November 10, 2015, Yahoo made a change to the way small business listings are handled.

If you attempt to log in to Yahoo! Small Business you are forwarded to The page says “Yahoo! Small Business is now Aabaco Small Busness.” “Same team.”

aabaco small business

The Aabaco screen

Sounds easy enough, right?

Can you manage your Yahoo Small Business Listing in Aabaco?

Note: If you are experiencing problems with hosting, read this: Aabaco small business hosting problems.

I attempted to log in to Aabaco Small Business just to poke around and make sure that a company’s Name, Address, and Phone # were ok. That is all really needed; the business I was managing ranks excellent and shows up well in the map results, and it isn’t like Yahoo drives any traffic to it anyways.

Well, that didn’t happen.

The first screen tells you to simply enter your email address and your account information will be emailed to you.

That didn’t happen.

The screen says if you do not get an email to call their toll free number. I tried that and was given a “Luminate” URL at the 800# to go to.

Can you manage your Yahoo Small Business Listing at Luminate?

I went to the URL and it gave me an incident number and told me to call Small Business Support at 408-916-2149. I called that at 12:39PM. At 2:07PM I would get a human who would treat me like I was nuts.He said “Oh, we only take paying customers here, Yahoo Small Business customers must call YEXT, we have nothing to do with Yahoo Small Business listings.

What the?!

Off to Yext I went.

Can you manage your Yahoo Small Business Listing at Yext?

Yahoo’s website specifically states “If you have an existing Local Basic Listing with Yahoo, once your claim is approved you’ll be able to edit and manage your Local Basic Listing from a Yext dashboard starting in November 2015. You’ll be notified once your dashboard is ready.”


I go to submit my Yext claim using the correct URL. This is what the first page looks like:


Yext welcome page

Once you hit “Submit” the sales pitch begins and Yext informs you that you have a massive error rate in local directories such as Facebook and Bing, which was completely inaccurate. It also claimed that the Facebook page “was not standing out”. Huh?

In addition it lists websites such as merchantcircle, Whitepages, LocalDatabase, Tupala, and Avantar. None of these are relevant to the niche I was working with, nor do they affect search ranking; in fact, I do NOT want the business listed in any of those directories.

At the bottom of the screen is a big “Continue” button and above it reads “fix your local listings everywhere”.


This sounds absolutely horrifying. I am working with a huge law firm and the last thing I want to do is have Yext “FIX” all of these things (which are not broken).

So, I call Yext.

Upon calling Yext a lady answers the phone who was clueless and sends me off to a sales rep. The sales rep was extremely aggressive and tried to sell me a $499/yr package that would make my Yahoo listing “pop”. I do not know if he has ever used Yahoo or not but “pop” is not how I would describe anyone’s Yahoo listing.

It took 17 minutes and 4 seconds (I timed it) for him to tell me that if I click “continue”, then fill out all of the information on the next page and click “continue” that I would eventually be presented with a page full of text and graphics and that “hidden” (his words) at the bottom of it was some “tiny” (again, his words) text to claim my free listing.

Prior to that he insisted there was never a way to enter information into Yahoo- that all of the listings were pulled from public information and that business owners could not manage it. Of course, this was a total lie.

Here’s what the page looks like where you have to click continue:



Did it work?

Supposedly an email was going to be sent to an owner of the business and a Yext representative was going to call the business to verify the (already verified) listing.

yext screenshot


So far, neither has happened.

In addition, I am not seeing the business listing in search results, and yes it was there 24hsr ago.


I will continue to monitor Yahoo’s massive problem and see what becomes of it and post any updates here. I am left to wonder:

Is Yext removing business listings that don’t pay them?

If you are having problems claiming your Yahoo basic listing please let me know below.

UPDATE 1/28/2016:

I have submitted multiple businesses to Yext to see if the free listing worked. After months of trying, so far, NOBODY has gotten their free listing.  This is fully documented on my post here: Users Unable to Manage Yahoo Local Business Listing with Yext.

