One of the most frustrating things people have to deal with on the Internet in 2018 is algorithms ruining their feeds. Log on to Facebook or many other networks and instead of seeing content from friends and pages you’re subscribed to in a nice, chronological order, you get some kind of algorithmic mess which everyone hates. It has made Facebook completely unusable for millions of people. Maybe they don’t care since a billion people still tolerate it.

YouTube Tweaks the Subscription Feed

I am not a major YouTuber, but there is indeed a huge community on YouTube. YouTube already displays a bunch of videos in the “Up Next” feed. The videos displayed in “Up Next” may display a video or two from the channel you’re currently viewing, but the feed may also display a bunch of related videos or videos which you may find interesting based on your previous YouTube views. This already frustrates YouTubers, along with the fact that subscribers do not always get notified about new videos on channels which they subscribe to. Due to the fact that notifications no longer consistently notify, the final place people could go to make sure they saw content from channels they were subscribed to was the Subscription Feed.

But now YouTube is messing with the Subscription Feed.
The Subscription Feed was perhaps the last thing still “working” on YouTube. YouTube confirmed this on Twitter when someone asked them about the feed being screwed up.

YouTube responded with:

“Just to clarify. We are currently experimenting with how to show content in the subs feed. We find that some viewers are able to more easily find the videos they want to watch when we order the subs feed in a personalized order vs always showing most recent video first.”

Promptly, h3h3, a prominent YouTuber, responded with a YouTube video about why he thinks this is a terrible idea. Within hours, the video had millions of views, nearly 18,000 comments and over 200,000 upvotes.

What do you think?

I searched around and I could not find anyone who was happy about the May 2018 YouTube Subscription Feed algorithm replacing content from creators which they are subscribed to.

Do you think this is a bad move? Why?


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