Snapchat Spectacles Version 2 will likely feature Augmented Reality (AR) based on the fact that Snap’s “World Lenses” feature already displays AR via mobile devices and a patent application from 2015 reveals designs of AR integrated glasses. However, this is not guaranteed and there has been no official announcement or timeline given directly by Snap, Inc.

Here’s what the glasses could look like:

World Lenses allow users to add features such as emojis, rainbows and flowers to the real world. Spectacles Version 2.0 could allow this to occur right through the lenses in your sunglasses rather than through the screen on your smartphone.

Here’s an example of a dinosaur walking down the street from the patent application:

The patent, filed in November 2015, lays out how a device location may be determined and how AR content could be displayed on to the lenses of the glasses.

History taking place right in front of our eyes.

Most social media sucks. Teens are watching the Kardashians make duck faces on Snapchat and taking 50 selfies a day for their depressing Instagram accounts. Older Facebook users busy arguing about how wonderful or awful Donald Trump is. And here, amidst all the BS is some real news from a “social media” company.

Augmented Reality is going to become something amazing one day. What we are witnessing is the very infancy of AR. Will it help with education, real time searches, 3D gaming like Pokemon GO? Will people be able to see reviews of businesses just by looking at them, like Yelp’s Monocle feature offers? Will AR do more harm than good? The US Gov is already working on giving soldiers tactical AR.

How AR will change life as we know it remains yet to be seen. How Snap could possibly profit from this, or what other industries will learn from this has yet to be discovered. In short, nobody knows, and it is wonderful. This will absolutely prod other companies to innovate as well.

Glasses with AR is just the beginning. After will be the contact lenses, which are already being worked on by companies such as Samsung. Bionic eye implants and other cybernetic upgrades will follow someday. Sound crazy? Read the many predictions of Ray Kurzweil who thought of all this decades ago…


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