  1. This Aabaco site is a complete joke. I have used Yahoo for web hosting for more than 10 years with virtually no issues. Now, I am unable to upload new files to my web hosting site (can’t get TO my web hosting site) and also can not get ahold of anyone from Aabaco to address my issues. I have called twice and been placed on hold for more than an hour each time before I finally hung up. I have emailed twice, first time three days ago, and have yet to receive a response.
    This has been 6 days, virtually shutting down my ability to list items for sale and make money.
    I have paid through January but rest assured, I will be taking my business elsewhere. Good riddance Aabaco.

  2. Absurdly slow loading and uploading times and prompts to sign back in literally every 5 seconds.

    Why are people insisting on fixing what isn’t broken?

  3. ** UPDATE ** A Yext representative has informed me they will have “good news” for me in a day or two. Stay tuned.

  4. Yext has inform me that Free Local Listings CAN be managed through the Yext dashboard (you have to create a free account) and then, they are submitted for review and publishing, and that this process can take a few days.

    I will keep this thread updated…

    • I was told by a Yext agent yesterday that there are no more free Yahoo listings. Do you have a link to where I can try to submit a free listing to Yahoo via Yext? I am curious if I submit a new free listing, if it will override my existing listing, giving me a way to edit it if necessary. Thanks!!

  5. I have been with Yahoo Small Business web hosting for years. I can no longer publish. It tries to take me to a site to download a free “Luminate” update for my site. My computer tells me that link is a risk.

    Can I transfer my domain to another hosting site/company?

    I cannot contact anyone by phone and, by reading these comments, don’t want to. I only have 2 weeks before Art Basel, where I’m exhibiting and representing artists on my website.

  6. My business has virtually been down since November 16th. I can’t update any of my pages or process any orders – or connect with customers. Yesterday, I finally got to talk to some lady in New Delhi that answered after I waited – listening to horrible “on hold music” for 70 minutes. She was clueless – and was reading her script to ask me questions. She asked for an incident number – you need one of those to call them. It took her 22 minutes just to walk me through the “domain owner verification process” – which ended in a verification e-mail where they sent me a special code … the same damn incident number I gave her at the start of the conversation. After 2 hours and 10 minutes on the phone (most of it waiting) I realized I was communicating with a hopeless human being that had no idea what she was doing. She was more clueless about Aabaco than I was – and she referred my problem to “higher sources” that could address my issues in the next 24-48 hours … meanwhile my website is still non-functional. I’ll use the remaining time this weekend to find a new hosting site. After years of virtually NO PROBLEM with Yahoo Small Business, I am extremely sad that our relationship will end due to this nightmare. The main issue, is I can’t stay in limbo – so I must move on. I Just paid up until January – and it is doubtful that I will be able to get that money back – and I’ll be damned if I am going to donate another dime to this company’s incompetence.

  7. I submitted a new business through the Yelp dashboard 11/18/2015.

    At this point in time I have had no calls or emails from Yext… I don’t care though since it is just Yahoo.

    But still, I feel like my free listing is being held hostage.

  8. After spending over an hour on hold with Aabaco and then another 30 minutes on the phone with an Aabaco agent, here is what I learned:

    – Allegedly, a small set of customer’s are experiencing a latency issue with receiving the verification email to transition to Aabaco, which is why I called.
    – The phone number provided apparently doesn’t send you to the right queue. I was told I should have selected Option 2… I was not given an option, just put on hold immediately! For an hour.
    – After all that… Aabaco no longer supports the free basic listing
    – It is a mystery why I received the prompt to migrate my Yahoo Small Business account to Aabaco Small Business if they don’t support it any longer
    – The Aabaco agent directed me to Yext
    – the Yext agent said that neither platform is supporting the free basic listing any more, and the only way to control the existing Yahoo listing is to pay for the Yext “Merchant Verified Premium Listing”
    – Luckily, all of my information is correct at the moment, but I don’t like that I have no control over it unless I pay Yext.
    – I’ve already received multiple solicitations from Yext to buy their service. It hasn’t even been 24 hours.

