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Yahoo promised to help you grow your business when they became Aabaco.

Since writing about Yahoo Small Business and Aabaco hosting problems earlier this year, I have been contacted THOUSANDS of times by furious Aabaco users. One of their top complaints is problems getting refunded for charges on their accounts.

Below are the problems and solutions.

Aabaco, Yahoo Small Business Hosting Refund Problems

The most popular Aabaco refund complaints I have heard about are here:

  • Unable to get refunds for service without disputing the charges on credit card account
  • Filing complaints with BBB for charges which shouldn’t have occurred
  • Unable to use hosting account, asked for refund, refund not provided
  • Refusal to refund domain services
  • Refusal to refund hosting services
  • Refusal to refund email services
  • Charged for canceled domain, Aabaco refused to refund money
  • Difficult to cancel services via phone
  • Calls not returned from escalation department
  • No refund for merchant standard account
  • Being charged for domains which have been moved to GoDaddy

Possible Solutions

Registrars will not refund you for domains you purchased, but it does appear there are many valid complaints when it comes to Yahoo Small Business Hosting / Aabaco Hosting. One of the biggest complaints is trying to get someone from India on the phone who will help. Some refunds are only provided for 48hrs – 72hrs after your account is charged. However, due to other problems, such as email that is down or difficult account verification problems, some people do not have time to cancel their account, sit on hold for hours and hours, or simply do not know they are being charged until they receive their creditcard statement a month later.

Solutions may include disputingthe charges with paypal or your credit company, filing complaints with the attorney general and/or BBB.

If you are looking for small business hosting, here are two prodiers that I personally use and like:

  • $2.95 / MO Hosting via Bluehost You can install WordPress with 1 click here at Bluehost. This is a cheap web host and I host many sites there and have referred many people there. It is a great host even if you use Drupal or Joomla or a different CMS.

  • $29 / MO Hosting at WP Engine. This company offers managed WordPress. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. The $29/mo personal plan is excellent for small businesses. Unlike Bluehost they offer free, regular backups. If you have a business which must be up at all times and you may need support beyond what you can find for 3 bucks a month, go with WP Engine.

Were you forced to reverse charges?

Tell us about it below.


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