WordPress 3.7.1 was released today here:

This is a maintenance release for the recently released 3.7. It addresses 11 bugs. The most important are:

  • Images with captions no longer appear broken in the visual editor.
  • Allow some sites running on old or poorly configured servers to continue to check for updates from WordPress.org.
  • Avoid fatal errors with certain plugins that were incorrectly calling some WordPress functions too early.
  • Fix hierarchical sorting in get_pages(), exclusions in wp_list_categories(), and in_category() when called with empty values.
  • Fix a warning that may occur in certain setups while performing a search, and a few other notices.

It is estimated that over 2,000,000 sites are running 3.7 “Basie”. The new automatic background updates start rolling out tonight, too, so hopefully that goes well!





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