    Le sigh.

    Does anyone else have any insight? Was I led astray? This just doesn’t seem right. Is it true that Yahoo no longer lets businesses create new local listings? That isn’t so bad, but is it true that you have no control over your existing Yahoo listing?

    • What you said is 100% accurate. This was the run around that I went through, bouncing from yext to aabaco over and over. Nearly 3.5 hours in total hold time and at the end, they tell me they no longer support it. I have to pay yext in order to make any edits..Yext will not stop calling, even when I said i’m not interested. They got us cornered it seems like, the free yahoo listing is dead.

    • I followed up on this here:

      I have tried to get multiple businesses verified via Yext and there is no confirmation email or phone call that goes out. I have been playing with this for 6 weeks and it appears that the “free yext Listing” just never comes.

  9. This Aabaco is a joke. Do they care about losing customers? I’ve used Yahoo small business for over 5 years with no major problems. I’m now looking to change my web host. Any suggestions? Thinking of trying Godaddy.

  10. I have huge concerns over all of the erroneous information that these search sites are providing. Our business address is not listed correctly on most of these “sites” and I feel like we are being held hostage to not be able to change the information. I never applied to these sites to list our information and the fact they list incorrectly and then want to charge you to fix it seems like a scam! This process can really ruin a business with incorrect information. I have fixed all that I can that I am “allowed” to with the major site like Google and such but still these other sites keep providing incorrect info. I believe there should be some recourse for this. Class action law suit perhaps?

    • Hi CJ,

      I followed up on this here: indeed, comments are coming in and people are confirming with me that they are unable to update their information on Yahoo’s site via Yext.

      Yahoo is quoted in the article and they call listings “extremely important* and promise business owners and “improved process” with Yext.

      Unfortunately, here we are months later, and business owners are unable to claim their Yahoo business listing or make changes to addresses, URLs, or telephone numbers.

      It is amazing. If you here more about a class action lawsuit against Yext or Yahoo please do let me know.


  11. I’ve had enough. I’ve been able to update my site three times in the last two months. My emails go unanswered and I’m not wasting money on calls. I’ve been with geocities through to yahoo and now aabaco. Geo served my purposes well but the service went dramatically downhill since the two changeovers. I’ll be cancelling my service with them and although my historical stats site will be offline for a while, it’ll still be available via the Wayback Machine. I’m looking for a new webhost.

  12. Okay, same problem here. can’t update my home business site, and am losing visitors quickly. Can I change to another webhost and still keep my website name? Please advise. Time is of the essence.

  13. Thanks for the guidance. Would never have found the basic listing among all the other junk and sleazy pitches.

  14. Is there a way I can just close my yahoo web hosting account. Getting the runaround also. I’m so disgusted that I would pull my site down and start all over somewhere else. The whole site has local backup so no info would be lost.

  15. Ken, my adviCe is to go through Google and Google plus. The Yext issue is a complete scam, and sadly is associated with Yelp too, so don’t go there. There are attorney’s that have sued Yelp to no avail – believe it or not. Yext is more of a directory scam, not a service for websites at all like GoDaddy or 1on1, sites that make sites. My advise is to use an independant service in your field to assist with your site. If you have specific issues with Yext then contact an attorney in Little Rock named David Slade. I don’t personally know him but spoke to him moments ago. Yext for a fee and it ain’t cheap will fix your problem, but sadly they make the problems purposefully to get you to pay. You got duped. I got screwed because they won’t allow me to change my phone number that they probably changed in the first place, cause I personally “claimed” my listing.

  16. Ken, do you own google plus page, it’s free, and just get reviews to build your place on page one.

  17. THIS is complete BS….

    I run multiple website and they just don’t accept the business free listings!
    Yelp removes all the reviews if you don’t pay.

    I run about 30 websites for different companies!


    Yahoo wants you to pay! The free listing never gets published!

    I hate Yahoo and Melissa ( CEO ) great way to go+ in the next year. I hope you tank!

