Bluehost You can install WordPress with 1 click here at Bluehost. This is a cheap web host and I host many sites there and have referred many people there. It is a great host even if you use Drupal or Joomla or a different CMS.

  • $29 / MO Hosting at WP Engine. This company offers managed WordPress. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. The $29/mo personal plan is excellent for small businesses. Unlike Bluehost they offer free, regular backups. If you have a business which must be up at all times and you may need support beyond what you can find for 3 bucks a month, go with WP Engine.

Having Aabaco phone support problems?

Maybe you’re even on hold with them right now! Tell us about it below!

  1. Update: In November 2016 I called tech support on a Saturday at 408-916-2116 and a person answered the phone with no wait time at all.

  2. I have a website with aabaco. All I get when I ask for help with the site, is stupid, senseless information that wastes my time & doesn’t help at all. I go through live chat because their English is so awful until I can’t understand a word they are saying. My husband is from another country, so people with accents are not an issue with me. It’s the ones who are so inadequate with their job until they are unable to function efficiently on the job. For a month I have been trying to have LINKS added to my site. All I get is STUPID incompetent people who are supposed to be the techs working for aabaco. They all need to be fired.

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