YouTube announced the heroes program. People were immediately turned off by the name. Watching the announcement video also upset around 99% of people watching it as it appeared to reward random people with the power to moderate videos and comments. It doesn’t, but this was terribly communicated. Why was the communication so bad? Who knows, maybe the same people from Google+ work with YouTube!

Here’s a screenshot of the beginning of the video telling people they “work hard to make youtube better”:

heroesOf course, it is the content creators who make YouTube. Period. Not random people who watch the videos, and most definitely not the people who comment. (YouTube has long been known as having the worst comments of any site on the entire Internet and is plagued with abuse and hate).

Here is the YouTube video introducing YouTube Heroes:

The problem with YouTube Heroes

Yes, YouTube has problems. Traffic and view counts are gamed, scammed, and fake. Audience numbers are completely worthless.

Below are the 3 main ways YouTube heroes sucks:

  1. Content creators will hate it. This does nothing to make their lives better, it just gives people new ways to punish content creators. Need I say more? I’m not even active on YouTube and I can see this from a mile away. Duh. It still is not clear how much, if any, weight will be given to heroes to flag videos as inappropriate.
  2. Abuse by heroes. Let’s face it. What are the motives behind someone who sits around moderating YouTube all day long? Reddit and Wikipedia are abused, why wouldn’t YouTube be?

The two videos below really nail it:

And this one:

What do you think about YouTube heroes?

Love it? Hate it?



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