  18. I am having similar issues with my Yahoo Local account. My business moved and I changed my website domain name. I tried to just update my free listing and was sent to Yext. Like you highlighted, I was given the hard sell by a Yext agent. I don’t need a premium listing as I have a niche business. All I wanted to do was update my listing. I finally found the microscopic text at the bottom of the page to edit your free listing. I did that via the Yext dashboard but they offer no support to free listing users. They have submitted my changes to my listing for review and it says that it could take up to two weeks. So far I have been waiting for months and things are still not updated. It is obviously a scam to get you to pay for them to “fix” your listing. It is frustrating that Yahoo operates in this manner. Google is far superior and their local GooglePlus page is far friendlier to use and more effective. Yahoo is getting their *** kicked by Google in every way, they won’t be winning any more votes operating this way. I still check to see if my listing has been corrected periodically. But I am not holding my breath as I have no faith in Yahoo at this point. It has been a massive waste of time and ultimately money.

  19. I have just started to deal with this insanity as well. I’m working on a friends site and he has absolutely horrible citations that have been polluted with wrong information. Thanks to Yellow Pages and DexKnows. I just found two listings on yahoo local both with incorrect information. I went to ‘claim’ the listing and was sent to the yext BS. I started looking around because I did not see any option for the ‘free’ claim just forced into yext sales funnel. What a joke. These people should be sued.

  20. Completely frustrated. I relocated my business Nov 2015 (just a few blocks) but most of the searches still show OLD address. Trying to update individual errors as I find them, but MOST pages redirect to Yahoo/Yext at which time you input the requested change and get funneled to a Sales sight where you “pick a plan” to pay up to $1000 annually to insure information is correct. This is a SCAM and a class action suit should be formed against Yahoo/Yelp. They publish wrong information on multiple sites, then hold the erroneous info in place until you agree to pay a ransom to get it corrected. This has to be illegal. HELP.

  21. Did anyone have success with Google +? Just curious if they can change the old outdated info on the Yahool local business account.
    Thank you!

  22. I have a massive problem. Since 2008, I have garnered over 60 five star reviews for my business off of Yahoo Local. I received about 10 to 15 calls each day based on these reviews. Over the last month (I’m not sure when), all of them were wiped out and now my Yahoo Local page cannot even be opened. I called Aabaco. Each call lasts over 45 minutes where I describe the problem, try various options, etc only to hear them say that it is a Yext issue. I finally got in touch with Yext via email and then a call. You guessed it–they said it was an Aabaco issue. I called and without each one knowing, got a three way call with reps of each company on the line. They agreed that Aabaco was better suited because I had a paid listing (called LocalWorks). Aabaco is still “working on the issue” and I’m awaiting a response. I think there is a basis for a class action lawsuit here. There are real damages for a small business whose information has been lost and cannot be recovered. One idea: try “” to see if an old page has been stored. Unfortunately, very few of my reviews were preserved.

    • Sorry to hear that.

      They’re both wrong. Yahoo reviews are being replaced with Yelp reviews. They rolled this out almost 2yrs ago but some businesses are finally being affected. Read about it here: Why your Yelp reviews are gone.

  23. I just have a domain name, so Aabaco was too expensive to keep. The service period ended July 16, and I transferred my domain name away on July 9. Then I get my CC statement saying they charged the $35 on July 3, two weeks before the end of the service period! I called and asked for a refund, and they said sorry, but we’re keeping the money.

  24. So I guess I can add my name to the list of people who never got a so called ‘confirmation email’ – I have tweeted yahoo and got a response from @rajnijjer who is supposedly the VP of Community at Yext – he told me to email him and when I did his response was of little help. So I tweeted him again this time specifically about the mysterious email, we shall see – what a crock of crap – this should be and probably is illegal and I would love to join a class action lawsuit. Aggravated does not even describe how I feel right now.

    • Hi Jenn,

      Oh yeah. I have spoken to Raj Nijjer. IMHO I think he is just someone who exists to try and get people to stop tweeting about problems.

      He has been telling people to email him for help since 2015 (probably longer).

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